According to some studies showing that 35% of customers prefer to schedule appointments during non-working hours? Not only that, 25% of millennials (those under 35 years old) tend to book their appointments online because it's convenient, easy, and fast.

If you are a salon or spa that has a reservation website, providing salon booking system or best booking plugin services can increase your appointments by 25%. While there is no comprehensive study of the effects of introducing online bookings, numbers seem to suggest that more and more people prefer to book online and during non-working hours.

Combining with online booking plugins is essential, so it is important to consider how the application is. So, The way to using salon online booking plugin is the useful

Before we take a look at the pros and cons of online appointment booking, let's take a look at the two top booking platforms and who they are best suited for. Salon online booking plugin is very necessary for the owner

What are the general concerns about to using salon online booking plugin ( THE ADVANTAGE) ?

#1 Will salon online booking plugin lead to less time to talk to customers and result in lower sales?

There have been many people wondering about this issue. But the truth is that online booking is actually much more convenient and does not waste time or cost per book, Which can defined as the

salon booking system , best booking plugin for all website of salon .


Provides salon online booking plugin does not have to replace phone call appointment settings. Websites that incorporate salon extension plugins and apps can offer customers the option of booking over the phone or online. Some customers will prefer their phones and others book online. You can satisfy both types of customers. When a client makes a calendar over the phone, you enter the appointment information into the online scheduling system to keep everything in one place.

#2 Your store can boost business productivity from customers who like to book over the phone by making salon booking system online!

When the salon or spa is closed, offering only telephone scheduling means that customers cannot make an appointment without someone picking up the phone and viewing the calendar. While a client can leave a message and receive calls from you, that doesn't work if they want a next day appointment. According to a survey from Acuity Scheduling, more than 40% of bookings are made 1 day or less in advance, happening during non-business hours. By not offering online booking, you're missing out on appointments from people who called the night before or early in the morning. salon online booking plugin is possible continuously and does not require a customer service. All information is updated to the website system and readers only need to track the detailed information on salon online booking plugin

#3 Salon online booking plugin helps have more time

In addition, salon online booking plugin allows staff to chat longer with customers calling over the phone. Instead of dealing with the logistics of scheduling, salon staff will have more time (and less interruption) when talking to new clients who want to learn about the salon or existing clients. Now need help finding out what services they want to book. Will online booking not solve the complexities of making an appointment?

Beauty salon and spa owners know that while it may not be scientific to make an appointment, it is not so simple to name a planner. There are a number of factors involved in scheduling appointments. One cannot arbitrarily assume that the average appointment will last 40 minutes. Chances are, the haircut will cost much less than the haircut and add highlight layers, which in turn leaves other customers waiting.

#4.Big benefit of online booking - Less missed appointments

The salon booking software is designed to send text message reminders to both clients and beauty professionals. In a report by online scheduling company Appointment Plus, text messaging reduced the number of missed appointments by 50 percent. One reason why text messages are so effective, is that most check their text messages several times per day. The chances of them not receiving the text are very small.

Some Disadvantage of the salon online booking plugin

Availability of specific beauticians with which the client has a relationship

Services provided by salon online booking plugin

Customer's scheduling needs 

Scheduling is complicated. Poor scheduling will result in under-booking (loss of revenue) or double pre-booking (creating a poor customer experience). Many salon and spa owners worry that online software isn't built to handle these complexities. Therefore, it is necessary to have a complete plugin to build the best time for customers as well as hair salon owners.


The good news is that online booking site plugins have become very advanced. Plugin platforms Salon online booking plugin was born to meet the needs of customers and has gone through several stages of development. You can ask the client to book a schedule with personal beauty professionals and with different time slots allotted for specific services the client desires. Booker even gives salons the option of showing customers the cost of each service upon booking.

Older ways to remind customers that they have an appointment include phone calls and email. Unfortunately, the number of emails people receive, and the fact that many emails fail to reach their inbox can reduce the effectiveness of this reminder method. While customers may not be overwhelmed by incoming phone calls, this reminder method is time-consuming for salon staff, which often leads to unrealistic reminder calls. show. Automatic text messaging has the edge over both phone calls and email!

Some booking plugin WordPress free for the owner can use it to know more about function of WordPress appointment to give the choosing the best solution! So, I want to recommend one of the best salon booking plugin for the owner having Spa, which is WordPress Salon Booking & Appointment Solution, the new product of Cmsmart will help the customer satisfaction.

You can check out the overview of How to install Hair Salon Booking Theme for Your WordPress Website


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