Magento Call For Price Extension

Magento Call for Price Extension simply replaces prices and “Add to Cart” button with the "Call for Price" message to encourage customers to contact with shop owner for more detail price.




Magento-Call-For-Price Magento-Call-For-Price

Product Specification of Magento Call for Price extension

There are hundreds of reasons why you may need to remove the prices from your pages: some products are out of stock at the moment or you don’t want to show prices in some cases…then our Call for Price extension will help you hide product price. So customers want to know product price, they should send request to shop owner by message.


Many benefits below are reasons why your website should get it:
Call for Price extension easily replaces “Add to Cart” button by “Call for Price”. It allows web manager to leave a message to clients and suggest them making a request for price. When customers want to know price of products and buy them, they will click “Call for Price” button, the extension will show message in a popup form on website.
Customers fulfill personal information in available form and submit. This extension will be responsible for sending email directly to website manager and mail feedback to customer with template that can be created in backend. Especially, you can enable Call for price for some fields of user and stores are Customer Group, Customer ID & Multi-store.


Using Magento Call for Price extension for customers is easier than ever. See steps below to understand how it works:
Step 1: Go to the category page, and then choose a product you like.
Step 2: Click on “Call for Price" button. A pop-up will be shown.
Step 3: Fill full mandatory information (First name, last name, email, phone, address, and message) then click on "Send mail" button.


If shop owner have a little knowledge about technology, just follow 3 steps below to see how it works easily
Step 1: Unzip the package and install.
Step 2: Go to System → Configuration → CMSMART EXTENSIONS → Call for Price to setup Email Address that will receive requests, the phone number that will receive requests…
Step 3: Go to Catalog → Manage Products to activate Call for Price Extension.


  • Show “Call for price” on front-end: Enable "Call for price" for all products, or disable for a specific product to show/hide on frontend
  • Display ”Call for price” in product detail page: Admin can also show "call for price" and add custom message on Homepage, in product detail page, category page, and search result page easily, instead of displaying product price with "Add to cart" button
  • Message popup form: With the message in popup form, customers want to know product information; they should click on "Call for Price" button that will show a popup form. It allows them to fill all personal information into all marked requirements. Then they will write message and press "Send email" to send to shop owners.
  • Set up call for price option: Admin will go to backend system to configure and select "yes" to enable the extension and can also change the text link and set up admin email.
  • Enable call for price for various fields of users and stores: Admin will enable Call for Price applied for Customers Groups, Customers ID, and Multi-store
  • Receiving message: After receiving message from customers, shop owners can reply to their customers to discuss and give them price


  • Encourage customers to call for pricing.
  • Prioritize messages for displaying.
  • Flexible settings via rules.
  • Same conditions as in catalog price rules.
  • Main product types support; simple and configurable.

Product Reviews (7) Write a review

Clarence M. Berry 5 star rating Submitted: October 23, 2018

I have reviewed several similar extensions and have found this one is the best! I got all the described features working out of the box.

Abbie Bennett 5 star rating Submitted: June 29, 2018

I purchased this module as after doing some research, it satisfied my requirement about the theme with User-friendly and feature-rich module. the modules in this package works really well. no bug detected so far.

Zak Jenkins 5 star rating Submitted: June 29, 2018

I sell houseware and with a lot of changing factors, I cannot show the exact price for each product. Call for price is the feature that I am looking for. I got all the described features working out of the box

Thelma E. Lowe 5 star rating Submitted: May 18, 2016

I run a online fashion boutique and I decided to buy and use your extension. The achievement I achieve is even better than what i have ever expected. Highly recommended!

Richard P. Kerr 5 star rating Submitted: May 10, 2016

After using your extension, my customers are all satisfied and so do I. Good quality and reasonable price! Thank you and be lucky with your sales!

Antonia Rivas 5 star rating Submitted: January 23, 2015

creative work. Good luck with sales!

Consuelo J. Ford 5 star rating Submitted: February 19, 2016

Extension is very interesting, I have used it and I am satisfied not only your product quality but also your customer services. Recommend 5 star for CMSmart.
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In the current version, our template doesn’t support this features but if you really want to get this features, we can consider customizing for you. And we will try our best to update it in the next version.
Yes, you do that. It’s available in our product.
Yes, you can replace Add to cart button by Call for Price.

Please see 3 steps below:

+ Step 1: Go to the back-end of your website.

+ Step 2: Find the “Catalog”

+ Step 3: Choose in “Manage Products”
Yes, of course. Please see our guide below:

+ Step 1: Go to the backend of your website

+ Step 2: Find the “Customer”

+ Step 3: Choose in “Manage Products”

+ Step 4: Choose Product you want.

+ Step 5: Click on “Call for Price” tab in column right.

+ Step 6: You can see “Allowed Customer Group”, please select Customer Group you want.

+ Step 7: Save and F5 your page.
In the current version, our product doesn't support this features.
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2 Comment(s)

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Amir Ben Naftali
Some questions about your extension
  • Date: 2017-07-11 02:07:13

I would like to know if your extension is 100% open source?
we will need to adjust it to fit our website (button size, color, language), and also we will need to adjust the contact form (for example: less fields to field and different design).

Thank you!
vincent Supporter
  • Date: 2017-07-11 10:07:24
Hi Amir,
Thanks for interested in our product.
Our extension is 100% open source so don't worry about that.
About the 2nd request, our extension supports this function so don't worry about that.
You can do it by yourself or list all the things that you want to change so my dev team can do it for you as a customization service.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me via Skype for fast discussing: Vincent_4281
Amir Ben Naftali
Amir Ben Naftali
  • Date: 2017-07-13 01:07:11
Thank you!
What happened to your demo video?
vincent Supporter
  • Date: 2017-07-13 04:07:42
We fixed the demo so please check it once again.
Thank you so much for your feedback.
Amir Ben Naftali
Amir Ben Naftali
  • Date: 2017-07-13 07:07:53
I tried your demo again and it seems there are few bugs.
1. Inside the product page the orice shows up although it shouldnt. I also couldnt find the click to call button (couldnt find also the add to basket button on other products...)
2. On mobile the popup is too wide. Tried to scroll but the popup stayed in fixe position while the background moved although it was greyed out
vincent Supporter
  • Date: 2017-07-17 12:07:15
Hi Amir,
Thanks for your feedback.
We will try to fix it that problem right now.
So do you have any confuses with our problem? If yes, don't hesitate to contact me via Skype for fast discussing: Vincent_4281
List View and Category View
  • Date: 2017-02-04 01:02:06
Hi! Does this Extension works for the List and Category View too? Because in your demo, it works only on the frontpage!!
Janet Supporter
  • Date: 2017-02-06 03:02:09
Hello Ben,

Thank you so much for your interested in our product.
I am Janet, happy to support you.

Yes, our product can work for the list and category.

Do you have any question about our product? If yes, please let me know.

Contact me via Skype: janet.tran.92 to get my feedback faster.

Have a nice day,

We are happy to provide the customization services to buyer of this product, please submit your request here and we will contact you ASAP

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Change log

Updated: 2018, May 04

+ Included Call For Price Extension for Magento 1 and 2 in one package

Updated: 2017, Apr 22

+ Fixed bug with form_token Magento core

Updated: 2016, Jan 08

+ Fix error conflict with theme.

+ Addition contact phone number before the button call for price

+ Show more product information in the popup call for price

Updated: 2014, Dec 15

+ Compatible with Magento CE 1.8.x - 1.9.x

This is a Magento® Extensions item
Product rating: 5 star rating | Write a review 5/5 based on 7 rating(s)

2018, May 04

Magento 1.7.x, Magento 1.8.x, Magento 1.9.2.x, Magento 1.9.x, Magento 2.0.x, Magento 2.1.3, Magento 2.1.4, Magento 2.1.5, Magento 2.1.6, Magento 2.1.7, Magento 2.1.8, Magento 2.1.x, Magento 2.2.0


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You can use the product for your own website or your clients website if you are developer. You are allowed using this extension on Unlimited website while our private support is base on domain.

  • Private support for each 12 months
  • Unlimited tickets support
  • Download & upgrade new version

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