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NetBase JSC, a Vietnam Software Outsourcing Company established by a group of three software and internet experts who have been working in software outsourcing market since 2005.


Netbase chooses to focus on e-commercial solutions for shopping cart CMS open sources, and Virtuemart is the first market, but also the Magento team is a strong one. It’s transforming the business model into a software marketplace displaying different CMS platforms.

In long term, Netbase would like to expand the marketplace for different CMS platforms and services, being a playground for developers all over the world hiring service or buying an ecommerce extension.


  • 2012 - 2013: Developing Virtuemart extensions

Virtuemart extensions: 20+ products

Virtuemart templates: 20+ products

  • 2013 - 2014: Developing Magento Extensions

Magento themes: 25+

Magento extensions: 30+

  • 2014: Opening Outsourcing projects and - Hold on now

Updated ‘til now: 40+

On sale products: 200+


User Database: 17.000+

Sold copies: 7000+

1st Class Virtuemart developer in Viet Nam

Support information

Become a client on Cmsmart, you are protected strongly with our Client Protection Programe. Especially we built -in a strong Central Ticket Support system to help clients and partners working on the products item support after purchased.

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Products from Netbase

Responsive Magento One Step Checkout Extension

31 Reviews | Version 3.0.5 | Updated: 2018/05/03 | Checkout

Reduce the required steps in the default checkout process from 6 steps into 1 step and increase completed checkout rates by a simple process for your customers!

Magento Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest

13 Reviews | Version 3.1.0 | Updated: 2017/09/01 | Utilities

Magento Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest is the most flexible way to add an attractive Ajax powered quick search.

Magento Ajax Cart Pro

23 Reviews | Version 3.1.0 | Updated: 2018/05/03 | User Experience

Magento Ajax Cart Pro Extension is a perfect solution to allow your customers shopping without waiting for the pages to be refreshed.

Magento Order Upload Extension

36 Reviews | Version 3.3.0 | Updated: 2018/05/03 | Image Processing

If you want to attach photos or upload files into each product on the product details page, then just install this extension without doing any hacks to your core Magento files.

Magento Quick view Extension

10 Reviews | Version 2.0 | Updated: 2018/05/04 | User Experience

Product Quick View for Magento store makes your site easier and faster to navigate. Customers can quickly view product details without leaving the catalog navigation page.

Amazon Joomla Virtuemart Template

1 Reviews | Version 3.1.0 | Updated: 2016/04/21 | Virtuemart Templates

A special Joomla Amazon website template for Virtuemart shops with demo data and stylish template like Amazon.

Magento PrintMart Website Theme Integrated Online Design Package

63 Reviews | Version 5.2.6 | Updated: 2019/05/06 | Miscellaneous

Magento printing website themes is perfect web to print solution based on Magento open source with Order Image Upload and Price Matrix Extension for a printing company

Advanced Virtuemart Invoices

22 Reviews | Version 4.1.3 | Updated: 2019/05/13 | Order Manager

A powerful Virtuemart component to create Virtuemart orders, issue PDF invoices, change invoice layouts...inside Virtuemart admin panel

One page checkout for Virtuemart

93 Reviews | Version 5.4.9 | Updated: 2019/02/23 | Checkout

One page checkout, as the name shows such carts occupy just a single page, has faster checkout time, anonymous checkout option, and reduced cart abandonment.

Auto Currencies Converter for Virtuemart

7 Reviews | Version 3.1.4 | Updated: 2019/03/22 | User Experience

You want to approach more clients who come from different countries. You can totally make your store a flexible one with Currency Converter Virtuemart Extension.

Virtuemart Responsive Flowers Online Shop Template

10 Reviews | Version 3.1.0 | Updated: 2016/05/06 | Virtuemart Templates

Flower shop Virtuemart Template on the background of white, red, green is simple, flexible, beautiful flashy effects and built-in stylish menu system. The template contains high quality flower photos, easy to use layouts and customizable artwork.

Ajax Drop Down Cart for Virtuemart

11 Reviews | Version 3.0.2 | Updated: 2019/03/28 | User Experience

Virtuemart Drop Down cart with Ajax effects make your shop cleaner. Shoppers can view cart details preview.

Joomla Virtuemart Responsive Printing Company Template

19 Reviews | Version 5.3.0 | Updated: 2018/11/01 | Virtuemart Templates

The Joomla Virtuemart Responsive Printing Company Template is a Joomla Virtuemart template designed specifically to be used by web-to-print companies.

Advance delivery date & time for virtuemart

32 Reviews | Version 5.0.3 | Updated: 2019/02/28 | Payment and Shipping

For any Virtuemart shop owner who wants to set up a delivery date (day/month/year) and delivery time/location for your products ( food, flowers, bakery, gift…) then this plugin is for you.

Virtuemart Ebay Instant Keyword Search Module

1 Reviews | Version 3.1.0 | Updated: 2015/07/21 | Order Manager

Instant keyword search Module for your Virtuemart shop


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