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Support Options

All supports below will help our customers resolve any issue from standard support to private one. We provide bug fixes, minor customization, update problems, JavaScript Conflicts.

Issues Standard Auto Renewal
Bug Fixes
Instructions and Usage
Update Problems
Minor Customization
JavaScript Conflicts
Third Party Products

Bug Fixes

We try to keep all of our Package Solution bug free but if a problem is found, you're covered with free access to fixes and updates.

Instructions and Usage

Get assistance to customizing templates and extensions, we will explain the how's and the where's so you can focus on your configuration

Update Problems

If you are having an issue updating one of our products we can assist you. If you are having an issue updating CMS we can also help, this does not include migration services.

Minor Customization

We can advise you on how to do minor customization to our templates or extensions, but we will not add new features to an extension or build your site for you.

JavaScript Conflicts

JavaScript conflicts can be difficult to identify and solve. When one of our products is involved, we will help find the best solution possible.

Third Party Products

If there is a conflict with a third party product, we can troubleshoot it for you. In most cases we can fix issues, but we do not guarantee a solution.

Customization Request & Contact Us

Please fill out the Customization Request form if you need any customization

Ms.Janet Tran

Skype: janet@cmsmart.net

Email: janet@cmsmart.net

Mr. Vincent Ray

Skype: live:vincent_4281

Email: vincent@cmsmart.net

Change log

Should update your printing package solution frequently to make your site better

WooComerce 2.6.x, WooComerce 3.0.x, WooComerce 3.1.x, WooCommerce 3.5.x, WooCommerce 3.6.x, WordPress 4.7.x, WordPress 4.8.x, WordPress 4.9.x, WordPress 5.0.x, WordPress 5.1.x

Version 3.4.0 Updated: 2020, Jun 22

+ Added: 360° product viewer

+ Added: Change product image when hovering

+ Added: Change product images by clicking on swatch in category/archive pages

+ Fixed: Style add to wishlist button

+ Fixed: Image Slider does not work on quickview

+ Update plugin: Teepro elements 1.1.3

+ Update plugin: Netbase Solution 1.9.6

+ Update plugin: Dokan Pro 3.0.3

+ Update plugin: Slider Revolution 6.2.12

+ Update plugin: Woopanel 1.2.5

Version 3.3.3 Updated: 2020, May 04

+ Update: Woocommerce template files

+ Update plugin: Online Deigner 2.7.1

+ Update plugin: Netbase Solution 1.9.5

+ Update plugin: Dokan Pro 3.0.2

+ Update plugin: Netbase Dashboard 1.2.3

+ Update plugin: Slider Revolution 6.2.2

+ Update plugin: WooPanel 1.2.1

+ Update plugin: Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder 3.9.14

Version 3.3.2 Updated: 2020, Mar 03

+ Compatible with Dokan 3.3.0

+ Fixed:

Version 3.3.1 Updated: 2020, Feb 26

+ Updated: Woocommerce template files

+ Improve: WOOF filter style page shop on mobile

+ Update plugin: Netbase Solution 1.9.3

+ Update plugin: Dokan Pro 2.9.19

+ Update plugin: Netbase Dashboard 1.2.2

+ Update plugin: Slider Revolution 6.1.8

+ Update plugin: Woopanel 1.0.2

+ Update plugin: Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder 3.19.3

Version 3.3.0 Updated: 2019, Nov 29

+ Added: Integrate with WooPanel 2.2.0

+ Fixed: Add to cart style button on Edge Browser

+ Update plugin: Netbase Solution 1.9.2

+ Update plugin: Dokan Pro 2.9.15

+ Update plugin: Netbase Dashboard 1.2.2

+ Update plugin: Slider Revolution 6.1.5

Version 3.2.3 Updated: 2019, Sep 25

+ Improved: Rewrite clear cache for Price Matrix

+ Improved: Rewrite module PDF Creator

+ Improved: Support chinese-characters for PDF Creator

+ Fixed: Price matrix does not display properly currency symbol

+ Fixed: Order upload can not attach file

+ Fixed: FAQs does not display properly

+ Fixed: Minor Css

+ Update: Use Instagram Feed plugins to get data from Instagram

+ Update plugin: Netbase Solution 1.8.0

+ Update plugin: Netbase Dashboard 1.2.1

+ Update plugin: Dokan Pro 2.9.13

+ Update plugin: Slider Revolution 6.1.2

Version 3.2.2 Updated: 2019, Aug 23

+ Improved: Slider thumb in single product

+ Fixed: Minor Css

+ Update: Woocommerce template files

+ Update plugin: Teepro Elements 1.1.2

+ Update plugin: Netbase Solution 1.5.8

+ Update plugin: Netbase Dashboard 1.2.0

+ Update plugin: Online Design 2.5.0

+ Update plugin: Dokan Pro 2.9.12

+ Update plugin: WPBakery Page Builder 6.0.5

Version 3.2.1 Updated: 2019, Jun 12

+ Improved: Auto update Google Fonts in customizer

+ Fixed: Plugin below Woocommerce 3.6 does not install in Merlin Import

+ Fixed: Currency Switcher is compatibility with woocommerce 3.6

+ Fixed: Can not save dropdown elements in Solution Dashboard

+ Update: Woocommerce template files

+ Update plugin: Teepro Elements 1.1.1

+ Update plugin: Netbase Solution 1.5.4

+ Update plugin: Netbase Dashboard 1.1.4

+ Update plugin: Online Design 2.4.0

+ Update plugin: Dokan Pro 2.9.9

+ Update plugin: WPBakery Page Builder 6.0.3

Version 3.2.0 Updated: 2019, Apr 22

+ Added: Support RTL ( Right To Left)

+ Fixed: Translation text in cart page

+ Fixed: Color swatch does not work when selecting second thumbnail image

+ Fixed: Can not add to cart if choose Show design tool to be show design tool in new page in Online Design Option

+ Fixed: Product Tabs Element is compatible with Woocommerce 3.6

+ Fixed: Online Design Plugin is compatible with Woocommerce 3.6

+ Improved: Update Woocommerce template files

+ Improved: Merlin import demo data

+ Improved: Mini cart and testimonial show smoothly

+ Update plugin: Online Design 2.3.0

+ Update plugin: Netbase Framework 1.4.4

+ Update plugin: Netbase Solution 1.5.3

+ Update plugin: Teepro Elements 1.1.0

+ Update plugin: WPBakery Page Builder 5.7

+ Update plugin: Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder 3.18.0

+ Update plugin: Dokan Pro 2.9.7

+ Update plugin: Slider Revolution

Version 3.1.0 Updated: 2018, Dec 28

+ Added: Size guide / Helping

+ Added: Integrate with Woof Woocommerce Products Filter plugin

+ Added: Integrate with WPML Language Switcher

+ Added: Integrate with WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin

+ Added: 3 new styles in dokan store listing

+ Added: 3 new header styles in user template online design

+ Update: Improved css for some pages: single product, check out, cart, gallery, user template

+ Update: Move merlin import from netbase framework into theme

+ Update: Improved function import demo data

Version 3.0.0 Updated: 2018, Nov 23

+ Brand new core theme.

+ New version of Online Design plugin (v2.1.1)

+ Big performance improve.

+ New theme options system.

+ New layouts for Blog pages.

+ New layouts for WooCommerce pages.

+ Fully support Visual Composer.

+ Compatible with new Solution modules

+ Add Admin Theme Module

+ Add Theme Setup Wizard

Version 2.3.1 Updated: 2018, Jul 31

+ Updated Solution core plugin

+ Updated Dokan plugin

Version 2.3.0 Updated: 2018, Jul 20

+ Support Right to Left languages.

Version 2.2.0 Updated: 2018, May 03

+ Add 3 home layouts

+ Update Online Designer latest version

+ Compatible with WooCommerce 3.x

+ Update theme options

+ Fixed some css bugs

+ Updated Instagram Widget

+ Configuration the Revslider is only in one screen

Version 2.1.0 Updated: 2017, Nov 21

Changed new media, slider

Changed the theme color

Version 2.0.0 Updated: 2017, Nov 01

+ Compatible with WooCommerce 3.2.x

+ Updated Ajax Cart plugin.

+ Updated Ajax Search plugin.

+ Updated Currency Switcher plugin.

+ Updated Color Swatches plugin.

+ Updated Online Designer to the newest version (v 1.7.0).

+ Updated Price Matrix feature

+ Updated Frequently Bought Together feature

+ Updated Product FAQs feature

+ Updated Invoice PDF feature

+ Fixed bug in product gallery slider

Version 1.0.0 Updated: 2016, Apr 26

Initial Release

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