If you're asking, "What is WooCommerce?" This is the place to start. You most likely already have a WordPress website and are about to begin selling, well, pretty much something. In this chapter, we'll explain what WooCommerce is, what it can do for you, and why you should use it. 

1. What is a Woocommerce POS?

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to create an online shop by adding e-commerce features to your WordPress website. Your WordPress website can be transformed into a completely functioning e-commerce website in only a few taps.

POS networks have evolved so quickly from merely handling consumer orders to being multi-functional centers for companies across sectors. Today's rapidly expanding POS systems have a plethora of functionality and functionalities, like menu design, tableside purchasing, employee management, CRM, inventory management, and so on. As a result, the POS industry is one of the most competitive in the world today, as shown by the following main statistics:

The top POS targets for North American retailers in 2020 are omnichannel capabilities convergence (59%), improving current POS (52% ), centralized ecommerce network (44% ), smartphone POS (44% ), POS update or replacement (41% ), and hardware upgrade (41% ). (30 percent ). 2020 (Retail Consulting Partners)

POS hardware is the main POS business group, with a projected value of $66.30 billion by 2025. Grand View Research (Grand View Research, 2020) 

In 2020, 59 percent of retailers have declared that working on omnichannel capabilities is their highest POS target. In the meantime, 52 percent of retailers planned to improve their POS programs in the same year. (2020 Retail Consulting Partner)

Compliance (7%) and considering a single payment network (7%) are the least important targets for retailers in 2020. (2020 Retail Consulting Partner)

2. Point of Sale for WooCommerce

WooCommerce's Point of Sale is an internet sales point technology (POS), which allows store owners in brick and mortar stores to seamlessly sell online products. It transforms every modern web browser into a cash register, enabling you to handle your merchandise, orders, and customers holistically. WooCommerce Point of Sale is ideal for convenience outlets, market stalls, food and beverage sellers, vape shops, jewellers, and other businesses.

Built for WooCommerce

Point of Sale for WooCommerce has been planned and developed to function natively for WooCommerce after more than five years of research and development. There are no third-party API interfaces; simply download and install the extension, create an account, and begin selling. 

There are several settings.

This expansion, which offers a range of POS configurations, gives store owners the stability and versatility they need to stay successful and innovative for success and development.

Registers and retail chains

Manage several outlets and registers to build and extend your in-store and online e-commerce operation. Assign customers to outlets to provide an atmosphere for register and cashier customer entry.

Store divisions

Set up product grids and tiles to display specific items and/or categories. Assign grids to individual registers to have a POS experience that is unique to each store department.

Products made to order

Right from the POS interface, you may add custom items on the fly. Include critical product characteristics such as color and height, and publish them to the current catalogue at the same time.

Discounts, coupons, and fines

Customers may be rewarded with set or percentage-based promotions, like coupons. Additionally, cashiers may charge fixed or percentage-based rates for services such as maintenance or health cover.

Orders and client comments

Notes may be attached to relevant instructions that need extra consideration. Select between reports for the client and managerial notes for internal record keeping.

Order administration

Locate past orders to replicate or inquire about consumer inquiries, as well as where the orders were put and who served the clients.

Methods of payment

Accept cash or use a third-party card terminal of your choosing to process payments. Cashiers may be prompted with a reference number for record keeping by using the included Chip & PIN payment system.

Assistive cues

Configure the reminders that occur at the conclusion of each sale, such as emailing or printing receipts, checking attached documents, or collecting signatures for authorization. Use the default settings for all active and walk-in clients.

Switching quickly

Switch between delegated cashiers from the POS program, or set the register to log the cashier out automatically during - transaction.

Showcase of Products

Using the built-in product preview screen, you will showcase your goods in depth. This is beneficial to store owners who wish to provide a digital shopping experience in-store.

Purchasing cards

Serve your loyal clients by easily checking their issued customer card and entering their information into the POS.

Units of calculation

Define and set your chosen stock-keeping units of measurement. This is useful for items such as flooring, new fruit, fabric, and jewelry.

Scannable barcodes

To detect a commodity or product variant, check every product SKU barcode with a compatible USB or Bluetooth barcode scanner.

Barcodes for products

Print commodity barcode labels so that you can easily search and connect items to your order. Choose from a variety of models and customize the details shown on the name.

Holding inventory

Using the stock-keeping interface, you can conveniently manage your stocks. Enter your commodity SKU and new count, then choose whether to refresh, replace, or delete the stock count.

Filtering and commenting on orders

In the backend, use the register and outlet filters to separate the online and in-store transactions, and produce reports focused on sales made via the POS by register, outlet, or cashier.

Calculation of taxes

Taxes are determined dynamically depending on tax rates and class settings. Set taxes depending on the store, outlet, customer billing address, or customer shipping address.

3. What Does a WooCommerce POS Plugin Do?

You may use the front-end either on the server or as a mobile point of sale (shop application) (like setting up a merch booth at an event). View more: The Complete Guide To POS Software & Top Solutions

With the PROS product order sync plugin, you would be able to instantly link to your online store to get orders, inventory, and other information updated. The majority of plugins use the WooCommerce REST API, which integrates the WooCommerce API seamlessly.

Most of these products are included in dedicated applications for desktop computers and tablets, but the specifics differ on the plugin. Rather than having dedicated applications, several plugins have responsive designs that allow you to use the web-as-a-a-tablet software on various platforms.

It is feasible that you might use an iPad to handle orders while you are present at a small gathering, such as a community fair or trade show. It's possible to print receipts, as well as read QR codes, and also keep track of the consumer data.


4.1 WooCommerce POS by ConnectPOS

ConnectPOS is one of the strongest WooCommerce cloud-based POS plugins for omnichannel retail stores. ConnectPOS, trusted by over 2000 companies, offers strong and feature-rich POS solutions to build a smooth omnichannel shopping experience. ConnectPOS's WooCommerce POS offers a plethora of superb features to help merchants improve their business efficiency.

Highlights of the system

  • PC (Windows & macOS) and smart computer compatibility (iOS & Android)
  • Synchronization in real time
  • Work great in both online and offline environments.
  • Provide 20+ detailed revenue and shop results studies.

Checkout and payments

  • The checkout method consists of three steps: Add to shopping cart, Select payment mechanisms, Complete your order.
  • Provide a variety of payment methods and payment gateways for no processing fees.
  • Barcode scanners and printers are supported.
  • Receipt models that are tailored to the requirements of the consumer
  • Many currencies are accepted.
  • Sales on a custom basis: Enable the addition of out-of-stock goods to the cart.
  • Several tax brackets

Inventory and store administration

  • Management of several stores and warehouses is supported.
  • Automated real-time product and order updates
  • Store managers may be managed using details such as Total Cash Adjustment In & Out, Total Cash Amount, and so on.

Control of orders and customers

  • Let the Click-and-Collect process (buy online, pay/refund in-store, exchange)
  • Enable editing and adding to the consumer account directly on the machine.
  • Integrate into a variety of rewards schemes such that shoppers can collect and exchange reward points, gift certificates, and other products.


Standard, Advanced, and Premium pricing plans are eligible for both monthly and annual billing, with prices beginning at $39 per device/month. Contact ConnectPOS if you need a customized approach, and they will make it suit like a glove. There is also a 14-day free trial that does not include a credit card.

Customer service

ConnectPOS's support team is available to consumers 24 hours a day, seven days a week with helpful tips and suggestions.

4.2 Point of Sale for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Point of Sale is a web-based POS technology that allows merchants to offer internet goods in physical stores. Every modern web browser may act as a cash register, enabling shop owners to control their inventory, sales, and customers. This WooCommerce POS plugin is ideal for retail companies, market stalls, food and beverage vendors, and a variety of other uses.

Highlights of the system

  • There are no third-party API interfaces.
  • Provide a variety of POS setups
  • Extensions can be easily downloaded and installed.
  • Create sales-related records.

Checkout and payments

  • Allow scanning of barcodes
  • Allow for the addition of percentage or fixed-rate discounts and coupons.
  • Third-party card terminals are supported.
  • Accept currency, credit card, and PIN payments.
  • Tax estimation is easy.
  • Invoices may be printed or emailed.

Inventory and store administration

  • Allow for the development of several retail outlets as well as the management of online stores.
  • Assign each commodity to a category and personalize the grid.
  • Each department of your store would have a unique POS experience.
  • Using a stock-keeping interface, you can manage your inventory.
  • Define and set your chosen stock-keeping units of measurement.
  • Personalize the details shown at the conclusion of the order transaction.

Orders and customer service

  • Customers can be rewarded with set or percentage-based promotions and coupons.
  • Separate order notices can be generated for consumers and internal order handlers.
  • Find previous orders to duplicate or to respond to customer inquiries.
  • Allow daily customers to be served by scanning their customer card.


The price package for WooCommerce Point of Sale is $199 paid monthly.

Customer service

If you require assistance, the page contains a wealth of useful information and guidance.

4.3 wePOS

WePOS is regarded as one of the most open WooCommerce POS plugins for enhancing the functionality of your online shop. Through a WooCommerce shop, this simple app allows companies to customize features, take orders, and monitor real-time inventory.

Highlights of the system

  • Provide lightning-fast service
  • Technology that is easy to use
  • Work on a variety of printers and electronics.

Checkout and payments

  • Taxes are determined depending on the location of the shop.
  • Cashiers have the choice of logging in from the front end.
  • Allow for the customization of labels and receipts
  • Accept credit cards, cash, and popular payment gateways
  • Managing several live carts
  • Discounts may be easily applied on items.

Inventory and store administration        

  • The user interface allows retailers to monitor real-time inventory.
  • POS agents may be distributed to several store locations.
  • Check the product by filtering it by type.
  • Support for barcodes

Orders and customer service

  • Orders can be conveniently managed thanks to an immersive user experience.
  • Gather consumer information
  • Take offline orders


WePOS is available in both a restricted free edition and a full-featured premium version. Premium models have three pricing tiers: Starter, Professional, and Company, with prices beginning at $199/year. If you are dissatisfied with their plugin, wePOS will refund your money in full within 14 days of purchase.

Customer service

WePOS's attentive customer service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all of your inquiries, complaints, feedback, and needs.

4.4 FooSales

FooSales is a secure and user-friendly WooCommerce POS plugin that allows you to market your goods and services and operate your company from anywhere in the world. The app can update your WooCommerce stock inventory, requests, and consumer data automatically.

Highlights of the system

  • Designed and designed from the ground up to operate with WooCommerce.
  • Make use of the official WooCommerce API.
  • Work both online and offline.

Checkout and payments

  • Taxes are determined dynamically depending on the WooCommerce tax rates and class settings.
  • Coupon codes for assistance
  • Receipts are immediately emailed to consumers and printed if appropriate.
  • Accept limited or absolute returns.
  • Prices for individual items may be manually set.
  • Accept all cash and credit card fees.

Inventory control

  • Synchronize product and request information from the same user-friendly dashboard.
  • Select which items to feature in which categories.
  • Barcode scanning is supported.

Orders and customer service

  • POS agents may connect requests, consumer records, goods, and so on straight through the user-friendly app.
  • Create customer profiles
  • Customer information is saved on the database server.
  • The Order Filtering System: Shop owners will see which orders originated from the retail store.
  • View past revenue figures


FooSales has a 30-day free trial and does not include a credit card or billing information. Following that, there would be monthly or yearly paying options ranging in price from $15 to $429.

Customer service

If you need primary assistance, you can go to the FooSales Support Center and search the FAQs. If those don't help, please open a support ticket for the fastest resolution.

4.5 Hike POS

Hike POS is one of the better WooCommerce POS plugins available today. It enables retailers to effectively manage and expand their businesses. Hike works smoothly with WooCommerce, providing centralized links to the clients, inventory, product catalog, and so on.

Highlights of the system

  • All gadgets run smoothly.
  • Work both on and off the internet
  • Hike accounts will automatically sync with WooCommerce.
  • Report for both in-store and online purchases.

Checkout and payments

  • Checkout procedure that is special
  • Accept big payment processors
  • Apply coupons on complete purchases or specific products.
  • We accept currency, credit cards, and checks.
  • Allow gift cards to be used

Inventory and store administration

  • Inventory management that is seamless
  • Sync the current inventory from Hike to WooCommerce automatically, and vice versa.
  • Stock management that is robust: quickly introduce, upgrade, or delete an object.
  • PINs are used for employees to control entry.
  • Help in multi-store scheduling

Orders and customer service

  • Orders are automatically synced.
  • Returns and refunds are accepted.


Hike POS offers three affordable price options for various company sizes: Start-up, single-store, and multi-store You can switch between annual billing and monthly billing, with prices beginning at $59. Store owners should pursue Hike for free for 14 days before deciding on a schedule.

Customer service

Hike's support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via live chat and email.

4.6 Square for WooCommerce

When it comes to the right WooCommerce POS plugin, Square for WooCommerce cannot be overlooked. It allows you to control various distribution platforms as well as inventory, clients, and orders.

Highlights of the system

  • Allow your WooCommerce shop to be integrated with your Square account.
  • Features for detailed monitoring
  • Risk assessment and protection tools that work

Checkout and payments

  • Accept big credit cards as payment.
  • PCI DSS Level 1 compliance
  • Deposits are made quickly.

Inventory control

  • Just one site has to be updated since it is synchronized with WooCommerce.
  • A single network can handle several channels.

Orders and customer service

Customers have the option of saving their payment information for potential transactions.


Pricing Square for WooCommerce is available for free download and usage.

Customer service

If you need assistance, you can contact Square's support team via phone, email, live chat, or social media.


Any of the most notable advances in the latest crop of POS applications are enhanced monitoring and analytics capabilities. Access to this robust functionality enables POS device users to take advantage of their in-depth understanding of consumer behavior and shopping behaviors. Here are some numbers to consider:

  • 78 percent of stores are unable to locate their buyers before they reach the checkout line. (2020 Retail Consulting Partner)
  • 22 percent of stores do not have the potential to recognize their consumers at all. (2020 Retail Consulting Partner)
  • 22 percent of retailers recommend innovative goods or services based on their consumers' buying experience. (2020 Retail Consulting Partner)
  • According to a survey of small companies, half of them agree that the multiple reports they produce are critical in helping them maintain their POS use. (According to Salesforce)
  • Over the next year, 75% of businesses want to use in-store mobile tools in their budgets. (According to Salesforce)

Therefore, the best POS app for your shop is one that fits all your site's requirements. In this post, each plugin has their own unique advantage. Based on these POS Report & Analytics Statistics, hopefully, the six WooCommerce POS plugins mentioned above have assisted you in determining which one would better serve your business's development.

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