The development of e-business brings Magento to the new age, becoming the best choice for web-store owners as well as developers. We do not find so difficult to look for a good solution of Magento platform on the market. It is because there are a lot of Magento solution providers and different types of extensions accordingly. Moreover, Magento2 brings e-commerce a huge change of profit and sale volume with valuable updates.

When you run an online store, you have to find out the best platform for it, how to set up, how to create marketing campaigns, how to follow and take care of all customers, and how to serve your audience and how to manage Store back-end as your way. There are many duties we must consider with regard thoroughly running an online shop. This is the same with Magento store. However, with this great open source, we have various tools and innovative extensions allowing you to follow your right target.

We today suggest you some key Magento 2 extensions with the price under $100. Your wise investment will be shown through the increase of sale volume and traffic. They stand for tools of Marketing; User-experience and Customer care.

Magento 2 Product Video Extension

At the price of $99.89

This module helps you bring full information of your product to customers, thus they can clearly understand your products, how to use them and why they should buy them. It obviously encourages shoppers to purchase the product as fast as possible, right after watching the video. This tool is highly considered to boost your Marketing campaign, especially through Marketing video for the product on promotion occasion.

Advanced features of the product are listed as below:

  • Keep your site always be updated. Product video can be easily added and rated, ensuring customers to get new information frequently.


  • Provide full information of the product. Through the video, you paint the whole picture of your product, sending your message to customers faster. You can upload video tutorial, review, testimonial and more of each item on your web-shop.


  • Different types of videos are supported like: local (MP4); and URL (Youtube, Dailymotion, Twitch, and Vimeo). Also, through rating video, you can hold customer’s need because when they rate for the video of a product that means they appreciate it and tend to purchase.


  • Add video from front-end: Sellers can send the video that they want to display their products and at the same time, customers can upload the video they like on your site


  • Take some minutes to install, configure and customize for your web-site

To be continued…