According to Juniper Research, there will be more than 5 billion virtual assistants that are installed on mobile devices. Virtual assistants, for instance, Cortana, Siri, Bixby, Alexa, or Google Assistant become smarter and smarter to help users find information by voice. Recently, when more and more people accessing the Internet through mobile devices, voice search is becoming very popular. Additionally, like other digital marketing tools, the optimization by voice search for online businesses is very different. 

Search by Voice or Google Voice Search is a Google product allowing users to use Google Search by speaking on computers or mobile phones. This means that when entering information about what you need to find into the device by speaking, there will be a device searching for data. This article content is about leading the SEO trend with voice search!

What is voice search SEO?

Voice search SEO is an activity applying techniques to optimize text, content, metadata, keywords, and other objects. Thus, your website will be ranked at the top of the search results when users ask questions through the voice search feature. Voice search will concentrate mainly on natural language of users and give answers based on it. This is a special thing of voice search.

No need to explain anymore, marketers can totally understand what voice search is. Simply, it is a search method users use their voice to query data and information related to their demands as well as queries.

However, what you need is not just simply a concept about it. The following questions are the ones many marketers wondering about voice search:

How do users use voice search?

What do you need to do when preparing utilities for changing your industry? At first, you have to know how users utilize voice search. Moreover, you need to analyze and collect statistical data related to voice search. Voice search optimization in parts of digital media content is very important and cannot be ignored. 

Ways to succeed with voice search:

Who is utilizing voice search?

According to some statistics, almost voice search users are at the age of 18 – 43. Nevertheless, a great part of users at the age of more than 44 is using voice search gradually. Maybe because this feature is more appropriate and convenient to this age group. They can hardly observe the mobile device screen with small interface. Or buttons are even difficult and small for them to use accurately. About speed and accuracy, voice search is more appropriate to many ages.

voice search purpose

voice search time

The differences between text search and voice search

The following differences between text search and voice search shows the reason why voice search is developing more and more strongly.

  • Showing intent: This is the most important difference between text search and voice search. Because voice is the natural language expressing intent more clearly and strongly than text. Additionally, it often concentrates on words to ask, for instance, “when”, “why”, “where”, and so on.
  • Query length: The text query length only concentrates on from 1 to 3 main keywords. Meanwhile, voice search has 3 to 5 words in keywords or queries.
  • Answering and acting fast: Voice search stimulates answers and advertisements faster in SERPs. Obviously, it is related to locals. This allows users act without accessing websites.
  • Influence by local: Voice search on mobile devices is three times more than text search. It will often be searching shops, businesses, places close to nearby users. According to survey statistics, when finding information about a local enterprise, up to 58% of people turn on voice search. In other words, people use voice search more and more to find services or products at their living area.

Influence of voice search to digital marketing in the future

The voice search volume is increasing significantly. It surpasses to the top of the rankings for the mobile version of website. With this situation of changing rapidly, marketers and business owners need to adapt with voice search as soon as possible.

The reason is that the influence of voice search to digital marketing is very great. It is reaching different aspects of this industry.

Tips to optimize voice search on websites

Voice search is often characterized by questions. Therefore, your content need to have ability to satisfy this demand. So, how to optimize voice search? Some following tips will help you troubleshoot this affair:

  • Query sample focuses on phrase to ask
  • Using natural language
  • Providing short answers
  • Caring local SEO diagram carefully
  • Complete Google profile about business including working hours, description, address, name, and phone number.
  • The site is friendly with mobile device, quick, and secure.  

voice search tip

With voice search, you should focus developing related and useful information. As a result, your site is friendly with users and can receive high rating. Plus, you can refer to solutions for your site, for example, Magento 2 extensions, Magento themes, WordPress themes from Cmsmart.

Voice search with SEO

We cannot deny that voice search is having a great influence on digital marketing. Under the viewpoint of some SEO experts, voice search is helping digital marketing change for the better trend.

As mentioned above, there is a great difference between text search and voice search. Hence, several voice search tips affect SEO strategies as following:

  • Converting text search into query form with long questions
  • Utilizing conversational language
  • Importance of authoritative and informative content

Voice SEO is more and more popular

With the accuracy of the voice recognition of Google up to 95%, businesses wanting to attract more traffic to their websites need to implement Voice SEO. To optimize for voice search, marketers have to re-adjust their SEO strategies regularly. Furthermore, in the process of completing voice recognition technology to optimize for voice search, Google is not alone. The Chinese company iFlytek is owning the accuracy up to 98% and they are continued to research to attain 99%.

Tips to optimize for voice search SEO:


We hope that this article has given the most useful information you need about voice search! Besides, we hope that you can catch up and successfully apply this digital marketing trend. Just contact our support team, we will consult for you! Thank you for reading.

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