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WP Printstore Website setup

We are dedicated Team specializing in WordPress Printing Solution which you purchased it from our site. We have helped thousands of clients to start up their website and we realized that the initial set up is the key to success.
However not all client have enough time and resources to do a small list of things and we are here ready to help. Below is something that we can do for your project and base on your need we can provide the right thing for you with appropriate extra fee
- Logo set up with your files
- Change address information of your shop/company
- Configure email ( notification, marketing emailā€¦)
- Configure payment function
- Configure product
- Input product (image, text, price)
- Test order process, receive order
- Custom menu as you request
- Change information on About us, Contact us, Profilesā€¦
- Change website color in accordance with logo or backgrounds
- Configure shipping
- Custom header and footer (basic edit)
- Customize more on design
- Customize/ edit some function
- Improve, optimize some function about sale and marketing
- Decentralize admin account of your site
- Write blog posts
- And more ...

Customization Request & Contact Us

Please fill out the Customization Request form if you need any customization

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