These years, guest bloggers appear regularly. This kind of blogger is very popular. Additionally, it has advantages and that is surely right! However, there are still several disadvantages to accepting guest bloggers. The authors will bring to your blog more exposure and your blog will get indexed fast when they show content for you. Nowadays, guest blogging has been a standard practice among many bloggers. This is not surprising! Nevertheless, here is a great question: Should you accept guest bloggers? The answer can be “no”.

You can decide if you accept guest bloggers or not after reading the key advantages and disadvantages in this post.

Should you accept guest bloggers?: 

Pros of accepting guest bloggers

The constant flow of content

If you have a blog with Alexa ranking, domain authority, and search engine traffic, you can expect many guest post requests. Your page will never run out of content with new guest authors coming on the scene. You can raise the incoming traffic quantity on your page if you happen to publish a lot of contents.

Keeping your blog active

Before publishing the content, just ensure to review it! Yet, you will realize that if you accept guest bloggers, they will tend to send targeted and high-quality articles for the audience of your blog. In other words, when you accept guest bloggers in your community, you can keep your page active. This is one of the most significant benefits of guest blogging. In turn, this will help you keep your page survive with targeted and fresh content. Moreover, it will help you add more genuine readers to your blog and keep your existing readers satisfied. 

More popularity and traffic for your blog

You can post a good number of posts on your page in the form of guest blogging on a regular basis. This can help to receive more pages from your blog. There will be more people who can know about your page when recognizing your page in search engine results for their searched terms.

Generally, the more pages indexed in search engines, the more popularity, and traffic on your blog.  

Good content for your page

Guest bloggers always try to give their best work in the form of guest articles. Therefore, you can expect good content in the form of guest posts on your page. You can be much more selective about the process of welcoming guest writers when your authority raises.

Increased revenue

As a result of more content coming, your blog will have more traffic. Hence, you can earn more money from your blog. In other words, with the increase in traffic, you can expect more money.

Can take it easy

You can post several targeted articles on your page if you accept guest bloggers. With blogs, we have the responsibility of publishing new content every day. Thus, you can take it easy a little bit because you will not have to write new posts pretty regularly for your page. As a result, you can liberate your mind from the stress situation where you need to write one post each day to keep your blog going in the true direction.

Can help your SEO

New writers and their content will provide a great number of new possibilities for your website to be found with additional keywords. You will extend your search range when adding new content to your blog. Utilizing guest posts almost always make sure that various keywords will be generated.  

Can use for future guest articles

You can also express your care of doing a guest post when you accept guest bloggers on your blog. So, you can build a list of blogs where you can post your guest articles since you are connecting and cooperating with your guests.

Can concentrate on other things

You can concentrate on things, for instance, creating powerful presence for your blog on social sites, doing some SEO activities for your page or finding additional tips to earn money because guest bloggers can handle some of your content affairs. Therefore, you can do a lot of other productive works in the free time to help you take your page to a higher level.

You can refer to this clip if you want to look for and accept guest bloggers:

Cons of accepting guest bloggers

The consistent threat of plagiarism in the posted articles

You get a great number of guest submissions. After checking for any possible plagiarisms and uniqueness, you decide to publish on your blog immediately. However, surely your job does not end there. You are adding an extra workload for yourself with publishing every single guest post on your page. And that workload is always checking that your dear guest bloggers do not republish the published guest posts anywhere on the website.

Can be much dependent on guest bloggers

You cannot deny that with fresh content, guest posts help you keep your page updated well but guest blogging should definitely not prevent your capability of writing for your own page. Don’t forget that it is your blog and it was your own writing pitch only that firstly impressed those global visitors to your blog! Depending on guest posts completely and not adding any voice of your own may make your blog boring although the fact that you accept guest bloggers is sometimes fine totally.

May not earn new readers

It may not be wise to accept guest bloggers with untested blog articles, especially the one that is unsolicited if the viewpoint is not appropriate to the style you have generated. A visiting writer may have a totally diverse view and tone as everybody has own writing style. If you own a powerful brand and a loyal readership, your regular readers may wonder why the information approach has changed, especially if it does not follow your standards.

May not save time

A new and temporary writer may not really save any time for you at all. Actually, this may make your workload increased. You may explore that publishing a guest article takes much time as manufacturing a post yourself. It takes time to judge pitches, review content, format the copy, edit, and look for suitable photos. This may be one of the reasons why you should not accept guest bloggers.

Conclusively, you have to identify the value of a guest blogger for your certain blogging demands. Nevertheless, almost blogs can benefit from accepting guest blogging. You can consider trying in six months firstly if you are not sure. To impress readers to visit your site, you can add several E-commerce solutions from Cmsmart such as Magento themes, Magento 2 extensions, Wordpress themes, or plugins. If you need any helps, don’t hesitate to contact our support team. Thanks for reading!

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