Online buyers always want clean and accurate delivery dates at checkout, regardless of what they buy or where they are located. They need to know about the delivery date. When customers go to online shopping and go to the checkout page, they expect to amount shipping money and information about the delivery dates. 

Delivery date details are always a good thing to show. Because sometimes they need to buy a gift for a birthday or anniversary. They have to check the date. Right now your customers find a retailer that readily offers an actual date of delivery. 

With delivery dates, you offer your customers two things:

  1. Assurance about when something will arrive, leading to higher conversions at checkout

  2. Trust that you are a responsive business actively trading, which is especially important if you are an SMB

Showing accurate delivery dates are important to your sales: 45% of customers out of their carts because of unsatisfactory delivery options. If you don’t have delivery dates, you are pushing buyers away and driving them to your competitors. With customer experience, delivery date at checkout is important for eCommerce. Here’s how you can offer your customers delivery dates on time for any holiday.

What Are The Estimated Delivery Dates?

Delivery Dates

Estimated Delivery dates help your business to display and manage the delivery date when your shipper will reach your customer. The delivery date is based on a combination of multiple factors such as the time needed to process the order, transit time, distance, and the preferred shipping method.

How Does Order Fulfillment Impact Delivery Dates? 

When an order has been placed, it needs to be fulfilled via many employees at your store, warehouse, and drop shipper. Many factors during this process that impact delivery dates and times. A few includes:

Production Lead Times 

Lead times are to define how many days are required to prepare an order for shipment. This depends on what packages. For example, packing a t-shirt in a padded envelope can be less than a day. Or it can be weeks such as the time needed to build or custom a piece of furniture.  It’s also important to communicate this information to customers

Fulfillment Cut-Off Times

Fulfillment cut-off times work in conjunction with lead times. This determines what time you stop fulfilling orders that are placed. The most frequently seen example of a cut-off time is for same-day shipping. For example, you may tell customers on your site “The cut off for same-day delivery is 12:30 pm

Blackout Production Days & Dates

Blackout production days and dates are used to define when a warehouse or location is not processing orders. Say you’re a bakery that’s closed on Mondays. If an order comes through Sunday night after you close, your delivery date details need to account for that lost day of production.

Blackout Dispatch Days & Dates

Blackout dispatch Days & Dates are when orders can and can not be fulfilled. This is common on weekends and holidays like Christmas when your operations are closed.

What Causes Delivery Date Delays?

Delivery Dates

In an ideal world, your customers will receive packages on the right day and at the time with 100% accuracy. But this just not always possible. Ecommerce shipping is complex and delays happen, especially when our world has Covid-19

Shipping Delays and Unprecedented Circumstances

The delivery date can be delayed because of unprecedented circumstances,  such as a medical pandemic. In this case,  shipping providers and retailers must adjust their services to adhere to safety concerns and policies implemented by the government. The best way to keep up with the status of the carriers you work with to see what you can guarantee your customers. Then communicate with them about these changes via your website, post-purchase emails, shipping policy page, and at the cart and checkout directly.

Why Your Customers Want to See Delivery Details

But why do your customers care about accurate delivery dates so much? A few reasons why here:


It is terrible to order a big item but thieves make off with it instead. Customers want to know the exact date when their order will arrive, they can plan to be available to sign for delivery if necessary. Or if a product is temperature-sensitive, high-value, or requires more security.

Special occasions

Customers can plan an upcoming holiday or birthday. Maybe it includes cookies, flowers, or jewelry. Be a part of your customer’s special occasions by allowing them to give that perfect gift on time.


If a customer is planning a weekend trip but wants to be available when the delivery happens, delivery arrival dates can help them decide quickly what shipping option to choose from. Delivery dates create more convenience, with shoppers being able to pick a date or date range that fits their busy schedule. 


It helps your customer fit their busy schedule. For example, a customer goes on a holiday but their product to be shipped before the weekend starts. It is very important to display the most accurate delivery dates to help them to choose the best shipping method. These delivery options are very convenient when the holiday season approaches.

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For store owners, delivery dates become very important so that customers can place their orders on time and with many delivery options. Check out our Demo in order to learn more about the Delivery date. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and discuss your problem. We will definitely get back to you and make your shipping experience better.