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WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Theme with Dokan Support Multiple Store [Premium]

Sure, you save a lot of times and money when using our packages for your niches industry, rather do it yourselves. We are serving thousands of clients monthly and have experiences and available resources to bring you the final solutions which instantly working for your business. You also just pay for 1 time to get all package features rather than looking for them from many places.
Another key thing is the support from our team in which we turn our company as an e-commerce partner who working for your system daily. Yes daily!

A solution is really a big website or in fact, it is a completed e-commerce system. Anyone who has enough experience running online business understanding that we need a lot of resources to develop, maintenance, customize and update the system daily in order to get enough business results.
A Standard Payment includes standard support which gets you guides and tutorial videos plus usage guidance, instructions and simple debugging assistance from our team to help you resolve any issue. An Auto Renewal plan is available from $ monthly and includes all that plus minor customization, conflict debugging, server and hosting assistance and on-site help which means our team will actually go to your site to fix problems if needed.
For 99% of SMB  or even Enterprise Corp, having an in-house developers team to run your systems is expensive rather than using outsourcing expertise and after your bought our Solutions, sure you will consider taking this advantage. So we suggest you use Auto Renewal Monthly.
For Web Agency who can take care of the systems yourselves, then you can consider using Standard Payment.                                  


You can cancel the Auto-Renewal anytime or do not need to buy again Standard Payment if you don't have a plan. You can use the product on your domain for lifetimes, but you can not open ticket support nor download new upgrade versions.

Yes, you are! But you should ask our advice before doing this, especially if you are SMB and using our Auto Renewal services, we prefer to do it for yours.

They are different but have the same concept of product development. In some way, we can consider Item selling on Themeforest is the Basic Theme and on Cmsmart is Advances solutions.  On Themeforest, most of the clients are web developer, freelancer and private start-up who just need a basic theme to quickstart the website.  On Cmsmart, we prefer to offer our Advances solutions to clients who want to have more features and VIP support.
It depends on your decisions to buy which products you want and as they are different we can not upgrade from the item on Themeforest to Cmsmart. The only way is to have a new installation, not upgrade. We can consider giving a discount for a buyer who bought Items on Themeforest and now wants to switch completely to solutions packages on Cmsmart, but not a refund.

Although you can install some more plugins and upgrade CMS yourselves, as the solutions packages are integrated seamlessly by our team to ensure the best performances, so we HIGHLY NOTE that CMSMART TEAM WILL TAKE CHANGE OF UPDATE CMS OR ANY THIRD PARTIES EXTENSIONS used in the Packages.  Please contact us before doing any installation or upgrade.
WordPress and Magento are often released new versions of CMS, and other extensions developers run behind the flow with their own update. But in most case, there are many features which you don't need to have. Our most noticeable upgrade is the security bugs and we will inform you and tell how to upgrade this!

Our solutions are built to be customized to fit your business by using the powerful configuration in both back-end and front-end WITHOUT interfering with the coding. If you can not find the configuration you want, you can request us to provide minor customization on menu, links, images...which is take us less than 10 minutes to do.
For deeper customization or to add new features or to make specific development to suit your own product, you have to pay for extra fee base on the scope of works.

Yes, our package does support multi-languages, then you can easily translate it into your wanted languages.

Yes, it supports RTL language

Yes, it is. All layouts will fit and look great on different size of devices like desktop, mobile phone, and tablet.

Yes, it does support bulk products import option via CSV file.

If the main site is, each vendor will have his own store domain name as the format:

Yes, absolutely you can. Our the theme supports all the payment gateways at this link:

Yes, you can check the demo backend as below:  

Step 1: Enter your email as

Step 2: After you register your email successfully, please go your email or spam email to receive the account to test our package.

Yes, of course.

Please download the Poedit tool to translate it into your wanted language:

Yes, you can set the commission for each sales from vendor by a fixed amount or percentage

Yes, it is easy to find a product belongs to which vendor. You can filter products by the vendor (author) in your admin dashboard.

For each package, we offer 2 types of payment: Auto renewal and Standard payment.

Let me give you an example of the Premium package to differ these 2 types of payment.

** Auto-renewal:  You will pay a fixed amount first (399$) for the payment to get support, download and upgrade within 6 months. After 6 months, you just need to pay a small fee (for every 6 months) 39.95$ to extend more 6 months of support, download, and upgrade (called renewal fee).

Of course, if you do not like to pay the renewal fee, you can cancel it at any time. In this case (if you cancel it), you still can use our product for a lifetime but without our support, download and upgrade.

** Standard Payment: This is a one-time payment $426.93. You’ll pay one fixed payment to get our product. You also get our get support, download and upgrade within 6 months. After 6 months, if you want to extend your support, download, and upgrade, you have to pay 55% of the first price to renew your support, download and upgrade. In case, you do not renew it, you still use our product for a lifetime but without our support, download and upgrade.

To give the best service to customer, we offer free installation to customers who buy this full package. Means that our dev team will install the whole package for FREE for you.

Yes, you can. After purchase, we will install the whole package exactly our demo for you including demo content or demo images.

Yes, it is. We always try to release new version regularly so that customer can get the updated package which can work well with the latest version of WP and Woo-commerce.

Our package can run well on both Shared-hosting and Dedicated Hosting. Besides, we also provide the hosting and maintenance package for the site. You can refer at this link:

With the maintenance package, you focus on running the business, we will take care of the website for you.

Yes, of course. Our product is built on open-source code.

If you have experience in using the website and good at code, you can customize it by yourself. But note that you need to do it as per the WordPress standard (means you have to use the Hooks action, filter, and Child Theme).  In the case you have your own ideas and don’t know how to customize it, you can contact us.

Not only provide the theme, extensions or full package but we also offer customization service to fulfill customers’ demand. You just need to send the requests, then our developer team will check and give you a quotation for extra development.

Definetly YES!  for both Premier and/or Standard package, you still cancel anytime and still can use the package and keep the product and any source code or modified/ or customized feature with your project. However, some Premium features or Premium data or Premium Support Services can not be accessible.

When you begin to start an eCommerce project, you may think that you just need to invest one time to have the full solution to what you want. But soon you will discover that your project will need long-term investment and technological support from the product team. That why we suggest you develop your project with Premier Package which we have included full services solutions in a cost-effective approach for you. Standard Package will cost you more of your own money and time finally! However, you know your best situation and you should decide on it. You can change the option later still.

The Pricing is built base on an experienced combination of both Standard features and Custom Development. There is no workflow that suitable for all kinds of business and that is valued of customer development. Anytime you think that the current features are not workable to your business, just send us your custom request and will pay for this customs fee.

 - Yes you can, however, it will greatly depend on your current project situation.  It is often to upgrade your package to a higher level but in some cases, you can lower it. Please do not hesitate to ask any support from our project support team


Please not that :

+ The setup fee is onetime payment and can not be redeemed, the monthly fee can be changed between pricing options.

+ If the change relates to any coding modification, or need extra works which is out of services cope, you will have to pay for those extra services.

+ We can not ensure that any private customization for your project will work on different Package and clients can have to pay for these migration costs.

We are happy to install 3rd product on your project but we are not responsible for any bugs/incompatible features that is reported by our own 3rd product. Any cost of work regarding configuration, setting, front-end customization, further integration, security hack...which is related to 3rd product will be charged extra fee.

- For most of the integrated 3rd Products in our packages, you do not have to pay for the license fee and our company will pay and use our developer license for your project and that is one of the benefit of our Premier Package.

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