Print on demand is more and more popular, it is known as drop shipping. You can sell products on your website or on the print on demand e-commerce platforms. Then if your customers order, the print on demand providers will print and deliver your product to them. After completing the order, you will receive a commission from the providers. 

Print on demand is considered the easiest business model to startup. But many sellers still fluctuate because they don't understand the benefits of print on demand as well as they scare of the challenges of it.

Therefore, in this article, we will define the pros and cons of print on demand to give useful information to help you make the right decision.

Pros of running print on demand business


Benefits of print on demand are endless but in this article, we will focus on five main benefits.

Easy to start

First, the benefit of print on demand that people are most interested in is easy to start. First, you just create an account on a print on demand e-commerce platform. It takes a minute to do. So you can design your printing products and upload it on the e-commerce platform. Now you can start selling your products easily and do not require more knowledge. And you don’t need to invest more money too, because what you have to do like register an account on the platform or upload your design is cheap. 

Minimal inventory, no packaging or shipping trouble

You are in charge of a small part of the process of selling products. You design and sell products, remain of tasks on this process will be the responsibility of print-on-demand providers. They will production, pack, and delivery your product to customers. And they are in charge of inventory too. It is really a good thing for businesses with tight budgets, you will not have any concern that comes with not needing too many people to manage those issues.

Allows you to focus on what you’re good at

You will not need to care about many active in production, all of them will be taken care of by your partner, then you will focus your strength on improving your productivity, promoting your shop, and building your reputation. Nothing will be better than print on demand, it is a type of business that allows you to start but don't need more resources. Find your strength and push it, remain activities can be in charged of by your partners. 

It’s easy to establish your brand

Building a brand that doesn't need to produce, something that seems absurd but is true. You can design your product with a logo, sign, and anything that can identify your brand. Finally, promoting your brand and selling your product will conduct. Don't worry about the rent of production, package, and delivery, all of them are taken care of. 

Your Reach Is Global

You can expand your market globally is easy because you don’t worry about resources. In the traditional form of business, if you want to expand your market you must invest your resource in building factories or delivering in the new market. But in print on demand, production or delivery to a different country will be taken care of print on demand providers. You just register and connect with local print on demand providers. Nothing is greatest than it, this advantage gives you the opportunity to reach more customers, and make your company stronger.

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Cons of running print on demand business


Print on demand has many benefits but if you just care about the benefits you will not avoid mistakes and get frustrated easily after the start. That’s why this article has a part to talk about the challenges of running print on demand.

Little Control Over Quality

Print on demand providers are in charge of printing, managing the quality of ink, manage the printing process. Then color, ink quality, and printing quality,... all depend on them and you can't control this matter. Therefore, you must look for a reputable supplier who can guarantee the quality, and especially be sure, to test a few products before starting to sell. This way you can completely guarantee the quality of the product as well as customer satisfaction.

Longer Production Time

Because the production time will include sample receiving, printing, packing, and shipping, it will be more steps than the product available in stock which is also the reason for the lead time production taking longer. In addition, you will not be able to control activities that occur during the printing process such as print time being extended due to technical error. This is a very important issue in optimizing the customer experience because some things will make customers uncomfortable such as long wait times for orders.

Lower Profit Margins

Your work only sells while the provider takes care of many stages and work so you will only be sharing part of the commissions. This profit will be lower than if you sell your own available product. The margin for each product may be low but it will be higher if you focus your resource on selling it. So don’t be prevented by lower profit margins.

Split Responsibility

In the traditional method, a business will be responsible for almost all stages such as design, sales, production, packaging, and hiring another partner to ship the goods. However, in the form of dropshipping, the responsibility will be divided among each party responsible for each stage, the design and the sales, the production, and the shipping. Cause the responsibility of each order will be divided, the quality of the order will depend on many parties and it is hard to guarantee because if one of the parties has a problem, the whole order will be affected.

As you see, there are many benefits of print on demand, but advantages will come with disadvantages no matter what you start doing. The most important thing is that you recognize the advantages and disadvantages and have a strategy to get over the disadvantages.  


The above is our analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of starting selling print on demand products, hope the information we provide will help you better understand the print on demand. Being aware of the advantages and challenges will help you have the correct strategies in the future. There are many benefits of print on demand and challenges, Don’t just look at benefits, don’t just look at challenges too. So we hope you can have the correct decision for your business. 

To start a print on demand business, you will be faced with many problems, and some of them you maybe can solve yourself, so you need a partner that helps you manage these problems. We have ten years of experience in supporting businesses in the printing industry. Contact us to get a consultant from our support team.

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