Synchronize Database Magento With Vtiger CRM Extension allows shop owner synchronize data instantly from Magento website to Vtiger CRM System and vice versa.

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Izbat Farhan 5 star rating


Izbat Farhan

  friendly support service   

Clive Betteridge 5 star rating


Clive Betteridge

  Very helpful support. Going beyond what is expected. Very pleased. Thanks, NEO and team for all the help.   

thisacclegal 5 star rating



  I would like to thank Vincent. He helped me a lot during the process of resolving questions even though he was very busy. For the product, I think I should experience it for myself.   

Florence 5 star rating



  I just bought the product Magento Printmart. It is really powerful.   

Sam Hall 5 star rating


Sam Hall

  Fantastic support, went above and beyond to help   

Lani Smith 5 star rating


Lani Smith

  I have a few difficulties when setup into my website but it has been handled by the great support team. Thank you so much!   

Danielsmith 5 star rating



  I had difficulty installing. And thankfully Mr. Binh helped me. Thanks very much. And the product is more impressive than I thought.   

Rose Helen 5 star rating


Rose Helen

  Thank you team support so much, I was worked with many support service of many different companies. But, work with CMSmart really great.   

Deon 5 star rating



  Excellent product. Good aftercare support who will help you with all requests (relating to their product of course). Highly recommended shopping cart system with a fully functional design suite. Thanks guys! Look forward to dealing with you further.   

David O 5 star rating


David O

  Still working on implementing this amazing package, but I'm totally impressed so far! It's got everything you really need to get your shop up and running. It isn't taking us very long to configure either. Really happy with our decision to choose this package!   

Lamaash Johnson 5 star rating


Lamaash Johnson

  I'm leaving this review because Neo really stays on his job and always get the job done right! Thanks for all your help!   

Gourish Chanda 5 star rating


Gourish Chanda

  Neo was so quick in responding in all my queries and issues. He has excellent technical knowledge as well to fix the issue very quickly . Thanks Neo .   

Abbie Bennett 5 star rating


Abbie Bennett

  Awesome support with great solution. Good work keep it up.   

Ricko Susanto 5 star rating


Ricko Susanto

  Very helpful team. Make my work easier. Very recommended   

Inez T. Hughes 5 star rating


Inez T. Hughes

  I really enjoyed when working with Netbase team. They could understand my requirement and give me suggestion for the package that's suitable to my business. I chose Enterprise package and totally satisfied. Mutli vendor and CRM are actually helpful in management my website. So great!   

eprintway 5 star rating



  Customer Support is Great. From Jason Nguyen.. he is ready to help us all the Time. and Best of all the support team are first class. Miracle is the Great Developer he can help us solving any errors in Theme and Configuring with out errors. Immediate Response Solving The Errors. Great and quick support. Great design and functionality in Magneto 2 Print Themes. This Theme provide more options for to customize theme provided layouts Ready To Edit. They Give Us More then 5 Star Services quick response.. But There is Only Option To Give 5 Star. But We Rate Them 10 Star. Good Service. and Thank You For All CMSMART Theme and Jason Nguyen and Miracle   

Clarence M. Berry 5 star rating


Clarence M. Berry

  Well, I love all the features in this solution as Online Designer, Order Upload, Price Matrix plugin, etc. they are all great and perfect. I also want to give my compliment to support team. Thumbs up!   

Jay Agarwal 5 star rating


Jay Agarwal

  Best site best developer like evan... great working friends   

Travis Batt 5 star rating


Travis Batt

  Evan is a rockstar! Thank you   

Consuelo J. Ford 5 star rating


Consuelo J. Ford

  Online design is great! I was convinced when this tool added into this printing theme   

Quirano 5 star rating



  Very satisfied with the efforts of the guys to get the theme up and running. Keep up the good work!   

Gourish Chanda 5 star rating


Gourish Chanda

  Great and quick support by Evan and Janet. Magnificent print theme with complete solution . Exploring all the features .Will get back if any issues .   

Silync 5 star rating



  the template is equipped with many features,, which are quite useful, moreover,the support team response to issues very quickly, you can rely on them to run your business, great job!   

Anuj tiwari 4 star rating


Anuj tiwari

  It is nice theme and support is also good.   

Shirley Martine 4 star rating


Shirley Martine

  Good printing theme, it seems that I fall in love with it!   

thib 4 star rating



  Great!! Merci ;)   

Robert Tan 5 star rating


Robert Tan

  Great Experience !   

KINGS IDOMEH 5 star rating



  Thanks for the great and prompt service once again Evan.   

Mahbub - A - Rob 5 star rating


Mahbub - A - Rob

  Excellent support, cool design and functionalities. Thank you so much for bringing this in life.   

Gary 5 star rating



  Great looking theme, easy to adapt and customise. Best of all the support team are first class, quick to respond and very knowledgeable. (Thanks for all the help Evan)   

Saira Nawaz 4 star rating


Saira Nawaz

  Customer Support is Great. Hope that Theme provide more options for to customize theme provided layouts directly from admin panel.   

Jaabir Mohorun 5 star rating


Jaabir Mohorun

  Just installed the magento printshop and needed a fix and it was a quick response from the support team.   

Sky Lam 5 star rating


Sky Lam

  Thanks for your great support   

Angie Eatwell 5 star rating


Angie Eatwell

  Great Service - very quick response   

Michael Lourenco 5 star rating


Michael Lourenco

  Great design and functionality. User-friendly and quite simple to change things with the documentation that is provided in the theme. Had a very small bug that was resolved by evan with great service. Thanks guys will definitely purchase more from you guys in the future.   

Samantha Read 5 star rating


Samantha Read

  I am just amazed with the potential of web to print solution with my online T-shirt business. So great solution that accomplishes designing extremely well over a variety of apparels. I am really impressed by the online design tool integrated, coming to designing tees with the preferred color, patch and print. Interesting and unique plugin   

Kounain Lakhani 5 star rating


Kounain Lakhani

  Evan and Jannet have been Very Supportive Helpfull and Really Great... It was Really Nice working with them Must say They deserve 5 stars...   

Boukar Ousman 5 star rating


Boukar Ousman

  Nice themes good support they provide great customer support and service.I recommend everyone.   

Brad 5 star rating



  Product is great, I purchased the extended support package as well. Evan and his team are fantastic, every ticket has been responded to within 24 hours. The only thing that would make this theme better is better documentation on how to operate the website, but this may just be a magento learning curve for me. You guys are great and thanks again. Will continue to do business and purchase the other extensions for the print shop. GLWS   

Harun 5 star rating




RJ Reintjes 5 star rating


RJ Reintjes

  Excellent and fast customer support! I'm very happy with this purchase!   

Odigital 5 star rating



  The service is great! Thanks for the support.   

Joeri Joos 5 star rating


Joeri Joos

  Great theme and package, all complete and exactly what was needed ! Thank you for this great package and template !!! A Belgium happy customer   

Fabian Barbuia 5 star rating


Fabian Barbuia

  I enjoyed the work with Victor a lot. He was a great help :-)   

Sabau Calin 5 star rating


Sabau Calin

  This time the answer to my problems was very fast and efficient. Thank you very much for everything   

JULIAN CASTILLO 5 star rating



  Thanks for all your suggestions, this has been very useful, great job Evan.   

Giuseppe Boscolo 5 star rating


Giuseppe Boscolo

  Thank you for your quick response. I have very much appreciate your support service. Great job. Best regards, Giuseppe Boscolo Site owner   

Dany Abounaoum 5 star rating


Dany Abounaoum

  the online designer tool is awesome.   

ajithan 5 star rating



  Really good template and service   

Alex Hernandez 5 star rating


Alex Hernandez

  Really good template and the support team is really professional! I am very happy with this product!   

Adam Shah 5 star rating


Adam Shah

  It seems to be the best suitable template for my printshop. I so impress with powerful online design tools. So beautiful and attractive! Thumbs up!   

Joel Pugh 5 star rating


Joel Pugh

  Very good theme! Design beautiful, i love all the pages. The best product i ever purchased from CMSmart. Good job.   

Miami Flyers 5 star rating


Miami Flyers

  the best support ever , really helpfull !! thanks again   

Sam Jones 5 star rating


Sam Jones

  After having a few issues on my end to get the site up and running, I'm extremely happy with the end result. Cmsmart team have been very helpful, special thanks goes to Dong as he was really understanding and helped in every way he could.


Monjurul 5 star rating



  I would like to purchase 1 for now. If it works fine then I will purchase Unlimited license. In that case, what I have to pay? Do I have to pay base+180 or only 180 ? Thanks   

Ilhan Gokalp 5 star rating


Ilhan Gokalp

  I love this theme. After buying, I had few issues with it and needed the theme to look like the demo. I contacted the support theme, thanks to Dong, he was extremely helpful and solved the all problems I encountered. Great after sale support. Thank you guys so much!   

Rene 5 star rating



  With many years in the printing Industry this by far has been the best all in one printing theme right out of the box. Highly recommend this theme to any printer that is looking for a quality site for themselves also as a website company i see CMSMART will do all my ecommerce Magento platforms modifications. Thanks Dong and Susan for your Help much appreciation.

Rene N   

Sam Abraham 5 star rating


Sam Abraham

  This is a very nice responsive theme that includes most features needed for a print shop and is easily customizable.
The support is also very good. I was in a hurry to launch this and they helped me right away!
Thank you very much cmsmart, I will definitely buy more products from you!   

navneet bhandari 5 star rating


navneet bhandari

  thank for support   

Calzona Hall 5 star rating


Calzona Hall

  Very unique template on market. You also have excellent developers with helpful support. I'm very satisfied. Sure to buy other products.   

Andre A. Casto 5 star rating


Andre A. Casto

  A simple and professional layout with charming colors, easy to install and reasonable price. Highly recommended!   

Edith Vinogradova 5 star rating


Edith Vinogradova

  Perfect web to print solution. The installation steps are clear and easy to follow. Good job!   

Vanessa Acook 5 star rating


Vanessa Acook

  This theme is really great for my website. All features done perfect especially at a good price. Beside the installation only last a few minutes. Pretty impressive!   

George Hardy 5 star rating


George Hardy

  I like this theme! it's beautyfull, suitable with my web's and I can control activities of web.   

John Nelson 5 star rating


John Nelson

  All my problems are solved, one perfect site on the Magento platform, helps us to interact easily with customers. Thanks for the support team.   

Kapil Murugiah 5 star rating


Kapil Murugiah

  Perfect product with great support from Net base team! saved lots of £1000's*. Thank you so much for the great service! Will buy more at a later time. :)   

Oliver Duncan 5 star rating


Oliver Duncan

  Software built with many different styles, friendly user interface. From first glance customers can order and it is very important for a website. I find very useful software for printing my company.   

Grace Tucker 5 star rating


Grace Tucker

  This template is very beautiful and diverse with many different styles. I'm using this product and I am satisfied, it helps me interest with my job. I am very happy, thank to deisgner so much!   

CRM - Customer Relationship Management System

You can manage all data with the system, easy find history as well as store customer’s activation. Automatically in the sales process and take care customers that improve s business strategy effectively.

Auto Marketing

Auto Marketing

It manages and sets up auto marketing process, connects with the website to get customers data.

Statistic & Report

Statistic & Report

You can create reports with different diagrams as chart, pie, and others.

Time Management

Time Management

It provides a work schedule as our normal activation that included

Manage Projects

Manage Projects

Create customer associated projects with assignable tasks, and due date.

Document Management

Document Management

It is an integrated document to manage necessary data for any activation relate to the customer.

Sales And Support

Sales And Support

Everything in the sales and support editions. Let customers log into a portal to submit and review

Compatible with Magento websites

It is easy to integrate this product into any Magento websites and it increases your business revenue.

Synchronize Database Magento 2 With Vtiger CRM Extension Workflow

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Compatible with: Magento 1.9.2.x, Magento 1.9.x, Magento 2.0.x, Magento 2.1.3, Magento 2.1.4, Magento 2.1.5, Magento 2.1.6, Magento 2.1.7, Magento 2.1.8, Magento 2.1.x, Magento 2.2.0, Magento 2.3.0

Version 5.3.1 Updated: 2019, Nov 27

+ Update Online Design Tool version 4.3.0

+ Add Printing Option

Version 5.3.0 Updated: 2019, Sep 07

+ Update Online Design Module Version 4.0.0

+ Fix minior bug

Version 5.2.6 Updated: 2019, May 06

+ Clean source code

+ Improve loadpage performance

+ Fix bug cannot checkout product with pricematrix, fix bug cannot remove pricematrix value in admin

+ Fix bug base url online design image, fix bug iframe online design not good in mobile

+ Style and fix bug all theme magento 2.3.0

+ Rebuild quickstart package

Version 5.2.5 Updated: 2019, Mar 08

+ Compatible with Magento 2.3.0

+ Update extension used in theme compatible with magento 2.3.0

+ Fixed bug css

Version 5.2.1 Updated: 2018, Dec 29

+ Update One Step Checkout Extension

+ Update Admin Template

+ Fix bug Search in ShopByBrand

Version 5.2.0 Updated: 2018, Oct 01

+ Added a new home page

+ Added Vtiger syncing Extension

+ Fixed bug Online Design extension

+ Fixed bug One Step Checkout extension

+ Fixed bug Megamenu extension

+ Clean Code, Css, Js

Version 5.1.0 Updated: 2018, Jun 13

+ Added a new home page

+ Added Admin Theme extension

+ Added Multi Vendor

+ Fixed bug Online Design extension

+ Fixed bug Order Upload extension

+ Fixed bug One Step Checkout extension

+ Fixed bug Locator extension

Version 5.0.0 Updated: 2018, May 19

+ Included Printing Solution for Magento 1 & 2 in 1 package. Buy 1 get 2

+ Release New Magento 2 core

+ 3 New Homepage for Printmart Magento 2

+ Improve many extensions for Magento 2

Version 4.3.0 Updated: 2016, Dec 07

+ Add Online Product Designer Extension

+ Add Price Matrix Extension

+ Add Order Upload Extension

+ Add Responsive Admin Template

Version 4.2.0 Updated: 2016, Aug 06

+ Fixed Quick View in Category Listing page and homepage

+ Fixed CSS bugs

+ Fixed responsive bugs

+ Fixed add to cart bug in wishlist page

+ Fixed search box display in IE

+ Fixed register and login in Safari

+ Fixed thumbnail image display bug of Color Swatch

+ Fixed break page in categories search

+ Fixed paging bug in categories search

Version 4.0 Updated: 2016, May 05

+ Redesign for all page

+ Added new 11 layout for home page

+ Added new function setting for homepage with many sections, many layout, and the flexibility position of the sections

+ Added new 9 header

+ Added new 5 footer

+ Use font icon instead image icon

+ Use google fonts

+ Added new many modules : Revolution slider, Mega menu, Brands, Color swatch…

+ Category page with many layouts, columns

+ Added more layout for detail page

+ Added new setting function for google fonts, category, detail page

+ Added new design function with full color configuration for base, header, footer, detail page…

+ Added new short code function

+ Create new 12 store view data demo

+ Canvas & Wall Art Printing Themes

+ Clothes Printing Themes

+ 3D Printing Themes

+ Calendar Printing Themes

+ Card & Stationary Printing Themes

+ Iphone & Tablets Printing Theme

+ Gift Printing Theme

+ Photos Printing Thems

+ Mugs Printing Theme

+ Christmas Printing Theme

+ Pillows & Blanket Printing Themes

+ Personal card

Version 3.0 Updated: 2016, Apr 14

+New interface with stunning design

+Update new sample data

+Fixed some minor bugs

+Fix error which is not working on IE

+compatible with MCE 1.9.x

Version 2.9 Updated: 2016, Mar 31

+Supports auto coupon by 3rd party

+Fixed issue Subscribe textbox

+Add more information in Footer

+Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.8 Updated: 2016, Mar 10

+Fixed showing Dropcart under Menu top

+Fixed issue when change language

+Adjust Checkout button position

+Fixed issue login by Facebook

+Fixed status when hovering social icon on Footer

Version 2.7 Updated: 2016, Feb 26

+Fixed issue

Version 2.6 Updated: 2016, Jan 29

+ Compatible with MCE 1.5.x - 1.8

+Fixed border text area in Product Description

+Fixed border text area in Review

+Fixed Link 404 in USPS Regulations

+Changed border of color into #ccc

+Fixed text overlap on Order information

+Reduce font size of product to 16px

+Fixed some minor bugs

+Add Submit button

+Add text

Version 2.5 Updated: 2016, Jan 06

+Fixed registration when checkout

+Fixed text invisible in popup upload file

+Fixed disappeared registration form in 1 column layout

+SQL error while updating data

+Remove overrides plugin

Version 2.3 Updated: 2015, Sep 11

+Fixed some minor bugs

+Re-arrange folder structure

Version 2.2 Updated: 2015, Apr 21

+Adjust drop-down cart position

+CSS popup compare again

Version 2.4 Updated: 2014, Dec 19

+Add more information in Footer

+Fixed Image links in FAQ

+Fix Jquery error, broken backend layout

+Fix add to cart error on front-end

+Error loading state when choose country

+Internal server error when submitting an order

Version 2.1 Updated: 2014, Dec 11

+ Facebook login extension intergrated

Version 2.0 Updated: 2014, Jul 17

+ Compatible with MCE 1.5.x - 1.8

+ Update new style for theme

Version 1.0 Updated: 2014, Feb 05

+ Compatible with MCE 1.5.x - 1.8

+ Support Responsive layout

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