Ultimately, there are many factors that affect the cost of building a website, from the way to build it (Do it yourself, hire an independent professional, and use an agency) to the functionality of the website. So, in the article, let’s see the pros and cons of each approach and The full breakdown of How much does it cost to build a website for a printing business.

3 options to build your website and its pros and cons

Do it yourself (DIY)


if you are wondering "How much it does cost to build a website" for a printing business, then DIY is kind of an affordable option.

DIY is always an effective way for building a printing website, especially for those who have already experienced and knowledge about creating websites. However, this approach might be worth trying when it comes to a simple website. However, if you are planning to build a complex website with high functionality such as payment shipment integrations, it can be challenging and might require several skills to handle it.


  • If you have a tight budget, the DIY is a great approach
  • You have a chance to test different ideas and learn more about website development
  • You’ll expand your skills
  • You get to work at your own pace
  • DIY websites don’t come with support.


  • The process of creating a website might be time-consuming (and time is money)
  • Your website might look amateur and the quality of the website might be lower than the desired standard.

How much will it cost?

You can expect to pay an upfront cost of around $200 when creating a website on your own, with an ongoing cost of around $50 per month. You might need a domain name (at least$12 per year), a shared hosting plan (at least $60 per year), a premium theme (around $50), and premium plugins or extensions (at least $60 per year).

Hire an independent professional


When it comes to creating a business website, hiring an independent professional is often one of the best ways to go. They have extensive experience in creating websites for any kind of business, which means that they have the ability to set up a custom website that meets your requirements. Also, they can suggest features that could help you improve the operations of the website. And, if something goes wrong, they are responsible for solving that issue, not you. However, if you are wondering how much does it cost to have a website when hiring an independent professional agency, then the answer is it's more expensive than doing it on your own.


  • You’ll get a great-looking website with fully essential features, which could help you start your online printing business
  • You’ll definitely save your time (time is money) and stay away from hassle.
  • They know what they’re doing, so you can just leave creating a website to them and focus on your core business functions.
  • They’ll finish the project faster than you might be able to do on your own.
  • When something goes wrong, you can simply contact them and they’ll deal with it.


  • Hiring professionals will cost you a lot of money. The more complex website, the more money you have to invest.
  • You are handing over control of your website to them. If you are the type of person who wants more control over their website, it can be a drawback.
  • You’ll have to weigh your options. Make sure you look through their portfolio of work before getting started.

How much will it cost?

Experienced freelancers charge you anywhere between $20 and $80 per hour, depending on their expertise and location. Freelancers in Europe, the US, UK can charge you at least $40 per hour, while freelancers in Asia such as Vietnam, India, and China can charge you anywhere between $20 and $40 per hour.

Use an agency


You can take tremendous advantages when hiring an agency. Besides the fact that they can provide advanced website design, they’ll also provide a variety of services beyond the scope of web development. Collaborating with a professional website means that you have everything you need in your hands.


  • They are more likely to be up to speed on trends and technologies.
  • Agencies have all the needed resources that can process any type of project no matter how complex it is, for a wide range of industries.
  • It’ll be cost-effective if you purchase package deals. Many agencies would offer discounts or promotion programs if their customers buy more services.
  • It’ll save time in the long run.
  • Support services are included. If you have any questions or encounter any problems, you are no longer handle them on your own. You can leave that to your service provider.
  • A website development company is always a trusted partner as it’s a legal business entity. It often offers you contracts regarding the website development project, so you don’t have to worry about sudden disappearing. Besides, they have their own reputation, which means that they’ll strive hard to live up to their reputation.


  • Although hiring a professional agency can be cost-effective and help you save time, it’s also a costly investment. If you are not careful when choosing your web development company, you might end up spending more time than you think.
  • It might take longer to finish projects if they have many are processed at once. So, make sure they are clear of the deadline and what’ll happen when they miss the deadline

How much will it cost?

The cost of hiring an agency is various. It can range from $1000 to $100,000, depending on the flexibility of the projects.

How much does it cost to create a printing website (Full Breakdown)

Let’s go over some factors that can be associated with setting up every aspect of the website. Let's check out 



More Info

Domain name


$10 per year





The cost of hosting depends on traffic and hosting services. Companies like BlueHost or HostGator charge around $100 per year for standard web hosting and  WPengine or SiteGround charges around $300-$500 per year.

SSL Certificate


Costs range from $10/year to $200-$300 per year

Most website hosting providers usually offer a free SSL certificate when you choose to host your site with them

Website Template or Theme


The average price for a premium theme is $57.54 per month.

if you want to run your printing business effectively, we would like to recommend you to check out these themes and essential yet powerful plugins PrintShop, NB Designer, Yoast SEO, UpdraftPlus, WP-Optimize, WPForms, Elementor

Premium plugins



$2000 to $15,000



$1000 to $5000



$2000 to $25,000


Content management system (CMS)

$2000 to $25,000



Website maintenance


The average website maintenance cost is around $5-500/month or $5000-$6000/year for a small to medium-sized website, depending on the type of business and website.

Besides, the table below shows the cost differential between building a small and large website:

Type of website

Estimated design cost

Small to mid-business website (8 to 16 pages)

$1,000 to $9,000

Large business website (25 to 75 pages)

$10,000 to $35,000

E-commerce website (100 to 1,000 products)

$5,000 to $55,000

Database website (20 to 2,000 pages)

$6,000 to $75,000

Note: The processing of creating an online printing website could take anywhere between 2 to 6 months

In Conclusion

If you might find that creating a printing website on your own is harder than you think, you should think about investing in a professional web development agency. A team of dedicated and skilled web developers and designers can help you create a website of a professional standard that helps you run your business efficiently while you can focus on core business functions and implement marketing strategies in order to entice new customers. . You can visit our Printshop solution for a better experience or create a ticket, our dedicated consultants will get back to you ASAP.

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