Frequently asked questions
WP Booking | WP Appointment Booking & Scheduling


Step 1: Add and install plugin

Access to Dashboard –> Plugins –> Add New –> Upload Plugin

Next, click “Choose File”, navigate to the Plugin folder that you have downloaded. Then click on “Install Now”

Step 2: Activate plugin

After installation is complete, click “Activate Plugin” to allow the plugin to work

Step 3: Set up plugin

Here, we recommend that you select "Installing Sample Database" to set up our sample data. If you want to display images, please click on "Downloading Sample Media". Then, click on “Next” button.


Yes. In the administration section, we have a field that allows show/hide Category / Service / Employee on site.

Of course. The form of booking is responsive and adapted to the size of the screen.

To insert blocks into your home page, first you need to install the Elementor plugin. After that, click on "Edit Page". Finally, drag and drop the blocks the way you want and save the changes.

Yes. We have a Manageable calendar, you can view employee schedules. You can also view a daily schedule or choose a weekly, monthly schedule. You can filter appointments by employee name.

There is absolutely no limit to the services in our system. Create as many services and staff as your business needs!

Yes. With the online payment feature, you can accept payments from customers through PayPal, Banktransfer.

Our online scheduling software is designed for any business which can be scheduled and reserved online using the booking system.

No problem. This plugin meets most of the same functions as traditional scheduling software as well as offers the advantage of online booking appointments.

Yes. WP Appointment allows you to display your appointments on Google Calendar, etc. with an iCal feed directly from your site. (not a two-way sync)

We make feature requests, just email us at [email protected].

Is not. Customers only see your available time slots and nothing more. They cannot view your appointment, it is only available to you and your staff when you log in to the admin section. Therefore, customers will not see other appointments in your calendar, and they will also not be able to see the contact information of your other customers.

Yes. You can use WooCommerce to allow your visitors to purchase their appointments and checkout using WooCommerce. You then will also check Appointment booking detail in WooCommerce order and issue PDF Invoicing.  WP Appointment can also work well without WooCommerce but we suggest integrating it with WooCommerce to get the most benefit from WooCommerce features. The administrator can enable WooCommerce feature. It allows you to use WooCommerce shop add to cart functionality and checkout. It can be used to create & manage all types of booking services. WP Appointment Booking enables you to sell time or date based bookings.

Does your company work in several places around the city or country? With Locations add-on, you can associate staff members and services with different locations, so your clients will be able to choose the place for their appointment before they schedule a date and time.


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