The average attention of an internet user is from 5 to 8 seconds. That’s all the time that you make an impression on your store to nudge your customer to make a purchase. You don’t have too much time and there’s no salesperson to tell you what’s ‘popular’. That’s where product labels come in. You can see more tips to catch the customer attention How To Improve Your Ecommerce Website – Tips

What are product labels?

They are like virtual stickers. It is to call attention to special offers about a product. Although these are tiny stickers, they can create various types of emotions. One of the major emotions is -Urgency. If you see a “ Buy Now” product label, the next thing you’ll get is curiosity. Another emotion that product labels/ badges can make your customer feel, is – Assurance. Product labels like ‘Most Popular’, ‘BestSeller’, & ‘Trending Now’ can generate a feeling of affirmation that the product has been liked by the audience and is worthy of their thorough look at it. How many times did you, yourself, have felt that?

Research says that product labels can:

  • Increase your conversion rate by 13-15%

  • Boost your customer engagement by 148%

How do product labels increase store conversions?

Product labels take the desired action, which leads them to buy the product and hence results in a higher conversion rate. You can see more How To Improve User Experience On Magento Website to increase store conversions.

product labels


1. Helps capture short attention spans

Just around eight seconds, your website users care about your product. If a potential costume comes to your store, 8 sec is not enough to know about a product. They have a lot of options making them get distracted easily and leading your conversion rate to fall down. This is why you need product labels. They capture your shopper's attention, instantly. With clear call-out texts on images, it breaks the usual monotony and engages the audience.

2. Gives immediate context on what you’re promoting

With product labels, your customers see instantly and understand the context. It uses clear-cut call-out text that immediately gives context to the shoppers. The immediate context helps shoppers find products easily and gets you more sales.

3. Nudges shoppers to make a purchase decision faster

With product labels, you can make a need of urgency around your products and nudge this indecisive shopper to ‘rapidly’ make a purchase decision. Product labels like ‘Buy Now Goes Fast’  get the job done impeccably or you can likewise use ‘Deal of the Day’.

Now, in the wake of seeing the name, that client will think, “So if I don’t buy this dress, I may never see it again.” This propensity is known as FOMO-dread of passing up a great opportunity and works stunningly better if your intended interest group incorporates recent college grads.

4. Highlights what products are on sale/ discount

product labels

There is no double that people love SALE. They buy more products on sale to other products.  You need to pay attention to your products. For this, you can create some marketing campaigns but what if you can do this in a minute. With product labels, you can do that. 

People love SALE! There’s no doubt about it and it’s proven that people buy more products on sale compared to other products. All you need to add “ on-sale” label or “ on discount” product label.  Well, it will certainly catch mine.

5. Creates trust in your brand among shoppers

Product labels that display a promise as a quality assurance certificate are called trust badges. They build trust in the minds of your customers so they know they can safely shop from you. Most people hesitate to buy online because they don’t trust the quality or the safety of the online payment.  Using a trust badge like a free shipping badge or a sticker that shows assurance tells your shoppers to go ahead and add to cart, worry-free!

6. Helps you cross-sell smartly with recommendations

product labels

In traditional stores, sales guys will recommend you a part of formal pants or even a belt that would go with it. It is cross-selling and you can absolutely do it on your online store as well. With product labels, you can simply add a ‘recommended’ or ‘frequently bought together’ label to products from complementing categories. This helps you set up a quick cross-sell without being too pushy about it. For example, if your costume is looking for a dress, you can highlight the most selling pair of pants with a “ recommended” or frequently buy together’ label to show up on the product page.  This helps the shopper discover more relevant products according to their needs and helps you cross-sell smartly.

7. Increases your average order value

As the above points, product labels can help you create a sense of urgency, highlight online exclusives and sell products with recommendations. These actions will lead your shoppers to buy more. It obviously increases your average order value. 

For instance, a shopper comes to your store looking for a dress and sees another dress labeled as “ Most-popular” that will look good on her for the after-party event. So, you’ve just made the shopper’s decision easier to purchase the other dress as well!

8. Upgrades your store design

Your store needs to be better looking, it avoids getting bored and leaves. Great product labels can avoid that scenario totally. It gives your store more beautiful that will make your visitor check out more and adds a whole new personality to your store, creating a positive impression of your brand. Sometimes. Adding product labels can give your store a fresh look. Imagine having to browse through rows and rows of products across different stores – it’s the same experience, every single time.

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We hope our article helps you understand why you need to add product labels to your products.  Adding product labels is easy with Magento Product Labels Extension. This will allows you to add labels to products like stickers. See the demo to know more