If you are running an online service-based business, then it is important that you schedule appointments with prospects and clients efficiently. Its downside, however, is that you will have to spend quite a lot of time managing appointments and event booking if you do it yourself and follow the traditional method - notebook and pen. Throw it away!

Now, with WordPress, there are many wordpress appointment plugins that will help get the job done easily, quickly and effectively. In detail reading this article 5 Best WordPress Scheduling Plugins to Help You Run a Smooth Operation. Use these booking plugins to get rid of that tedious management job. However, all of this can only happen if you have a suitable WordPress booking plugin. In today's article, we will introduce you WP Appointment WORDPRESS APPOINTMENT BOOKING & SCHEDULING PLUGIN 

1. What makes the WP Appointment – WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin different?

Considered as a premium WordPress appointment booking plugin for enterprise-level. It supports a wide variety of services offered by businesses or individuals that provide online booking services through websites. You absolutely can log in to the engine and manage appointments easily without having to know too much about programming knowledge. This is a powerful plugin and has a clean shortcode, yet you still get a tool that has all the necessary features for a WordPress appointment booking plugin like managing services, location, managing customers and staff, and support payment. All of them are done through the WordPress admin panel with a beautiful user interface.

So, what makes the WP Appointment different from other plugins in the marketplace?

First of all, the solution can be used for many types of business.

  • Salon & Beauty
  • Health & Wellness
  • Education & Class
  • Fitness & Gyms
  • Governmental Organizations
  • Professional Services
  • Fitness And Recreation
  • Training Institutes:
  • Small And Mid-Size Businesses
  • Consultancy & Services

And that’s one of the greatest about WP Appointment that sets it apart. By grabbing a gorgeous theme and adding the fields needed for your WordPress appointment booking plugin. Now you can customize it according to your requirements without having to code the module all by yourself.

2. Top benefits of WP Appointment

You’ll pay a one-time, highly-affordable, fee: That is definitely better and more cost-effective than hiring a staff member to manage your reservation.

You can spend the time you save on serving your customers better: WP Appointment is helping you to save time and money. Therefore, you can look for other ways that can benefit your business. Clients who want an easy, fast and convenient booking and appointment process, WP Appointment has helped them handle that in a professional way.

You’ll look more professional: As I said before, the fast and convenient, easy and hassle-free booking and appointment process makes your business look professional and modern.

You’ll be better organized and in control: It's much easier if your business is under control. Once your appointments are scheduled automatically, you have full control over them, which puts you in a better position to optimize both your workflow and your cash flow.

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3. The Advance Features from WP Appointment

WP Appointment has most of the basic features of an online booking and appointment scheduling plugin. Here are the more advanced features in this plugin:

Multiple Employees, Hours, and Locations

WP Appointment will assist you as you grow your business and expand across multiple locations. Each location will be added to the database in powerful administration. Also, this WordPress appointment booking plugin is quite flexible with your working hours and staff. No matter how many employees you own, each employee will be provided with a specific group of services and has their own schedule, separate hours, holidays, etc.

Synchronize WordPress Appointment Booking plugin with your Google Calendar

This WordPress appointment booking plugin has a two-way synchronization feature that is rare compared to other appointment plugin WordPress. Time slots set in WP Appointment will be automatically marked as busy in Google Calendar and busy times in Google Calendar will be skipped and available times to customers are exported.

View and edit bookings online

Add a booking list (auto update) to your website. If your customers want to see their appointments, they can log in with their information. This information will be automatically sent to their email if they choose to create a WordPress account on your website. And then, they can view, edit, or cancel appointments without giving you notice. It is important that it provides convenience, flexibility and increased customer satisfaction. One thing can turn them into loyal customers of your business.

Recurring appointments

Does your business have many customers visiting daily / weekly / monthly? How can they repeat their recurring visit? With recurring appointments add-on in this WordPress appointment booking plugin, your clients have the option to repeat their periodically visit and schedule an entire sequence in one session.

Accept deposit payments

Are you want to reduce the no-show rate? The Deposit Payment add-on will allow you to specify a certain percentage or a fixed deposit amount that your customers will pay online at the time of booking.

SMS and Email notifications

With SMS and email notifications, you can send notifications to customers and staff when a new appointment is created, rescheduled, canceled, or the status of an appointment is changed. Besides, all of which are fully automated and you don’t have to send them manually. This feature also helps to reduce the no-show rate.

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WP Appointment has a great front-end and back-end interface as well as a ton of other smart and modern functions that make it definitely worth a try. What are you waiting for? Experience the features of this WordPress scheduling plugin by testing DEMO now.

If you have any questions about this product like how to install it, how to configure this WordPress appointment booking plugin easily or any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are willing to answer all of your questions.

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