The printing industry has been growing over the decade over the past few years. With the advancement in technology, a lot of people are taking the opportunity to set up a printing business. With the increasing competition within the industry, you might be left wondering where your window of opportunity for your product could be. Here are 10 great ideas for a startup printing business for you to take inspiration from. 

1. T-Shirt Printing

The scope for t-shirt printing is so widespread and it doesn’t stop.  Everyone wants to wear a special t-shirt. So, wearing a custom t-shirt is a perfect way. People love designs that are unique and not mass-produced, so it’s a top opportunity. If you have a strong design, you are successful halfway. You should read Reasons Why T-Shirt Printing Business Will Trend In 2021

2. Mug Printing

As you know, mugs are always popular with everyone. People can buy them or receive them as a gift. Mugs will always be important in people’s homes.  You’re not going to start drinking your coffee out of a pint glass, are you? This is the reason why mug printing is an easy market when you start up a printing business. All that’s required is a plain mug, the printing equipment, and the design tools. And then you’re away and free to put your stamp on your mugs. Like t-shirts, mugs are a great way of expressing feelings and letting your personality. In modern times, we’ve seen a surge of mugs with inspirational quotes on or copied photos of loved ones – which make great presents. 

3. Business Cards

Businesses are constantly spreading the word about their products and services. And business cards are the perfect way for them to include all of their important contact details. 

They’re also a longstanding method that businesses use to enhance their brand image. Each company will want to give off the best impression of their company, so a well-designed business card will make it look like they’re well-established and professional.  

A poorly designed business card can leave companies being remembered for all the wrong reasons. If you can’t get your business card right, the chances are that it’ll look like you’re not capable of carrying out a bigger job correctly either. 

The whole point in having a business card is that people can easily read and access your contact details. If it’s poorly designed and not easy to read, it’ll likely be completely ignored and maybe even thrown away. 

Businesses are always in demand for well-designed business cards, so there’s definitely a market there for your printing business to have a look at.

4. Greeting Cards

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Greeting cards are popular on many occasions. People send it for birthdays or simply to say thank you. Greetings cards are very sentimental. People keep them as mementos. Thus, people don’t want to send or receive a cheap, poorly designed. You should consider the need for greeting cards. It's a great opportunity for your printing business to explore. Their personal, so if they can be customized with customers’ designs and messaging, the chances are that they’ll be increasingly popular too. 

5. Labels and Stickers

Labels and stickers are in the majority of need. They are so important. There’s always a strong demand for them from around the world. So, it is a great market for printing business and that doesn’t require too much investment. Besides, products are incomplete without the inclusion of labels or stickers. Plus, they are a way to promote your brand awareness,  so businesses will be willing to spend on them. Which is a great position to be in for your printing business.A well-designed sticker can have customers instantly

6. Signs and Banners

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Although digital marketing is growing, signs and banners still have much pulling power. People bypass banners and signs multiple times a day, so they need to make it catch the eye every time and live long in the memory too. Because the banners and signs for events may be reusable. The quality of materials used needs to be strong and durable. Therefore, banners tend to be made out of vinyl.  

7. Leaflets and Flyers

As others, leaflets and flyers are two marketing methods.  Their main purpose is to provide the reader with as much information as they can, whilst still being well-designed and clear. Innovative printing methods on a brochure, leaflet, and flyer give off a great impression to the recipient. It shows that a business has invested money into producing them, not just do them on the cheap as a quick win. 

Strong quality materials used for a business’ marketing efforts give a favorable reflection on how they’ll work too. If they use top-quality materials in their marketing, they’re likely to do so in their overall work too. 

8. Wallpaper

People love to put their soul on things, so providing a printing business for wallpaper is a good idea. Giving the customer a customization option.  Whether it’s a loving portrait of the family or an inspirational quote that they all love, people love to customize their own houses and make them feel like their own true, cozy home. 

9. Mobile Phone Case Printing

As you know, mobile phones are more popular. Plus, they are super expensive. To be able to keep contact with the world and protect their mobiles. Phone cases are must-have items for most people. Let‘s think about phone case printing for your business. Don’t forget to update trends and make it like accessories.  

10. Shopping Bag Printing 

People tend to reuse bags for shopping to protect the environment. This is why we feel that customizing and printing on shopping bags is a great product to roll out through your business. Not only are these bags saving the environment, but they’re also a walking advertisement for your business. 

Whether it’s being flaunted around the local supermarket or being used in the city if your designs are strong and your brand name is on there it’s definitely cheaper than paying for a billboard.


As per the latest surveys on the digital printing business, this is turning out to be one of the most promising ones. With the innovative printing business ideas discussed above, you can rule the industry.



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