There are many factors that contribute to the success of the business. The innovation, quality of products, and sales strategy,... but most of them are around one thing, customer. whether your product is very great but your customers don’t like it, you failed. I can list some products that fail because it isn’t meet the demand of customers:  Ford Edsel, New Coke, RJ Reynolds, Tab Clear,... Whether they are a big brand like Ford or CocaCola or small brand like other, they will fail if you don’t understand what their customers need.

So, this article will present the big problem that many owners of businesses are concerned about - How to find the best niche for business.

Print on demand niche definition

 niche market is a small part of the market with more specific needs than the large market, then this field is researched and clearly defined customer preferences. Focusing on a niche allows us to better serve our customers. Print on demand niche is a small market in the printing industry such as coffee mugs, or husky’s apparel,...

Why should you focus on a specific print on demand niche?

A print on demand niche has more advantages. At first, focusing on a small group of customers you have more opportunities because there will be less competition in the niche, and the level of competition is not too fierce. In an environment with few competitors, you will easily position yourself in the minds of customers, and easily choose a distinctive feature to impress customers. Also, fewer competitors allow you not to make too much effort into marketing activities.

Secondly, a small group of customers will have specific needs, you will have enough resources to develop products and services that better serve customers instead of having to serve a group of customers with diverse needs. 

How to find a print on demand niche  

Below we will give you guidelines on how to find a print on demand niche for business. 

Review your passions and interests

To find a print on demand niche you can start reviewing your passions or interests. Starting a business in an area that you are passionate about or have knowledge about is a lot easier. So check if you are really passionate about a field and start with that passion. Your experience will let you know much important information about the demand of customers because you are a customer in this niche. Not only that, when you are in this community, finding and reaching potential customers is so easy.

Evaluate if your niche has a market

Market evaluation is an extremely necessary task to find a print on demand niche, you must know characteristics of the market you intend to choose, for example, how many competitors there are, what are their strengths, their marketing strategy, and what makes their products different,... In addition, you also need to evaluate market size including revenue, profit, and growth rate. Understanding your competitors lets you position yourself differently from them, then you have a chance to move on.

Identify your customer problems and needs 

Remember the quote “sell what the customer needs, not what we have”. When you choose your print on demand niche completely then you have to know what the customer's pain point is, then come up with a solution to solve that problem and know what the customer needs to provide the right product. In addition, identifying customer pain points will support future communication campaigns of the business. 

How to define the customer’s problem? You can research, survey and social listening to understand their problems and propose a way solution to resolve their problems. Defining the problem of customers is not easy, but if you do it well, you will have advantages in serving customers.

Research current trends

Some tool that allows you to research current trend, help you to find a print on demand niche easily.  

Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool that provides the latest information on global trends and updates it quickly. It helps users compare results of google searches by offering statistics and comparing keyword trends. You can explore trends by researching the keywords relatively. An important piece of information is you can use it for free.

Google Adwords

This tool allows you to research keywords related to your niche including the average monthly keyword searches in the global or in a region, in addition, it provides information on the level of competition of that keyword. Through it you can know what keywords are most searched then you have a list of trends currently. Knowing trends currently and maybe in the future will help you find a print on demand niche easier.


Finally, Trendhunter is one of the largest providers of trend data. Trendhunter is a media brand that provides free trend data (in the form of articles) and also has a number of other solutions including custom insights, books, events…

Deciding your niche

After comparing and evaluating options, now you must choose the best print on demand niche that is affordable to you. Any question that can help you determine your niche: Do it large enough to offset the fees? Can it bring profit for you?          

Creating an ideal customer profile

Why should we do this? It gives a better view of the customers. So you must know the characteristics of the customer such as their psychology, behavior, habits, and where they are. And understand the customer journey, understands the customer touch points…

You can create a persona with three criteria:

  • Demographic: age, gender, location, education level, income,...
  • Psychology: interest, personality traits, hobbies, life goals, values, beliefs, lifestyles
  • Behavior: spending habits, purchasing habits, browsing habits, interactions with the brand, loyalty to the brand.

Choosing your perfect niche products

Choose the most suitable product to offer to your niche market. To do that, you must understand your customers at first. Through the above steps, you already know who your customers are, their characteristics, and their problems. Now what you need is to decide which product to offer to help them solve the problem.

Test your niche

To be sure to pre-test the product, to make sure to reduce the risk you can test on a small scale with fewer products and best-selling models, also you can stop the ones if it doesn't work. There's no need to worry about the cost of discarding products because you don't stock or own them. Make sure to be sure before you start a business.

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Top profitable niches for print on demand 2022

Below, we can give you some print on demand niche ideas for your business. 

Face masks with animals design

Most of the young people from 18-45, males and females. People with the mentality of personalization. Millennials place the highest value on personalization (79%), followed by 75% of Gen Z.

Customers tend to use custom face masks longer: 52% would keep a logoed mask for more than 3 months, 71% would use their logoed mask on a weekly basis or more often.

Animal printing products are very popular with pet lovers. They consider their pets as friends and love to use items with animal designs. These can help them express their opinion as well as affection towards animals. Masks are no exception, cute or wild prints or 3D prints are all popular designs.



3D printing face mark


Animal face marks


Cat face mark

Positive quote sticker  

Custom stickers were among the most searched for print-on-demand items in 2020, with interest continuing to grow (Ahrefs).  It is considered one of the best niches for business. Some statistics of stickers market. The global Die Cut Stickers market was valued at USD 148.1 million in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 184.5 million by the end of 2027, growing at a CAGR of 3.3% during 2021-2027. Die Cut Stickers Market research by Types (Custom Stickers, Standard Shaped Stickers, The proportion of custom stickers in 2018 is about 53%, and the proportion is in increasing trend from 2019 to 2025.) (industrygrowthinsights)

Inspirational quotes are loved by many people and are often recorded in notebooks and notes to motivate themselves. Stickers with positive quotes are very popular because of their convenience and meaning. You can get creative with your sticker designs by searching for famous quotes and using fonts to make them look better.



Car racing T-shirt for Woman

Car racing is the most popular sport in America, NASCAR is a sport the whole family can enjoy. According to Statista’s report, one of the most sold NASCAR-related products is women's apparel (53%). Following is men’s apparel about 50%. 

Nascar t-shirt is good niche for print on demand business. In 2020, the global custom t-shirt printing market size was valued at $3.64 billion. From 2021 to 2028, it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.7%. 

You can start your business by selling Nascar women’s t-shirts. Flags, cars, numbers, road racing, and tire marks,... are all symbols of Nascar. You can design your products with these symbols and quotes, which will be great designs to help you attract customers.


Race Flags


Racing car quote


Car with flag design 


Not easy to find a print on demand niche. The best niche for print on demand business can bring more benefits for you. So try to find a niche print on demand and make money from it.

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Top Print On Demand Products Ideas To Sell - Updated

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