The printing industry is still a profitable market, so you can easy to get money by starting an online printing business. Your opening can begin selling on your website or simply on your online shop on the e-commerce platform. But to start a profitable printing business, you should plan and have a strategy clearly. It will tell you what next you should do to achieve your goals.

Besides, when you have a powerful tool, selling printing products will be easier. Web to Print solution is all you need. It has all you need in a website that allows you to start selling online. It is easy to install, and design and has full features to conduct a printing business. And this article shows you how to start a printing business online.

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To answer the question “how to start a printing business online” you must do many tasks such as defining the target audience, and defining competition,... but the important task you must do first is set a business plan.  

Create a business plan


The business plan contains all of the information that is enough to lets you make the right decision. Your resource, your customer, your competition, and the business environment will be defined. Not only that, marketing and sales plans are included. So a business plan will make you focus on your goals and how to achieve that. And it can help you determine the feasibility of strategies and reduce risk and cost loss. That's why you should have one on starting a printing business online.

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Define your target market

The next step in learning how to start a printing business online is to define your target market. A target market is a group of potential customers that you will offer your service to. This group has the same characteristics such as age, gender, location, and lifestyle,... And the most important information that you should discover is what they need, because as far as I know, providing products that fit the demand of customers is the best way to survive in the competitive market. 

To find your niche, you can do online research by using some tools such as Google Trends, Google Adwords, and Trend Hunters,... they can let you know what is popular current and maybe will become trend in the future. Based on it, you can find the best niche for your business. 

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Who will be your competition?

After that, you must identify your competition. They are companies that provide services similar to your customers in the market (which you also target). You can identify competitors by conducting research on Google, Facebook, and your customer,... Researching your competitors helps you understand why customers choose to buy from you or your competitors. Therefore, it can help you improve your products and services or marketing campaigns. 

Create a printing website within budget

Creating a printing website is an important part of starting an online printing business. Below, it shows you a simple step by step on how to create a printing website from scratch.

Step #1: Choose your website Platform

Choosing a website platform is like opting for the foundation of your home. It is very important so that you should consider it thoroughly when choosing. Each website platforms have pros and cons, you can refer Best Platform for Website, it provides more information to help you make the right decision.

Step #2: Find a Domain Name and Host

Domain Name can be known as your website address, your customer can search for your business by using it. Choose a domain name that is short and related to your business. A short domain name can make customers easy to remember.  

Hosting providers offer the service that you can store your database. You need to hire a credible partner to store your database as well as protect it from attack. It also offers safety for your customer when they access your website. Most providers offer different hosting options to customers, so you should choose a type that is affordable for your budget.

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How to Choose the Best Web Hosting for Your Site

Step #3: Set up a website

One of the big questions people always ask when they start a printing business online is “How much does it cost to build a printing website?”

The cost of building a printing website is a large problem, it depends on your website characteristics such as domain, hosting, theme, plugins, or the way you use to build your printing website, you can do it yourself or hire a professional business that provides service to build a website. 

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How much does it cost to build a printing website (Full Breakdown)

Install a WordPress/Magento/Shopify 

After you have found your website host and domain name, you have to decide which platform you are about to use for your website. It can be WordPress, Magento, Shopify, etc.

Choose a Theme for your site (Free or Premium)

Choosing a theme for your website is an important step in creating a website. Choose a website template that makes you save time to design. Free or Premium themes have advantages and disadvantages. Free themes can make you save money but it is not a unique and limited feature. Premiums have more features and customization options, unique but you must pay a certain fee to use them. Depending on the kind of your website, you can choose one of them.    

It’s never easy to find a printing website template to suit your needs. However, with our Printshop - a powerful web-to-print solution integrated with the online designer tool, you can run your printshop easily without any hassles.


When you choose our solution, you can save time and money. And your customers' experience will be increased with customized products, your customers can add custom images, text, and clipart to design printing products. 

You can create e-commerce print shops and allow customers to view, customize, upload and order print items online, select from an existing design or customize them to suit your branding. You can visit Printshop to see the full features of our solution or contact our dedicated support team so they can assist you.

In addition to the Printshop solution, we also have Magento Printmart, if your website platform is Magento you can refer to it. Or if you want to get more information about the web to print you can access the article All About Web To Print Solution to do it. Making your everyday life easier and reducing the burden on business with the features of web-to-print solutions.

Promote your print business on a low budget

To reach more users and convert them to your customer, you should promote your shop and your product. Below are some tips to help you on promoting printing business, you will not spend more money to do it. It will efficient for your online shop if you leverage the power of marketing channels. 

Make a Strong Digital Presence


Nowadays, people spend more time online, they search for information on Google, chat, and interact with their friends. That's why you should have a strong digital presence. It allows your customers to easily find you and raises customer awareness and gives you an opportunity to build a good reputation. 

Marketing channels to increase market reach

With a low budget, you can promote your print business on some media that don’t need more money such as:

SEO: increase speed, approach customers, optimize marketing cost.
Social media marketing: Social media is an effective platform to interact with customers. 

Video promotion: With the advent of TikTok, Video marketing has become an effective channel. 

Email marketing: economize, personalization, automation,...

Promotions and discounts on repeat orders: cost to offer older customers cheaper than new ones, then encourage your customer to come back.

Popup notifications: appear on the top, bottom, left, and right, edges of the screen especially do not disturb customers. 

Listing on review website: it can influence customers’ decisions so that not only improves the brand's digital presence but also increases visibility to your new customer.

Google My Business: This free but very useful tool allows you to manage your business information. 

CMSMART CLUB offers a variety of marketing services to improve sales and marketing at a reasonable cost, you have a low budget, and this service is affordable for you. Some highlight services that CMSMART CLUB offers, such as Writing and translation, Digital marketing: SEO, Google ads, Facebook ads, Email marketing, Leadee services.

Start an online printing business with CMSMART

This article provides a guideline on how to start a printing business online, you can follow it to build a website printing. Printshop solution gives you all you need about the website, is user-friendly, an online designer, and allows your customer to customize product printing. You can access the DEMO to get more information or if you need assistance on how to start a printing business online or have any questions, contact us

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