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NetBase JSC, a Vietnam Software Outsourcing Company established by a group of three software and internet experts who have been working in software outsourcing market since 2005.


Netbase chooses to focus on e-commercial solutions for shopping cart CMS open sources, and Virtuemart is the first market, but also the Magento team is a strong one. It’s transforming the business model into a software marketplace displaying different CMS platforms.

In long term, Netbase would like to expand the marketplace for different CMS platforms and services, being a playground for developers all over the world hiring service or buying an ecommerce extension.


  • 2012 - 2013: Developing Virtuemart extensions

Virtuemart extensions: 20+ products

Virtuemart templates: 20+ products

  • 2013 - 2014: Developing Magento Extensions

Magento themes: 25+

Magento extensions: 30+

  • 2014: Opening Outsourcing projects and - Hold on now

Updated ‘til now: 40+

On sale products: 200+


User Database: 17.000+

Sold copies: 7000+

1st Class Virtuemart developer in Viet Nam

Support information

Become a client on Cmsmart, you are protected strongly with our Client Protection Programe. Especially we built -in a strong Central Ticket Support system to help clients and partners working on the products item support after purchased.

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Products from Netbase

Magento Call For Price Extension

7 Reviews | Version 2.1.0 | Updated: 2018/05/04 | User Experience

Magento Call for Price Extension simply replaces prices and “Add to Cart” button with the "Call for Price" message to encourage customers to contact with shop owner for more detail price.

Advanced Inventory Extension For Magento

2 Reviews | Version 1.0 | Updated: 2014/12/10 | Admin Tool

Advanced Inventory Extension for Magento is the most powerful extension, which can significantly facilitate your administrative experience and manage stock system of each store on website.

Virtuemart Product Zoom Images

4 Reviews | Version 1.3.0 | Updated: 2017/12/21 | User Experience

Virtuemart Product Zoom Image plugin gives shopper an ability to magnify an image to have a more detailed view of the product

Virtuemart Product Wishlist Extension

11 Reviews | Version 1.1.2 | Updated: 2019/03/14 | User Experience

Virtuemart Product Wishlist Extension helps your customers to add their favorite items to the wishlist cart, and bookmark items for the next shopping.

Magento Price Matrix Extension

12 Reviews | Version 1.0 | Updated: 2018/05/03 | User Experience

Magento price matrix extension supports a wide range of product’s attributes at different prices, saving user’s choices with orders, serving the print supplier on providing customers at the best options.

Marketplace Multi Vendor Module for Magento 2

18 Reviews | Version 3.6.0 | Updated: 2019/06/07 | Magento® 2 Extensions

Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module for Magento 2 turns any Magento stores into marketplace website. Your sellers will have full control of managing their products, sales, invoices etc through a seller Cpanel

Magento FAQ Extension

5 Reviews | Version 2.0 | Updated: 2018/05/21 | User Experience

FAQ Magento extension is built up to help visitors or customers understand about your products more through questions and answers.

Magento Pre-order Extension

1 Reviews | Version 1.0 | Updated: 2014/09/07 | Checkout

Magento PreOrder extension helps admin to manage preorder products or orders on the out of stock products.

Magento 1 & 2 Responsive Admin Template

48 Reviews | Version 3.8.0 | Updated: 2019/05/22 | Magento Themes

A Fully Responsive Templates for your Magento Admin shop is available for Magento 1 and Magento 2. It is a MUST HAVE tool to help you working smoothly on all mobile devices anywhere and anytime.This product is exclusive and top Best Seller!

Magento DVD Shop Theme

3 Reviews | Version 2.0 | Updated: 2014/10/08 | Entertainment

DVD Planet Shop Theme is a decent store to present your products, featured on blue, black and white backgrounds with modern styles. The design is really nice and creative. Your product will flow through the shop smoothly, quickly, and accurately

Amazon Theme Integrated Multiple Vendor Package For Magento 1&2

42 Reviews | Version 4.1.0 | Updated: 2020/01/16 | Multipurpose

Magento Amazon Theme, inspired by Amazon website, is very famous and popular. Now it is integrated a multiple-vendor feature that satisfies all customers demand with a complete marketplace solution

Virtuemart Color Swatch Extension

24 Reviews | Version 2.7.2 | Updated: 2019/02/28 | Image Processing

Virtuemart Color Swatch extension improves shoppers experience in clicking colors swatches to interchange options of products on category page and product details page and changeable colors icons.

Magento Product Video Extension

26 Reviews | Version 2.2.1 | Updated: 2018/05/04 | User Experience

Magento product video allows admin easy to upload any videos from many source as YouTube, Vimeo or from your computer to Magento product page

Magento Product Attachment Extension

2 Reviews | Version 2.0 | Updated: 2015/01/23 | User Experience

Magento product attachments extension allow admin to attach various types of file as pdf file, image, txt... & download or view these files on product page.

Magento Store Locator Extension

0 Reviews | Version 2.0 | Updated: 2018/05/21 | User Experience

Magento Store Locator Extension allows your customers to search your physical store. It is the best solution to set up and reference all your stores using the google Map API.


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