If you have a website, you will understand that: To have a website that the features satisfy the needs of your business is extremely difficult. You have to start from the following steps:

  • To choose ideas
  • To buy the domain and hosting
  • To choose the platform
  • To design or hire an IT company to develop and design the website for you
  • To build content, SEO keywords, run promotion programs, advertising, etc.

After completing all the above activities, your website can be used to sell the products online. It must be a completed plan from the beginning to the end.

The story begins

I also have experienced all those things before. I used to be one of the largest local wholesale distributors in my city. Almost all of the stores in that city purchase goods from my company. Thanks to my good relationship with customers and agent owners, I hold the top position for 10 consecutive years. But everything changed with the development of the internet and online shopping. I had more competitors who mostly are my old partners. They found product sources and sold everything cheaper than mine. Besides, they had sales websites (though not very nice) as a place for their customers to get all the information they need, the product lists, price, product descriptions… Nowadays, customers no longer have to go to the store. They can easily buy everything without leaving their comfortable couches by ordering online and get in-home delivery. Therefore, I lost lots of my customers, revenue fell, the risk of bankruptcy could come soon.

The decision to change and difficulties

So, I decided to invest in a website to sell the products online. At the beginning, it was not simple. I had to find a way to manage customers, manage agents that I were providing products. They wanted to open their stores on my website. The problem was the cost of building and operating a Marketplace website is extremely large. I would not be able to compete with my competitors. Besides, I am a person who want to get the full control of my work. So I started to study about building and operating the website. But with my limited knowledge about IT, it was extremely bored to listen to all the complicated things that professional web designers talking about. It took me 5 years using many Marketplace solutions but I still not find a satisfied product for my website.

Big surprise

Very lucky for me, I met my friend. He works in the printing industry. He showed me his company's new website. I had a look and felt surprised by the usability and layout of the website. I thought this was one of the most beautiful websites I had ever seen so far. I asked him about it, and recommended the CMSmart product of Netbase team. I already heard about them because they are one among the famous commercial solution providers. But I only knew that they specialized in e-commerce platforms like Virtuemart or Magento. I wanted to build my website on WordPress. Partly because of the cost for building and developing a website on WordPress is cheaper. In addition, WordPress is easier to use for a non-professional like me.

Unexpectedly, my friend also used WordPress, and the solution he used was CMSmart's PrintStore. He also told me that they also had a WordPress solution for the Marketplace website. After returning home, I consulted hurriedly about this package. The features they write on the intro are quite suitable for my business. So I decided to buy the product. Of course, it was not possible to buy it immediately.


I emailed them (not only because of the language difference but also because of the time zone difference) to ask them about the features and selling price of this product. All the features they introduced to me was quite detailed. Product prices made me quite surprised. Of course, it is higher than other Marketplace solutions I had found online. However, these features were quite completed, especially for my agents. I felt pretty good, so I decided to buy it the next day (although I had not trusted it yet, I still wanted to try) They had a lot of payment methods and I didn't understand them. Luckily for me, my friend had a PayPal account, so I asked him to buy the product for me. While I was confused, I didn't know what to do after buying, I had a message from them that I would get the support and they would help to install the product for free. Especially with Renewal package I would be supported and updated periodically. That was good! So I had the website exactly met my personal needs.

Actually, for the first time, operation and using the website was not very smoothly. It took me more than a week to learn how to use and do the configuration as my needs. It was a really difficult time for me. Fortunately, they had a Support ticket system. I could send all of my questions on it, then they would answer, or guide, or support me online. Thanks to them, I passed that time.


Now, I feel quite satisfied with my current website. So are my agents. After only 3 months, my website has been at the top of the search for household products in the city. My website completely beats other websites. Customers are increasingly crowded, revenue has recovered as the original and even growing. Dealers and suppliers are becoming more and more confident. I feel extremely satisfied. Special thanks to my friend who supported and helped me in the process of building and improving this difficult website.

CMSmart sent me an email to do a survey and review their products. I was quite happy, so I wrote this article to send my sincerely thanks to them. I also want to share my experience with all of you - People who want to build a website for their business through this article. Do not hesitate, build a website for your business right away, starting from today. Benefits and revenue earned will not disappoint you.

A Customer of CMSmart