How to start a profitable business? You must do many tasks but you need a plan first, it can help you achieve goals and keep you on the right way.  And the important part of the business plan that you should spend more time planning is the finance plan. It estimates the cost you should spend to start a business. A good financial plan can help you save enough money by reducing unessential expenses. 

But to plan finance, you must know cost structure, it means understanding factors that contribute to the startup cost of your business. It let you know the proportion of each part of the startup cost and you will have the solution to balance the cost structure.  

In this article, we will evaluate each factor of startup cost for a printing business, read it and you can estimate the start-up cost that fits your ideal business.

Startup cost for printing business


A startup cost for printing business is any expense incurred when starting a new business. It will include equipment, incorporation fees, insurance, taxes, and payroll. Then you must understand each factor to access your cost of business. Below we will analyze each factor clearly so that you can better understand the cost structure of a printing business.


At first, your business needs an office to work and you can work at your home to reduce the fee. But to improve your service and product, and offer the best service you should rent a store that has enough space to work. The cost of rent depends on location and acreage. You should access a range of stores if you need to rent a shop affordable, that will help you save money. This type of expense makes up a large part of the startup cost for the business.

Rent costs often fluctuate, and vary from location to location, but you can refer to's rent expense report to get an estimate of this cost for your business. This report also shows the cost of renting real estate in each US state. 

Electrical Upgrades

It is a factor that is always present in the startup cost structure. Electricity is important in the decade. Nearly you can’t do anything if you don’t have an electric system. Everything needs electricity from the computer, and laptop to the printer,... Then to not interrupt the activity of business you should check the electric system before starting to work. 

Digital Printing

Digital printing is affordable for professional printing and requires fast printing and smaller quantity order. It will help you to save money, faster, reduce emissions, and reduce waste. So digital printing is more expensive and you will need to get the electricity upgraded in your new shop. If your business wants to do digital printing, the cost of business will be higher.

Printing Equipment

One of the most expensive factors in the startup cost for printing business - printing equipment. A printer is necessary but it is so expensive, so if you want to reduce the cost of this part you can rent the printing equipment, you must pay the cost depending on the use time. It needs less money than you buy the printing equipment in short term. 


You need a computer to do anything, consultant customers, design, resolve orders, negotiate with providers,... so you can use your laptop to replace the computer. Some feature computer has is outstanding and it is more convenient than laptops, but using laptops can save money and it is affordable for startup businesses.


One good software can help you increase productivity, you can design and sell on it so that your customer can customize products easily. So the cost of software is a necessary part of the cost of starting for printing business. If you want to pay monthly, the fees are not expensive. 

For startups, You can reduce payroll fees by utilizing the advantage of the solution, Web to print solution can help your increase productivity, it can resolve some tasks automatically.

You can increase the customer experience by offering your customer an online design tool, which allows your customers to customize the product according to their needs. Not only that, our solution with the product builder feature can permit your buyer own a personalization product with a great shopping experience.  

Franchise Fees

One of the types of business, you must pay a fee to use the brand name, product, knowledge, and invention. Although the start-up cost for printing franchise business is a relatively large investment, you can get more money after. In that many entrepreneurs said that they get more knowledge from it. 


A website can make you more reputable, you can build a website yourself or hire a professional business that provides developing website services. But if you outsource, it is more expensive which leads to the startup cost being higher, you can do it yourself if you know about code to reduce the fees. 

You can refer How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website to know more about cost of building websites.


It is necessary for business. Insurance will be paid for you when you faced risks like bodily injury, property damage, medical payments, legal defense and judgment, and personal and advertising injury. The cost of insurance depends on many factors, it is range from 450$ to 750$ per year. 

Marketing materials

This cost depends on your way to promote. If you use earned media such as fan pages, and websites,… you just pay for the payroll of the marketer. But if you want to promote by using advertising or sponsoring, you will pay more money. 

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The sections fee we've listed are common to most businesses. Because all businesses are different, we can't give you a specific estimate. Instead, you can estimate the cost of your business yourself by following the guide below.


What are the ongoing expenses for a print shop?


Calculating cost for a start up printing business, do you think it is enough? Not really, you have to calculate ongoing expenses.

Design software

Design software is really necessary for a printing business, it let you create unique product and maybe allow your customer to custom the design. You can choose to pay monthly or annually to use design software. Paying annually, even though it's a lot of money to pay once, the cost per month will be cheaper than paying monthly. 

Equipment leasing fees

It depends on many factors such as type of printer, length of lease, location, and provider business. Cost of a lease printer range from 50$ to 600$ per month. It can help in the short term, but in long term, it is a write-off. According to Costhack, the cost of renting a printer for 36 months is equal to the cost of buying a printer. Consider thoroughly before choosing rent or buy.

Maintenance and replacement of equipment

Maintenant equipment is necessary to make sure the printer works properly. If it doesn't work, your business must be stopped and your work will run late, it is really bad. You should require maintenance regularly because the cost of it is not higher and you can negotiate with the provider about it.


The cost of the material depends on sales, it seems variable cost. Depending on your product, this cost will be high or low. In addition, it depends on your provider and the quality of the material. Higher quality material costs more than lower but you can offer your customer higher quality products that can help increase your reputation. 

Payroll costs

How many employees are in your business? and how much you can pay for each employee? You can choose to pay a monthly salary or pay hourly work. Depending on the number of employees, this cost will be high or low.


As mentioned above, depending on the characteristics of the business, you will have to pay an amount from $450 to $750 per year. (Truic)

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In closing

As stated above, many many factors contribute to startup cost for a printing business. Therefore, understanding each type of cost will help you accurately estimate the fee for a startup business, and you can also minimize unnecessary expenses.

Another cost issue that you need to consider is operating costs. This type of expense also accounts for a llowsn in your primary operations. So manage your expenses clearly.

We have 10 years of experience offering solutions to many printing businesses, we can help you build a website cost-effective, and we can help you in promoting your business with CMSMART CLUB. Therefore, don't hesitate, to contact us now to get consultants from our support team.

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