Ajax Loading Page

As the extension of Amasty and Aheadworks, Layered Navigation extension for Magento 2 supports Ajax Loading. Thanks for this tool, the matching results will be shown instantly after filtering any product attribute instead of reloading a whole page. And more convenient, shoppers save much time while enjoying better site performance

Price Sliders and Other Numeric Filters

It means that your customers can select a certain price range according to their purchase wishes. The slider includes the maximum and minimum price for all products. Among them, they will find their exact price range or fill text box price.

Advanced Categories Menu

With the module, you can show your categories in dropdown, sub categories or static 2 level category tree for customer to see an overview at their convenience.

SEO friendly URLs

Options to Flexibly remove Filter: Users can clear all recently selected options in Shopping By and start a New Filter

In Back-end

Supports Multiple Stores

The extension supports multiple stores, allowing you to optimize its efficiency. And, you are not necessary to worry when setting it up.

Easy to Install and Configure

Magento 2 is the awesome platform for web-store owners and developers to experience. CMSmart releases extensions for this version, bringing you ability to have simple installation and configuration

More options to Display Filter: With Filter Option “Checkbox”, you have 2 option to display for attribute scroll and More/Less

Attributes Management: It is very easy for you to add new attribute for Filter or display any attribute in category right in admin panel.

Set the number of Filter result:

In admin panel, you are able to determine the number of filter results. Then, your customers will choose by clicking on the Filter name.

In/Out Of Stock Filters:

When Set In/Out of Stock Filtering, you are saving much time for Customers and keep their product catalog perfectly up to date at all times.

Advanced Categories Menu

This module enables you to clearly display a category tree by choosing from various modes for Category display. You can show cateogries in dropdown, along with sub categories or static 2-level category tree with plus/minus controls, etc, hide or move category filters, exclude any categories from Layered Navigation. This great feature is not seen in many Layered navigation extension for Magento.

The last, Filter Option

You can display Filters through several ways including Checkbox and Dropdown. Your selection depends on which type of your website and how you want to perform your web shop.

All above outstanding functions and the comparison in detail help you bring the last decision. They are also the reason explaining why Layered Navigation extension for Magento 2 will lead the market now and in the next future. Now, you can save a little time and experience the DEMO to have a better overview.