What is Call for Price?

Call for price means contacting the store owner for asking the price. It is a price strategy to define the target market and turn them into real customers. 

This article will give you an overview of situations when Call for Price needed, as well as the detailed instruction for a successful Call for Price strategy.

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Who needs Call for Price?

If you are selling such products of which the price showing is not reasonable, hiding the theme. Hiding prices is a good idea in many cases. There are many good reasons. The store owner can hide the price or set other actions with the price section and add a cart button instead. Many kinds of online stores benefit from hiding prices. They could be high-competitive items or the business which are in a volatile market. Stores who sell products that do not have many alternative products also need Call for Price in many cases, for several reasons. Let’s see its benefits. 

How does hiding price benefit?

Call for price

Encourage customers to contact to receive the product price

 In many cases, hiding the price takes the opportunity to contact the store owner and the customers. It identifies potential customers and interacts with people who have already interested in your product. Thís type of customer has the most potential, they are willing to purchase your product. Moreover,  talking with potential customers is the best way to serve them correctly.

For example, a person visits your website to buy a high fashion watch, and they ask for the price of good-looking ones. At this moment, you can give your customer an appealing offer with a 5 % discount if he or she can join your group. In this way, your customer is pleased to buy the product because the customer feel can get double the value. Psychologically, the customer’s willingness to buy will accordingly increase.

Besides, the Call for Price allows you to adjust the product price, you can depend on the customer's attitude and interest level. 

Keep prices secret from competitors

Recently, people have been window-shopping. They visit and search for products and expect the best offering.  For example, a person visited a store via a link on a friend's Facebook wall or on the advertisement block. He came with an expectation about product value and quality. Then the big question that comes right after is the price. Affordability is not just how many he has in the wallet, it is how the product itself offers a good reasonable price, in comparison with its own value, and with the price of alternative products out there. Therefore, customers know the product prices of the store, they are likely to come to all the other stores to check the price. That is why Call for Price is indispensable for some high-competitive businesses

Hide price for products with ever-changing value

In fact, the product prices are always changed. It may be changed in marketing strategy, pricing policy… For some businesses, it is not wise to public product prices.  The price can change, so the administrator has to update the price. It deals with a large amount of workload. So a great solution for this is setting the price hidden, encouraging the customers to click for finding more about the products’ price. 

Draw customers’ full attention to the product value

Without showing the price, customers can feel the value of the product. It helps buyers focus on product value, quality, and function. Hiding the price can make customers focus more on product features. Summary, it shows how outstanding is your product, let customers feel satisfy all requirements. 

It is additionally conceivable that now and again when the cost appears, the client promptly finds that he can not manage the cost of it (or is farther than his arranged venture), the expectation to purchase will be dispensed with immediately. The value stowing away can urge clients to contribute more opportunity to sort out the item esteem, prior to considering its cost and make the genuine buy.

What are the must-have features in Call for Price?

With the call for price, there are 4 options to hide or replace about product’s cost:

Call for price

#1: Hide the Add to cart button

In some cases, collecting products into the cart is not the topmost expectation of the store owner.  It may display upcoming products, but they are still unavailable. Some just display all products on category but actually, they are not-for-sale. The product is used for sale or as a gift for another one, or just sale in combo/deal., the add to cart button should be hidden. 

#2: Popup request form

A request form will show in the format of a popup, suggesting the customers to fill in before asking product prices. It is important for wholesalers because it is a chance to ask for a bigger order as well as make a negotiation before the real purchase. For example, a store owner asks for 100 products with a high discount and free shipping. 

#3: Redirect to CMS page

It allows the admin to redirect the function of call for a price or get a quote button. It will navigate to a new page. In this way, the store owners can drive customers to a detailed page with better services. Maybe, there are internationally distributed products that need to be linked to the distributor in the customer's location. 

#4: Request login for price

With this function, customers have to log in to see the price. It is used widely in professional online stores. By this way, the price will be visible to users who are really interested.


Motivative actions such as calling for prices can create great incentives for the customers to buy your products. With Magento 2 Call For Price , store owners can set different prices with different customers. Let see the demo