There is one fact that the marriage of digital printing and SAAS model has brought us to a new world where you can build and manage your printing site with greater convenience, more robustness and efficiency at less cost. We will list out the things we should consider SAAS printing management and traditional management software. Here we go:

1. Software and Maintenance Cost

  • Saas: You can build a website on a server and you just need to pay reasonable price monthly for development, support, and maintenance.
  • Traditional: It requires you to take an annual maintenance contract, which includes support, ongoing updates, and patches ( about 10% to 25% of the value of the initial contract).

2. Implementation cost

  • Saas: Just a fix payment for a month, no additional or other fees.
  • Traditional: Even when straight out of the box or when integrating with other systems. This can involve software installation, database configuration, and testing. These costs can also be incurred again on any future major upgrades.

3. Hosting cost

  • Saas: We provide hosting and server service so you can build the site on our server, we will be responsible for security and other problems on your site. you won’t need to buy any new hardware to run your system.
  • Traditional: it requires new or upgraded hardware to properly run the system, if not in the short-term, certainly over time. This could include applications, database servers, PCs and networking infrastructure. Older hardware can be used initially but over time new releases, which typically require more computing power, will demand it.

4. Security

  • Saas: Even when you are not in information technology, don’t worry, we have a professional developer team, they are always ready to support and solve all problems for you.
  • Traditional: you have to manage your own data security, access, backup’s etc…

5. Upgrades

  • Saas: When we have upgrade version for add-ons or themes, there will be the notification for you. We want to ensure that you can enjoy the latest technology for printing.
  • Traditional: All upgrades and costs associated with labor and hardware are with the client. You may have to budget for any major upgrades.

6. Labor

  • Saas: No need to hire developers
  • Traditional: You will need IT staff to manage the software and hardware. The scale of the software management task will depend on how much this will cost.

The last words,

When we provide printing with Saas model, we hope you could improve efficiency and substantially reduce print infrastructure and IT administration costs. This change in the way print management software will offer you a flexible and secure printing, with best of breed features from software print management.