You also conduct yourself a promotion campaign for your business by leveraging the power of free tools such as social media, email, or SEO. In this article, we give you some tips about promoting the printing business 

However, before learning how to promote business, I think you should know about its benefits. First, promoting your business help you reach more audience. Not only that, it let you connect and build relationships with your customers. Second, you should promote to stand out from your competitors. In a fiercely competitive environment, if you don’t promote your business you will be beaten by your competitors.

Through this article, you will learn more knowledge about how to promote print on demand business as well as conduct a completed promotion campaign.

Try to Come Up With a Unique Niche 

A niche market is a small part of a larger market that has its own specific needs. In a niche market, you will have fewer competitors than in a large market, and customers have has a similar demand. Therefore, you can focus their effort on offering service or product to your customer.  

Specific information to find the niche:  Print on demand niche: How to find best niche for print on demand

Learn your target audience

The next step in learning how to promote print on demand business is to understand the target audience's demand. Focus on them lets you satisfy customers better. To satisfy customers you should provide your service and your product that meet customer's demands, but before all, you must know what they think, and what they need. If you understand the target audience, you will create messages, campaigns that hit customer pain points are more successful, delivering the right services to the right customers.

Refer How to find your target audience to get more information about finding the target audience

Get on social media


Social media become more and more popular, that is a good opportunity for your business. Marketing through social media is cheaper than through other media. Not only that, using social media you can interact and connect with an audience easily. Through social media, you can target the right target audience, and increase your presence and brand awareness. 

It is easy to start promoting your business on social media. First, you must register an account or if you have an account you can create a fan page on social media. Then you must set up your fan pages such as cover, avatar, and information like email, website, address, and phone number,... Finally, you can connect with your customer through social media by posting some status on the wall like introducing your business, products, and some post about sales promotions.

Start an email list

Why should you use email marketing to promote your business? It has many benefits for your business. Email marketing is a helpful tool for marketing, we can send information, coupons, and vouchers,… to your customers. By that, this tool is very cheap, nearly free. You just design the template and content to send to the customers.

Sending emails can personalize content very well, you can send an email with content containing the customer’s name or characteristic…. So through that, evaluate easier, you can know how many people read the email and how many people respond email by requesting more information or clicking on other button or action like using coupon,…

How to do an email marketing campaign: First, you must know why you do email marketing. Second, prepare content that can deliver your messages. One important problem is the customer's email address, you must have it. After you have an address to send your content to, you can start your campaign. Finally, evaluate the campaign result.

Don’t Forget to Leverage Offline Marketing


Development of the internet leads to digital marketing on social media, and websites,... become popular and effective, however, Offline Marketing always is an important part of marketing. Regardless of Offline Marketing's cost is expensive, many owner businesses also use it as a strategy channel because of its advantages. So I can list some benefits that Offline marketing has: great coverage you can reach many many audiences, easy to approach, more reputation, and good geographic coverage. That’s why offline marketing is an essential tool in the marketing plans of print on demand businessesSome types of offline marketing platforms: TV ads, magazines, OOH, radio ads, SMS,... 

Optimize your store

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of increasing the quality and traffic of a website by increasing the visibility of a website or webpage to users on data search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. 

The first benefit is it can increase your website traffic, including organic traffic and display traffic. SEO can increase the visibility of your website and the user will access the websites that have visibility on the top of search results. More traffic maybe leads to conversion rates higher. It is a long-term strategy of marketing and a necessary tool for every business on promoting your print on demand business.

Ask for product reviews and use them as testimonials

If existing customers share their reviews, potential customers can see that and consult from it, reviews from existing customers make their products and business more prestigious. Potential customers tend to stay on your website longer to read the review of your product, and it affects the purchase decision of visitors strongly. 

How to do: Add a feature that allows your customer feedback or review, rate your product on the website or you can ask your customer about their experience after using the product and then post it on your website.

Use Software Tools to Help You Succeed

Other the way that you can promote your business is using free tool, You can leverage their power to implement your marketing campaign. One of the powerful tool is Leadflow, it is a social proof software tool, it’s also one of the most effective lead generation tools. It can help you to convert website visitors to customers. Some features of Leadflow: chatbot, coupons, live events, email collectors, emoji feedback, random review, etc. You’ll use these forms to capture leads and add them to a lead nurturing campaign.

Access Leadflow to get more information about it. 

Pay for advertising 

Although advertising requires a huge amount of money, it has many outstanding advantages. Therefore it is a tool that not missing on the promotion plan for print on demand business. First, it can increase the reach of your campaign, and reach the right target audience. In addition, you can flexibly use advertising services when needed and can stop when you want. Some types of platforms you can use such as social media ads, Google ads, display ads... 

Do a contest or giveaway

A contest or giveaway is online promotion through social media. More advantages that it can bring such as: increase new followers, and increase interaction, so it is cheaper than another sales promotion. Some rules of giveaways require players to share the post, so it can influence their friends, colleagues, or family. You can using it on your promotion campaigns to enhance your presence ai an affordable cost.

How to do the contest: Five-step to start a contest

  • Define goals of the contest: You should list goals, it can tell you how to do to achieve them.
  • Outline contest: contain content, prizes, time frame, guideline, rules
  • Promote your contest: share on other social media,... tag friends and share, and add hashtag-relevant contests.
  • Choose the winner: after the contest, based on the rules to choose the winner 
  • Promote the winner: Publish the winner and congratulate them.

Bottom line

This article points out many complicated actions that need to do on promoting print on demand business. And you can hire a partner that provides service to promote your business if you can't do it yourself.

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