Becoming popular in 1950, but until now, T-shirts are still a favorite skin for many people. Besides, the emergence of personalization trends makes custom t-shirts more and more popular. It's not hard to see that whether current or future, the custom Tshirt printing market is still a lucrative industry. 

Start selling custom t-shirts, what's better than that you can make money at home. But many people fluctuate when deciding to start selling or not because they don’t know how to do it. Therefore, we want to introduce the simplest way to start an online t-shirt business at home. 

Perhaps when starting a t-shirt business from home, people will be wondering how much it will cost and whether they have enough money to pay for it. An article about The Startup Costs For Printing Business will give you the answer.

And now let's explore what you need to do to start a t-shirt business at home.


Find your t-shirt target market

Find your t-shirt target market

Gone are the days when businesses focused on products, today the entire activities of businesses revolve around customers, from what to produce, where to distribute, what advertising messages …

One failure when not focusing on the customer can be mentioned as RJ Reynolds, who introduced beneficial smokeless cigarettes but forgot that their customers used the tobacco because of the smoke.

Focus on your customers and sell what they need. But before that, you have to know who your customers are and what they need. How To Find A Good Niche In Printing Business contains specific instructions so you can find the best market for you.

Setup your online store


Once you determine who will buy your t-shirt, you can find the channels to sell your t-shirt such as using your website, and your shop on the marketplace as Shopify, Teespring,... Or you can use the Omni channels approach to optimize the customer experience in multi-channels and manage customer relationships better.

Whether you using the Omnichannel approach or not, you should build a website first.

Build an online T-shirt store

It's so much better when you have your own website to sell, this allows you to build a better brand and your customers will not be lost to another store like on marketplaces. To own a website you can build it yourself (in case you have coding knowledge), otherwise hire a business, that will help you build the best sales website.

Whether you do it yourself or hire it, keep in mind that a website with a product designer tool like T-shirt solution can be very helpful when it allows your customers to customize their products.

Create your shop on Shopify, Teespring, and Esty,... 

If you don’t have the resources to own a website, you can create an online shop on marketplaces such as Shopify, Teespring,... The process takes a minute. But it has one thing that is not convenient, Shopify and Teespring aren’t included product designer tools to permit your customer to customize their product. Unfortunately, I have to tell you that product personalization is really important.

Refer to the basic guide to creating a shop on Shopify and Teespring.

How to Create Your Own Shopify Store in Less than 15 Minutes (Sep 2022)

Quick start guide to Teespring

Find the T-shirt providers 


Do you know Toyota - The second biggest car brand in the global? Product quality is one of the factors to contribute the success of Toyota today.

Now, do you know what you need to do to ensure the quality of your products? Let's start with the input materials.

Find materials providers 

If you want to make your own t-shirts at home, it seems that you will have to invest a lot in materials such as ink, t-shirts, and printing equipment. 

Choosing a supplier can take time to learn and evaluate the quality of raw materials as well as the reputation of the supplier. But it let you find the best provider. You can find local material suppliers, and build a good relationship with them to guarantee a stable supply.

Find POD providers

If you are going to try print on demand, then the problem is much simpler, you just need to choose print on demand provider and connect to them. Many reputable print-on-demand providers on the market you can connect such as Printful, Printify, Teelaunch, and JetPrint,...

Publish your custom T-Shirt designs

You can’t start a t-shirt business from home with a popular design. Make a unique design and attract your customer. 


Design it yourself

Quality will be what makes customers continue to buy and stick with you but the new design is what makes customers decide to buy the first time. If customers decide to buy as soon as they see the t-shirt, then your t-shirt design is already a success. But how do design t-shirts to attract customers? Understanding customer needs and exploring top design ideas is essential.

One thing we want to keep in mind is the t-shirt copyright, no one wants to get involved in an expensive and time-consuming lawsuit, so learn carefully how to avoid t-shirts copyright infringement before starting to design custom t-shirts.

Permit your customer to do it

Your customer will thank you because of the authorization to personalize the product. Integrate product designer tools to strengthen your website. You can upload your templates and allow customers to customize designs right on your website, of course, they are also allowed to upload their own designs. 

Easy to use, available templates, huge stock of images, add clipart, and freehand drawing are the things that customers need to customize the product. If you want your online store to have many features like that, you can refer to NBdesigner or Printcart

Once you have the designs, making some t-shirt mockups is essential, this allows you to check the quality of the product such as the fabric, color, and design are good or not, and may be adjusted before selling it to the market.

Connect to shipping and payment partners


Find local shipment and payment partners

Shipping and payment are factors that play an important role in customer satisfaction. 55% of customers abandon carts because extra costs are too high (including shipping fees, tax fees, and extra fees). Ensuring your customer can receive the order on time at an affordable cost before you lose them.

It will be better when you offer a wider range of choices on payment methods. Providing multiple different payment methods also makes checkout easy for your customers. They can choose the that they want such as a digital wallet, or enter their credit or debit card details as they prefer to do.

POD provider’s responsibility

You will no longer have to worry too much about this problem if you sell through Shopify or Teespring. They will provide you with a list of partners for you to choose from. However, there may not include local payment partners and your customers will not like this.

Reach your target customers 

In this step, you already start selling your t-shirt from home. Promoting your shop and getting money from it now.


Get on social media

Social media is where you can interact with your customers through posts on fan pages, and groups. The explosion of social media is a great opportunity for businesses to sell, now you can not only interact with customers through social media but also can sell your t-shirts on social media via the TikTokshop feature of TikTok or the Marketplace feature of Facebook.


Search engine optimization is a tool that helps your website appear at the top of search results when your customers search on search engines. The higher position, the higher traffic. You can get more opportunities to convert visitors to customers if you appear in a higher position. However, this task is not easy to do, you can start by learning the Best SEO Keyword Tips For Your T-Shirt Brand.

Google Ads 

Google Adwords is a tool that allows you to display products at the top of search results pages by paying for advertising. You can set up your ad in minutes and your website is displayed on the first page of search results. You will not have to wait for results as long as SEO. However, this method is much more expensive.

Learn more about How to promote print on demand business to know many ways to interact with customers.


Back to the question How to start a t-shirt business from home? I think you have found the answer by now. But we want you to remember that to get money, focusing on your customer is necessary. 

From choosing the niche, setting up an online store, finding the providers, designing t-shirts, mating shipping, and payment partners to promote your shop, all of them are not easy. If you face any difficulty in starting a t-shirt business from home, make a request. We will respond immediately with useful information.