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cart disappear from menu

cart disappear from menu.   how can I bring it back
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i wana buy But i have some Questions?

 i wanna add   1:3rd login for reseller and 2:delivery person and may be hole saller but every vendor have reseller and delivery persons 3:https://wordpress.org/plugins/wc-vendors/ and check this plugin work with this theme if this is working my work complete   Please reply me as soon as possible ansjee5050@gmail.com 
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the installation

Hi! I am John! I like this Package! If I purchase your package, how will you help me with the installation of the whole package??
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support multi-languages

I am Daniel from spain. I would like to get the website into Spanish. Is it possible with your multistore package?
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Bulk Import

Hi,   Does the theme has following functions:    1) Bulk products import option i.e. CVS or an excel file? 2) A "Wanted"or "Buy Requirement" option for potential buyers to list or upload pictures of a product they are looking for to purchase?  3) What are the image pixel guideline to upload products?  Is it flexible?  4) Can seller and interested buyer communicate directly?    Appreciate your quick reply   Thanks, Hammad  
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Hello, Something does not make sense here: AUTO RENEWAL PAYMENT $399 Included 6 months to receive support, download and upgrade. After 6 months, pay a small recurring fee for next 6 months. Extend support each 6 months for $39.95 v's STANDARD PAYMENT $426.93 Included 6 months to receive support, download and upgrade. After 6 months, you should buy the package again. --- Are we missing some fine print here? Secondly, you have bundled Dokan so its paid (once for lifetime) with the initial...
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Beyond Dokan

What extra features have you added to your multi-vendor WP solution beyond what Dokan Pro provides as a standalone product? Would like to see some table/ detailed feature list so to understand the value why buy cmsmart with Dokan and not something non-multivendor that I can add Dokan Pro to it?
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multi vendor

is this multi vendor built inside of the theme? or is it the dokan free or pro plugin that is being used?
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Multi Currency as Shown in Demo

Hi, I saw currency switching option in Demo, but after purchasing and installing the theme with demo data, this currency switching option is not displaying, I want to know where to activate it, It would be highly appreciable if you provide me with the documentation for that.
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Vendor own webshop

Hi,Can a vendor use its own shop on its own domain name and can it synchronize with WP MultiStore?Thanks,Martijn
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Individual payment gateway

Hi,Can I create an individual payment gateway for each vender, so that their sale money will go into their bank account directly?
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Very upset !!

Hello,I am very upset because of technical support and because I bought the theme.The most important thing that made me buy this template is that it compatible with RTL, but after installing the theme ( quickstart ) I found some elements didn't work with RTL, so I contact your support to fix it and they fix only one issue, after that I send many tickets to the support but no one answer me for a week !! they only send just " nice to meet you ".
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Pre purchase queries- WP multistor

HiBefore purchasing this theme, I've some queries regarding WP multistore marketplace. i) When demo 3 will be available for use? ii) What's the difference between Auto Renewal and Standard Payment? Should I have to pay additional amount except $399 if I don't need extend support? Since I'm new at cmsmart.net, just make sure that $399 is for that WP theme for lifetime use or will you charge further/ has it any annual charge or something. Will I be able to update this theme in future for free?...
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HelloI want to buy your full solution. But I want to ask you.1 - Is people can login as customer or vendor with Facebook or Google Plus solution?2 - How will Dokan Pro Licence will work? Do I have to pay for Dokan Licence after One year?3 - Do you have a one clic solution? Is it easy after installation to make my website look like your the demo?4 - Is Multistore theme compatible with buddyPress and bbPress? if not, Can you do it for me?I am waiting for your answer before final decision. Thanks
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Questions before purchase

Can i see/try the demo for the admin panel before final purchase? Also, I have concern about speed, the demo version is little slow in page loading.
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