Have been appearing for a time but digital printing is still white hot and this market has been becoming more and more crowd thanks to the vigor and enthusiasm of talented business owners. If one decade ago, the total value of digital printing industry just represented under a fifth of the offset print market. However, when digital technology has boomed, the digital print volume is projected to reach nearly 70%. This data is predicted to increase substantially within the next 5 to 10 years. Digital printing still keeps some core value of the traditional one but it becomes so great thanks to the support from the tool called online product designer. This is the wonderful time for print industry leaders who are not intimidated but are rather invigorated about the future of digital printing.

4 reasons for this soar:

  • Impressive Service: Digital Printing pleases the crowd by its flexibility. What do I mean by flexibility? Printing suppliers still can new opportunities to increase profit while they provide production as order and on-time. Moreover, with online product designer, customers can upgrade and change the sample more quickly than the conventional printing, you have to come to the printing store and tell the owner, digital one allows you to finish all these things online. Additionally, no limitation for printing quantity, you want to print one item, that’s ok, the cost will be the same as 100 items. It is the decline in waste and striking down the rip-off of precious time and resources that unguided choices create.
  • Favorable Pricing: the price in recent years seems to continue declining. The faster speeds are allowing print shop-owners to become more cost effective and efficient, which makes everyone happy as costs decline.
  • Getting personal: when digital printing integrates online product designer, it is personalized, targeted, variable-data capable printing an easier option. It means that if you have a mail project campaign, the job will be done with higher ease and accuracy. We are sure that you will find it invaluable; the success it brings to your business will be unimaginable. In the data collected when testing variable-data capability, a personalized approach has created an increase in results.
  • Data Management: let’s forget the huge data stored in computers, each time you need, you have to search and search, time-consuming. Digital printing stores customers’ information online, when they want, they just need type on the search box, everything will appear. Even with an online product designer, it stores all the orders of customers in terms of what they had designed, what they had edited. Technology enables owner capability of identifying potential customers. Some customers even joked that digital printing helps them avoid dying on the vine. It is not kidding, that’s real.

Overall, the market for digital printing will develop in favor of individualized print products, design, and marketing services. When people all over the world desire more, digital printing along with online product designer will consistently serve up with the exciting and the innovative.