#1 NBdesigner, which allows people to create their unique designs is a must-have plugin recommended for printing shop owners integrate into their online website to increase the sale volume up to 60% monthly.

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  • Apr 12, 2021

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paulius@printintime.lt 5 star rating



  Help was provided quickly   

Sam Maleki 5 star rating


Sam Maleki

  excellent service! We have integrated nbdesigner in our copy shop and received great and fast support. Thanks NbDesigner Team   

BeeDee 5 star rating



  Amazing tool, excellent service! Gary the sales rep has been and continues to be responsive providing support when required even after I bought the tool. Jack Le the developer has been extremely helpful in helping me get set up with my website and using the tool. Every issue I had resolved. I can’t recommend them enough. Thank you   

Michael Smart 5 star rating


Michael Smart

  NB Designer is exactly what I was after, it's got the basics of been a fantastic module, i think it just needs tweaks here and their but i think it is mainly due to some streamlining for my own workflow for others it could be perfect out of the box. On a whole its out of this world and am really please with it, support is first class also thankyou David.   

Sebastian Niemi Carlsson 4 star rating


Sebastian Niemi Carlsson

  Many customization options and quite easy to get going. Well done :)   

Erika Jankových 5 star rating


Erika Jankových

  Great plugin and support. Thank you!   

Liza 5 star rating



  If I could I would give Selena a 10/10 she assisted in everyway took me to the website showed me where I needed to change a setting to better understand the issue better to fix it on my own. Thank you Selena your the best.   

Andre 5 star rating



  Very good plugin with many features. Best price/quality you will ever find! Also, support on point. 5 star! Good job   

Masoud dodelandarvar 5 star rating


Masoud dodelandarvar

  Best Plugin in the market . If you have printing shop, you should use this plugin.   

Eric Datanagan 5 star rating


Eric Datanagan

  When it comes to plugins, the functionality is the reason why I buy and install them, BUT what's most important towards making my purchase decision is SUPPORT. How good is their support. I can't count how many plugins I've purchased, that had poor support. I'm stilll learning all of the features and configurations, but the support staff has been excellent and I highly recommend this product for anyone in need of a product design tool.   

Maik Siebel 5 star rating


Maik Siebel

  Best configurator plugin for WordPress   

Daniel Popescu 5 star rating


Daniel Popescu

  I selected to work with NBDesiger because of two main important factors: 1) the app is plenty of useful features 2) quick and professional support, before and after purchase. I am happy with the purchase and I highly recommend it.   

Jeyanthan Jeyam 5 star rating


Jeyanthan Jeyam

  Thank you for helping make changes to our paid plugin   

Neil Barrett 5 star rating


Neil Barrett

  Before being introduced to CMSmart NB Designer, we tried many products, most of which failed to meet our requirements and were overpriced. The CMSmart NB Designer is flawless, as a one to one print business moving into e-commerce this product is everything we have been looking for. The customer service has been excellent every step of the way from purchase to setup. I can not recommend CMSmart enough. I would not hesitate in recommending CMSmart to anyone who requires their software. Selena from CMSmart has been fantastic help from start to finish with everything from the setup of the product to providing us with easy to follow instructions. The communication from her has been clear, accurate and swift. Excell   

Trouverie 5 star rating



  I am assisted by a very reactive team that has always satisfied my requests. I am very happy with this collaboration. I asked to change the icons on the product customization, especially the T-shirt icon on the product thumbnail which was not suitable for my business and Andrea, a member of the cmsmart team was a great help. As I develop locally before publishing my website online, we set up an easy session on Teamviewer. Many thanks for their efficiency :-)   

Halil Orhan 5 star rating


Halil Orhan

  I just bought the product. I sent my first support request. They made a very quick turn. They applied the support I wanted on my website with video narration. I am very pleased. Thank you very much, especially to David, for this nice support.   

Peter Drieghe 5 star rating


Peter Drieghe

  Perfect tool , perfect support. A must have plugin! Greetz, Peter   

Abhishek 5 star rating



  It's been a good product to have to enhance sales & productivity of my team.   

Rajni Bobel 5 star rating


Rajni Bobel

  David helps me a lot. Very fast services. Great response and they really save my time CMS Mart has great Products. and a very helpful support team.   

beenerds LTD 5 star rating


beenerds LTD

  Amazing Support, great product! Bravo!   

Janos 5 star rating



  Excellent and Fast Service   

Jason Buonocore 5 star rating


Jason Buonocore

  Great product and support.   

Quinton 5 star rating



  Best one out there   

Dieter Galambos 5 star rating


Dieter Galambos

  powerful product design builder with great support. Will definitely use it for future projects as well!   

Ray Barlow 5 star rating


Ray Barlow

  Thank you to the team at CMSmart for all you help! I love the NB Designer it certainty has lots of great features, which enable my e-commerce website stand out amongst the rest.   

Mel Larsen 5 star rating


Mel Larsen

  Thank you Selena for your fantastic Support !   

Pi 5 star rating



  Excellent product and excellent support.   

arpan jain 5 star rating


arpan jain

  plug in is designed to keep needs of the end user in mind. easy to use for the end user all the possible features covered value for money after sales service is responsive   

Francois Bergeron 5 star rating


Francois Bergeron

  Very good support Thank to all team   

Azrul Izzam 5 star rating


Azrul Izzam

  The support team is really skilful in helping me install the plugin on my Wordpress Multisite and helping me to configure product builder the way I want it. 5 starts support.   

Matej Ďuricek 5 star rating


Matej Ďuricek

  Online Product Designer is exactly the plugin that we were looking for, to make lot of online designs easy way.   

Huseyin Sarac 5 star rating


Huseyin Sarac

  Great Support , specially Selina will fix any issues you have   

Dennis de Haan 5 star rating


Dennis de Haan

  Great plugin... does what it says... and more. I love it. Even support is great... quick resolvment and nice people.   

Endredi Balazs 5 star rating


Endredi Balazs

  This is the best designer on the market! I recommend it to everyone and the support is excellent too.   

Mark van Meer 5 star rating


Mark van Meer

  The support was absolutely amazing! I had a problem with my pre builder he found the problem and offered to fix it in a very fast time frame. He was very clear towards me and my problem. thank you Jack Le!   

ELIANA PEREZ 5 star rating



  Very good plugging... Everything I was looking for.. The support team are also excellent. Very grateful for all your support and very fast response.   

Stefan 5 star rating



  Awesome product with Awesome support. Highly recommended :)   

Ajith Kumar Perakathu Somasekharan 5 star rating


Ajith Kumar Perakathu Somasekharan

  Very good plugin and fast support.100% recommend..   

Eada 5 star rating



  Staff "Jack Le" is very good. He helped me fix a minor bug. All staff are good. They always answer me and help me fix my issues. Now I know how to work NB Designer   

K. Morrison 5 star rating


K. Morrison

  This is the most comprehensive printing plugin I have ever used. My clients wanted to supplement their physical printing store with an online solution. This plugin has exceeded their expectations. The support team has been very helpful by answering all my concerns and have provided tangible solutions.   

Kšyštof Danovski 5 star rating


Kšyštof Danovski

  This is gold! Plugin is just full of features and capabilities. Also very fast and helpfull support. Solution is defenitely wotrh the money, and saves so much time.   

Welson Ang 5 star rating


Welson Ang

  Very comprehensive software. Good support. All printer should have it.   

Shaundam Von Smakavitz 5 star rating


Shaundam Von Smakavitz

  I was so happy to find this web template. It works very well for me and the support is awesome! I was able to get my website up and excepting payments the same day.   

Rob 5 star rating



  Support has been excellent - thank you very much. I do recommend this product.   

shahar akam 5 star rating


shahar akam

  excellent service and an incredible product! strongly recommend the online designer!   

Laurence 5 star rating



  Amazing online branding solution for users with very little or no design experience with software. Very flexible and works great!   

Hans 5 star rating



  Review by the developer/projectmanager: Before purchasing the plugin we had many questions in order to customize the plugin ourselves. We have a certain look that we want to achieve and our clients work a certain way. I had great contact with Vincent to discuss our needs. Quick respons and interest in our needs. Cmsmart even made an early update on a feature in order to give certainty that this plugin is the one that we need. Looking forward to work with the plugin and with Vincent to make this project happen. Review by the executive team/developers   

David Mies 5 star rating


David Mies

  Uncomplicated and fast solutions - Thanks a lot. Best regards David   

Kelly 5 star rating



  Great platform with quick response support team. Selena has been great in resolving tickets for me :)   

Luis Ostertag 5 star rating


Luis Ostertag

  It's a great product, with a lot of customization options. It works perfect for online printing business. Maybe the tutorials could be improved, but the support staff helps a lot via ticket system.   

Simon Raybould 5 star rating


Simon Raybould

  Excellent product with fantastic fast support. Thanks to Richard.   

Yaniv Cohen 5 star rating


Yaniv Cohen

  Thanks for a great support and good product, I'm very happy, appreciate your quick response   

somchai wattanakit 5 star rating


somchai wattanakit

  Good job. Thank you.   

Adrian Glenn 5 star rating


Adrian Glenn

  Purchased this software for my website. Brilliant service and delivery Talking to the guys, they were very helpful.   

Edwin 5 star rating



  We appreciate your help! Thank you David   

Rene Camadini 5 star rating


Rene Camadini

  Support is good and takes care of inquiries and implementation quickly Many thanks   

marco 4 star rating



  good assistance and timing on fixing problems by Selena. thank you again   

Mirko Šovran 5 star rating


Mirko Šovran

  The problem was solved quickly. Thanks Selena again. You are very kind.   

Milad Safdel 5 star rating


Milad Safdel

  Thanks to Cmsmart, the plugin performance and applicability is wonderful and it is totally clear that the team are continuously working on its improvement. Its great. The support is also as great as possible. It is in fact something beyond support by applying some modifications. The response time has also been improved. In one phrase: Cmsmart is the best design plugin ever. Regards, Milad   

Paper Clip 5 star rating


Paper Clip

  They ave a good ticket service, solve my query and error against the plugin and website too I am facing from last weak, they solve it in only one day, happy with NbDesigner. and the support agent Name Richard and Ken. Thank you   

Aidan 5 star rating



  Certainly the most powerful online product designer available to date. Reliable and efficient support.   

Ramesh Tamang 5 star rating


Ramesh Tamang

  Thanks for your help. 5/5   

Olaf van Gastel 5 star rating


Olaf van Gastel

  This team and this product have been absolutely amazing to our company. Thank you so much for all the extra effort!   

Gareth Jones 5 star rating


Gareth Jones

  Richard has provided us with excellent support so far with trying to get our clients website functioning properly. Thank you.   

Jumatate Razvan 5 star rating


Jumatate Razvan

  NBdesigner is by far the most complete solution for web-to-print stores. Very good quality, amazing design and management features, useful print pricing options and many free templates. And the support offered by their technical team is top notch! I really recommend this plugin.   

Toluleke 5 star rating



  Richard was very helpful. The response time as well as the issue resolution was world class. Thanks for resolving my issue.   

Sasha Mitrovici 5 star rating


Sasha Mitrovici

  Excellent tool for online design on our products. Would recommend it to everyone!!   

Jan Willem Baan 5 star rating


Jan Willem Baan

  Great productdesigner and good support!   

jimmy 5 star rating



  Good product and very good support (Selena, Thank You)   

Ho Printing 5 star rating


Ho Printing

  So far the experience is good, though encountered small errors, the support is kind enough to offer helps and solutions.   

Ulrich Jäger 5 star rating


Ulrich Jäger

  The team will be glad to help!   

Rich DePierro 5 star rating


Rich DePierro

  Support does a really good job.   

Martin Kallenborn 5 star rating


Martin Kallenborn

  Very good support! Thank You!   

James 5 star rating



  Fantastic Plugin. Good customer support. Thank you Giang Vu for your support to deploy the tool.   

Bert Kremer 5 star rating


Bert Kremer

  Great plugin and a lot of options and they are always helping you with a good result and helping fast with your problems. We can make almost any option with this plugin and design options looking also so good we really think the support is good and we are happy to have nb designer on our website Sign-City-shop.nl   

Frank Zimmermann 5 star rating


Frank Zimmermann

  Great PlugIn. It works great and its perfect for my Business. The support works great and in a short time. THANKS   

Tim Zurko 5 star rating


Tim Zurko

  Great product and support   

Rene´Fischer 5 star rating



  NbDesigner is an excellent plugin! The support is also excellent - quick feedback time and friendly with the user.   

Eoin Lennon 5 star rating


Eoin Lennon

  An amazing piece of software for Custom Website Designer Products, The customer support is fantastic, every issue I raised was resolved and professionally dealt with. I can highly recommend this product to anyone who is thinking about purchasing the PRO version. I must remind you that the Customer Support is Fantastic, some of the best Customer Support I have ever had.   

Yehuda Lev 5 star rating


Yehuda Lev

  We checked many design tools and there is no doubt that cmsmart plugin is far away the best tool that you can dream on. The support team is 100% committed to the mission and there is no question without good solution. I give them very strong recommendation. Sincerely Yehuda Bar Lev Target Systems Ltd. - PrintAll   

craig bailey 5 star rating


craig bailey

  Great product and helpful staff. 100% recommend. 5 stars.   

Kent Patrick 5 star rating


Kent Patrick

  Plugin had some teething problems when first installed, contacted support and they were quick to act. All problems solved, Great Customer Service.   

Maria Colon Andino 5 star rating


Maria Colon Andino

  I bought this product and it looks and works perfectly for my business. The support team works promptly and professionally with my questions and needs for my website. A big "THANK YOU!" to Selena for all her help and support. I'm very happy! Maria D. Colon Owner MDC Media Services   

Travis Faulstich 5 star rating


Travis Faulstich

  Great product and support is helpful when issues arrise   

Mahad Mohammed 5 star rating


Mahad Mohammed

  Great online tool design with very user-friendly interface! The only issue is there should be a background color option feature for the customer to choose from on the product.   

Mark Banks 5 star rating


Mark Banks

  I recently bought this product as it look perfect for what I needed, I first tried the free version and was impressed with the look and use of it I bought the pro version soon afterwards. I did encounter some issues with images not loading after adding Print Options but the support team managed to resolve the problem for me. Very good support and it looks a cracking product. Mark https://stickersandprints.com   

Sebastian Echtner 5 star rating


Sebastian Echtner

  Super fast and friendly support! Had trouble translating some points. They helped me out real quick. Thanks a lot   

Lelia 5 star rating



  Thank you Giang for quick answer on ticket. You guy rock!   

Yang-Sheng Huang 5 star rating


Yang-Sheng Huang

  thanks for your kind help   

Kristian Lindblom 5 star rating


Kristian Lindblom

  I am very pleased with the addition of this NB Design. and when you get stuck in a simple thought, the support team solves it easily and quickly. Thanks for all help. Recommend buying the product for more functionality.   

The Pepperfarm Sluis 5 star rating


The Pepperfarm Sluis

  Very good and quick response to questions   

Gregor H Andrade 5 star rating


Gregor H Andrade

  Great support, Best, Gregor   

Ermin Beslic 5 star rating


Ermin Beslic

  Fast support   

Alexander Mueller 5 star rating


Alexander Mueller

  Good guy. Does it what is needed   

Pedro Manuel Cruz Garcia 5 star rating


Pedro Manuel Cruz Garcia

  Excelent support   

mason 5 star rating



  kindly and professional   

Manuel 5 star rating



  Thank you for your support fast efficient works as promised.   

Sam Barga 5 star rating


Sam Barga

  Great customer service. They respond to the issue and work until it is resolved. It is a little slow in that they are in Vietnam and I am in the US, so my replies are while they are closed and vice versa, but it is an issue of location NOT in their response times. After a few hiccups to get the designer fully functional, they were able to guide me to a solution and I am happy to report that we received our first custom order today. So excited for the potential of this product and thankful for the helpful support team backing it up.   

Santosh Prajapati 5 star rating


Santosh Prajapati

  Online Product Designer Plugin is cost effective best plugin to publish any type of designable products, it also supports product builder. Plugin customization is possible and it's very fast, easy and cost effective. It's first and best choice to start store within a week. Plugin is very stable, smooth and offers various print options to suit every product design requirement. And support staff is well versed with product and hence they provides quick and clear support without any ticket looping.   

James Yuran 5 star rating


James Yuran

  Giang was quick to fix a bug we had! Thank you!   

Madlena Schulman 5 star rating


Madlena Schulman

  Thank you! It is working!   

James Anthony 5 star rating


James Anthony

  ALL FIXED - didn't realize how easy it was to create templates!   

Rodrigo Torres 4 star rating


Rodrigo Torres

  I solved it with the developer from the other plugin Thanks   

Hugo 5 star rating



  top great nice review   

Tyler Cobb 5 star rating


Tyler Cobb

  Quick fix appreciated!   

Sheldon Otto 5 star rating


Sheldon Otto

  Awesome Plugin! and great service from Giang Vu! Thanks!   

Arthur Blavis 5 star rating


Arthur Blavis

  The personalised support made the process of setting up an item very clear. I had missed this instruction in the documentation video, but now it's clear as crystal. Thanks so very much, Mr. Giang!   

Miguel 5 star rating



  Thank you. My issue was solved.   

UofT Bookstore 5 star rating


UofT Bookstore

  quickly resolved the issue   

Gert Snijder 5 star rating


Gert Snijder

  The best support ever. Great design editor with a lot of options.   

Peter Hofacker 5 star rating


Peter Hofacker

  good support   

Dietmar Kröpfl 5 star rating


Dietmar Kröpfl

  perfekt perfekt   

ITPICT 5 star rating



  Hi Jason, Thks a lot for your Help !-) NBDesigner is really excellent ! Best regards, Greg   

Milena Tasic 5 star rating


Milena Tasic

  Good product, excellent support   

Thomas Puscher 5 star rating


Thomas Puscher

  Thanks for your fast help.   

mattia morghen 5 star rating


mattia morghen

  Excellent customer support. Quick and fast they solved my problem in 48 hours.   

Robin 5 star rating



  Ok. Thanks for your help.   

May Chang 5 star rating


May Chang

  Tks for your support.   

papguam 5 star rating



  Great Customer Service   

Louis Gelinas 5 star rating


Louis Gelinas

  Everything is almost perfect, the only thing is I cannot put more than 1 instance for Round Corners, the problem is I need to change the prices of rounded corner depending on the quantity by using the conditional options as I did for the laminate options. Maybe it's me that doesn't know how to do it, but I need that option. So for the quantities 500 and 1000, it's 30.00 more, for the quantity 2500 it's 45.00 more and for the quantity 5000, it's 65.00 more. Why did you close this support ticket? Thanks again, your service is great.   

Terri Schulze 4 star rating


Terri Schulze

  I'm happy with the end result, the screen shots were clear. It took a little long to get there but I do understand that you had a 3 day holiday in between.   

Grégory Roux 5 star rating


Grégory Roux

  It's this answer I would have waiting   

ivato GmbH 5 star rating


ivato GmbH

  Had a great experience of nbdesigner plug-in and quick support. Thanks Binh   

Alieski Reinaldo 5 star rating


Alieski Reinaldo

  Thanks for your quick response. Working with Blue Host to solve the issue. I'll let you know tomorrow. Have a good night. Alieski   

Sagar 5 star rating



  Very good support   

Craig Freeman 5 star rating


Craig Freeman

  Thank you for your assistance   

William Wah 5 star rating


William Wah

  Thanks for your help! Support reply is within 1 business day which is quick and responsive. thanks   

Stempel-ECK 5 star rating



  Thank you :D   

Levon Kosoyan 5 star rating


Levon Kosoyan

  Support was amazing!! My problem was solved within 2 hours. Great product and service   

Investech SRL 5 star rating


Investech SRL

   For your information, in windows explorer is working when we press "process" Thanks   

Kevin L Simpson 5 star rating


Kevin L Simpson

  Thanks. It worked after I cleared my cache.   

Nikolaj Andersen 5 star rating


Nikolaj Andersen

  Perfect. write to siraj siraj.aghadiinfotech@gmail.com He will give it to you :)   

Adam Wosik 5 star rating


Adam Wosik

  Very good help. Quick response   

OCK 5 star rating



  Hi. Giang Vu pleased to meet you again. Thank you so much for your quick fix. :) I will leave a good rating. Thank you for your support!   

Dennis Expose 5 star rating


Dennis Expose

  Awesome on tech support and communication.   

David Tran 5 star rating


David Tran

  Awesome it worked thank you very much Duong!   

Dũng 5 star rating



  Thanks Giang Vũ   

Jeroen van Galen 5 star rating


Jeroen van Galen

  great to work with CmsMart. I am very happy how quick you guys solve my problems! gr Jeroen van Galen   

Infin8 5 star rating



  Awesome support!   

Alexander Dzhenkov 5 star rating


Alexander Dzhenkov

  Very quick Very helpful   

Alexis Devos 5 star rating


Alexis Devos

  Great plugin & constant support!   

john 5 star rating



  Fast response and great help. Answered my questions and helped my with my issues!   

Chad Hoffman 5 star rating


Chad Hoffman

  Thank you for helping us in getting this done!   

Adnan Khawaja 5 star rating


Adnan Khawaja

  Awesome support and very prompt!!   

Syed Tariq Ali 5 star rating


Syed Tariq Ali

  Thanks so much.. Your plugin works flawlessly AND the impressive after sales support is simply awesome.. Thanks so much yet again.. Regards Syed   

Alex M 5 star rating


Alex M

  Thanks for quick help.   

pointofmedia 5 star rating



  Dear David, thank you very much for your fast help, I always appreciate!   

Federocp 5 star rating



  Great Support and very kindly people Thanks a lot!   

Matthias Lucas 5 star rating


Matthias Lucas

  Thanks for your quick help!   

Josh Spooner 5 star rating


Josh Spooner

  Good. it works well. Thank you for your fixing.   

Mathew 5 star rating



  Sounds good! Thanks again :)   

Kay Jaeger 5 star rating


Kay Jaeger

  The plugin works perfectly. If you have any problems, the support will help you quickly and easily! This is what support must look like - thanks !   

John Migliore 5 star rating


John Migliore

  Jason is Awesome! Patient! Understanding! and is helping us make this big decision easier.   

Cliff Cordes 5 star rating


Cliff Cordes

  Solved, thanks!   

Alba Nyomda Kft. 5 star rating


Alba Nyomda Kft.

  Thank you the quick response!   

Daniel Kristensson 5 star rating


Daniel Kristensson

  Fast and informative   

Christian 5 star rating



  Amazing support! Very helpful and very quick! 5/5!   

Vittal Patnala 5 star rating


Vittal Patnala

  Thank you!   

Trevor Cameron 5 star rating


Trevor Cameron

  Quick and great service again. Thanks   

Nguyễn Việt 5 star rating


Nguyễn Việt

  Great plugin and good support! 5 stars for plugin and 5 stars support. Thank for your support, Mr. Giang   

ChrisMJ 5 star rating



  Giang! Really appreciate your help. Thx   

Peter Barlow 5 star rating


Peter Barlow

  Really appreciate the support that is given   

steve swendener 5 star rating


steve swendener

  They have always been helpful and very responsive would highly recommend Steve   

Archipelago Nusantara 5 star rating


Archipelago Nusantara

  Great! Thank you so much!   

Bertrand Kima 5 star rating


Bertrand Kima

  The perfect guys! Great job. Thank you for your super help!   

Joe Lumi 5 star rating


Joe Lumi

  Their customer service responded quickly to my question and helped resolve my issue. I was very pleased with the service.   

Rinaey P 5 star rating


Rinaey P

  great customer suport   

Blair Wolf 5 star rating


Blair Wolf

  The NBDesigner Plugin works well for our needs and the price point is palatable. Service is good and the response time is reasonable (we are on the opposite side of the planet from the support crew).   

Adam Peto 5 star rating


Adam Peto

  I am very satisfied with the support services. Quick and helpful.   

Justin Cheong 5 star rating


Justin Cheong

  Great Giang! Thanks so much for your help!   

Praneeth Vitta 5 star rating


Praneeth Vitta

  Very fast service. I couldn't expected they did in couple of hours. Especially Giang thank you so much .   

Ruslan 5 star rating



  Hi! Thank you so much for support! Now I've got the answers to most of my questions.   

Md Ziaul Hasan 5 star rating


Md Ziaul Hasan

  Hi, Could you please verify again?   

Rayden Faeez 5 star rating


Rayden Faeez

  Thank You solve our issue. Great Client Services   

shoooin 5 star rating



  Thanks! Not sure why it was not working before.   

Valeria 5 star rating



  Perfecto. Gracias   

shachar 5 star rating



  Now everything works thanks   

Kerri 5 star rating



  Awesome! Thanks so much!   

Burak Öner 5 star rating


Burak Öner

  Thank you very much it is ok now   

Daniel 5 star rating



  Fast reply, problem solved   

Milton Ferguson 5 star rating


Milton Ferguson

  Thank you for understand my problem and thanks for giving solution.   

Daniel Oguntifa 4 star rating


Daniel Oguntifa

  It it really too near for me to write a full details review now But sincerely so far I found the Plugin one of the best in the industry.   

goran katic 5 star rating


goran katic

  fast and good support   

QUIRICONI 5 star rating



  very good support and by the way with short time response which helps me to purchase your plugin ! Thanks !   

Eric Faucon 5 star rating


Eric Faucon

  Support has always been very reactive ! Bugs fixed quickly, and customization have always been done as requested.   

David Blide 5 star rating


David Blide

  The support I received on this project has been phenomenal. The end client has made this difficult with several revisions and customization. . Le Duy Toan has completed each request in a professional and friendly manner meeting all deadlines and exceeding all expectations. You support sets the standard for other companies to follow.   

Mario Hunter 5 star rating


Mario Hunter

  FANTASTIC! Thank you.   

Philipp Purtschert 5 star rating


Philipp Purtschert

  thank you my friend good job!!!!   

Don 5 star rating



  Very helpful and patient!   

Melissa Rossit 4 star rating


Melissa Rossit

  Quick replies and good service   

Gabor 5 star rating



  thank you !   

Yasser 4 star rating



  Now it Work .. you can try !   

Cristina Fernández 5 star rating


Cristina Fernández

  The problem was fix, thanks.   

mark salman 5 star rating


mark salman

  i'm surprised with the support, he fixed all the issues but those shouldn't be there when i installed the theme.   

Robert Rijnders 4 star rating


Robert Rijnders

  Support handled the (update) issue, but you need to enable update from within the backend to get the extra star.   

Suneth 4 star rating



  Great catch. I totally missed that. Thanks for your help.   

Julio 5 star rating



  Great job!   

Youston 5 star rating



  Great service. Thanks so much   

Tankusic 4 star rating



  good service   

Jamar Watson 5 star rating


Jamar Watson

  great work thank for support   

Frank Wagner 5 star rating


Frank Wagner

  It works - thank you.   

Dustin Rustick 5 star rating


Dustin Rustick

  Awesome Thank You for the support!   

Trever 5 star rating



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mohamad hendi

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Erdal Cicek

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Vanessa Acook

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netanel shkalo

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Johnny M. Kraemer

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Fidel N. Alexander

  This is the first time I have used this product, from the introduction of my friend. I have used it for my calendar printing store for a week. I am totally satisfied and thank you so much, Netbase!   

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Mickey Foster

  I am just being petty this morning. The statement above says "Ratting" not "Rating" Excellent services for me so far.   

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Andre A. Casto

  Hi, I want to express my gratitude to your developers and support team. your product is so amazing, one of a kind in the martket> Besides the fonts and arts available in your product, we also add a lot of other ones. My library is so wonderful. 5 stars for your products! Andre   

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Consuelo J. Ford

  My printing store focus mostly on encouraging customers design by themselves and I am totally satisfied with Hand free drawing feature. So amazing! Your support team is also very nice, they help me a lot in the whole installation process. Thumb up!   

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Ella James

  As the responses from my customers, they are really satisfied with the features that allow them to design freely by themselves. Each small features of designing is clear and easy to use. We have just tried your product for about 4 days but we are so happy with the compliment from my customers. You did good job!   


No matter what you experience or how your qualification and background in design are, NBdesigner lets you create and innovate the beautiful designs with some clicks. Anyone can use this great plugin easily and quickly.

Printing solution suppliers

Printing solution suppliers

You got a big printing business and you want your customers to have a quick in design.

Print agency

Print agency

We offer online and custom quotes, do the customization tasks and Online design is our powerful tool to help customers.



Manage users and departments with ready templates, role-based access, and automated job sheets.

Marketing Organizations

Marketing Organizations

We offer private brand with the exclusive theme and we also customize the marketing assets while retaining our brand.

Designers and Trade Printers

Designers and Trade Printers

We collaborate with designers and hundreds of printers in many countries. NBdesigner plugin is a useful tool for designer and trade printers.

Sign Printers

Sign Printers

Provide the ready templates for personal organization and also customize the requests from customers with the best offers.

Shop Owner vs Customers

With the powerful feature and friendly user interface, NBdesigner is really a useful WordPress Print Design Plugin for both the shop owner and their customers. Are you curious about what customers and shop owner can do with NBdesigner?

Online Product Designer Plugin for WooCommerce WordPress Workflow


NBdesigner allows admin to save their file into multiple layers PDF to print. He also downloads the file in SVG file. More flexibly, admin can covert PNG file into JPG and then from JPG RGP to JPG CMYK.

Online Product Designer Plugin for WooCommerce WordPress Workflow

WordPress Online Product Designer Woocommerce Plugin

You can design anything- flexible to use Nbdesigner WordPress for any products.

Online Product Designer Plugin for WooCommerce WordPress Workflow

WooCommerce Online Design Tool Workflow

This workflow diagram helps you understand more clearly how our plugin works

Online Product Designer Plugin for WooCommerce WordPress Workflow

Key features of Online Product Designer Plugin for WooCommerce WordPress

This plugin really helps to increase your revenue up to 60% per month with its powerful and great features. Understanding clearly its features to take advantage of and apply it into your business is a necessary and prioritized thing.


Besides great functions, NBdesigner plugin allows you access template library with various free template, images and elements.

200+  Free Templates Library

200+ Free Templates Library

Save a lots of time to get free templates from Template Library. Give your customer exactly what they want. They can always create awesome designs with extensive number of printing templates.


1,500,000+ Free images

Get free access to millions of the world’s best stock images. We guarantee that you will always find the true graphics suitable with your needs!

1,500,000+  Free images
25,000+  Free Elements

25,000+ Free Elements

There are 400+ shapes and 25,000+ icons expressing your feeling. Feel free to use it in your own way.


Create template from ai file to svg format (Additional paid feature)

Discover a new world of creativity and precision vector tools. Import ai files then convert svg format to create awesome templates to use

Find Out More
Create template from ai file to svg format (Additional paid feature)

Backend Screenshots (12)

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the best answers when you catch problems


See our changelog below to update your site better

Compatible with: WooComerce 3.0.x, WooComerce 3.1.x, WooCommerce 3.5.x, WooCommerce 3.6.x, WooCommerce 4.x.x, WooCommerce 5.0.0, WordPress 4.7.x, WordPress 4.8.x, WordPress 4.9.x, WordPress 5.0.x, WordPress 5.1.x, WordPress 5.2.x, WordPress 5.6

Version 2.8.1 Updated: 2021, Apr 12

Fix: duplicate items in cart page after processing Add To Cart

Fix: Conflict JS color picker between Online Design with Dokan plugin

Tweak: some conditional logic

Version 2.8.0 Updated: 2021, Mar 08

+ Add - 3D preview

+ Add - Sticker cutline, pattern preview

+ Add - Convert outline text

+ Add - Advanced upload

+ Add - Freepik Photos, Storyset Elements

+ Add - Import sample products

+ Tweak - Eyedropper color picker

+ Compatibility - Wordpress 5.6, WooCommerce 5.0.0

Version 2.7.5 Updated: 2020, Dec 21

+ Add - Auto fill template image placeholders

+ Add - Geometric shape on modern layout

+ Add - Simple image filters on modern layout

+ Tweak - Reduce time to load template

+ Tweak - Always show layer corner actions

+ Compatibility - Wordpress 5.6, WooCommerce 4.8.0

Version 2.7.4 Updated: 2020, Nov 27

+ Add - Manual build price matrix

+ Add - Manage stage in editor: add, duplicate, delete, sort

+ Fix - Instagram API, Pexels API

+ Fix - Live chat display on Safari

+ Compatibility - WooCommerce 4.7.1

Version 2.7.3 Updated: 2020, Aug 22

+ Add - Cloud API export design into CMYK JPEG format

+ Add - Custom shape design area

+ Add - Upload pdf in design editor( read only and required Imagick )

+ Tweak - Print option Math Formula

+ Compatibility - WooCommerce 4.4.1 and WordPress 5.5

Version 2.7.2 Updated: 2020, Jun 30

+ Add - Cloud API export pdf

+ Add - Printing FAQs

+ Add - Design monitor and live chat

+ Add - Google static map ( Element )

+ Tweak - print options: large amount of fields, show options group as panel, price formula

Version 2.7.1 Updated: 2020, Mar 21

+ Add - Auto export PDF when order status changed

+ Add - Synchronize output files to Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Dropbox, other host via FTP or SFTP

+ Add - Print Option attribute/sub-attribute conditional logic

+ Tweak - Manage large amount of Print Option fields

Version 2.7.0 Updated: 2020, Feb 04

+ Add - Design Launcher

  - Register to become designer - create and sell designs

  - Dashboard for designers

  - Admin dashboard - manage designs, designers, withdraw requests

+ Add - Pexels media

+ Add - FlatIcon media

+ Tweak - Imporove load template photos

Version 2.6.0 Updated: 2019, Oct 07

+ Add - Photo frame

+ Add - Image shape

+ Add - Individual product setting

+ Add - Icon category

+ Fix - Undo/Redo

Version 2.5.0 Updated: 2019, Jul 13

+ Improve - print options:

    - Calculate total price for bulk variation

    - Add two table pricing types

    - Delivery field

    - Advance dropdown, Large label

    - Option condition depend the quantity

    - Show print option as steps

    - Print option group

+ Add - Make quote from checkout page

+ Add - Template mapping, vCard

+ Add - Template filter

+ Add - Request design form

Version 2.4.0 Updated: 2019, May 14

+ Add - Request a quote

+ Add - Template tags ( template categories )

+ Add - Display print option in archive page as color swatches

+ Add - Print option price independent the quanity

+ Add - Set default quantity beak

+ Add - Ajax add to cart

+ Enhancement - Update google fonts

+ Fix - Share design link for variable product

+ Fix - Complex svg path in pdf

Version 2.3.0 Updated: 2019, Mar 20

+ Add - Product builder feature

+ Add - Option show product dimension

+ Add - Option show print option in side bar tab

+ Add - Option allow the customer download design in editor ( modern layout )

+ Fix - Active sidebar tab

+ Fix - Transform object with large size product

+ Fix - Add to cart after save design in product detail

+ Fix - Import/export design/options

+ Fix - Select default quantity breaks

+ Fix - Zero quantity for bulk variations

+ Tweak - Imporove output file quantity

+ Tweak - Interpretation bleed popup

+ Compatibility - Wordpress 5.1.1

Version 2.2.1 Updated: 2018, Dec 09

+ Add - curved text in Modern layout

+ Fix - tour guide on mobile, ruler on Visual layout

+ Compatibility - Wordpress 5.0

+ Enhancement - convert Text in templates ( created in version 1.x ) to Textbox ( version 2.x )

Version 2.2.0 Updated: 2018, Dec 07

+ Add - new layout: Visual layout

+ Add - ruler, guide line

+ Compatibility - with Autoptimize, Color swatch plugins, Cache plugins

+ Fix - print options

+ Tweak - user experience on mobile devices

Version 2.1.1 Updated: 2018, Nov 13

+ Fix - Background image of option color

+ Fix - Bulk variation quantity

+ Fix - Custom dimension input step

+ Fix - Permission Add to cart and start design

+ Fix - Price decimal and thousand separator

+ Fix - Import custom fonts in PDF

+ Fix - Add to cart and redirect with product has options

+ Fix - Download zip files

+ Fix - Can not start design from category with variable product

+ Fix - Font size in pt unit

+ Fix - Bleed size

Version 2.1.0 Updated: 2018, Oct 12

+ Add - Printing price option

+ Add - Add text background, text stroke ( modern layout )

+ Fix - JPG output low resolution ( classic layout )

+ Fix - Zoom and scroll on design editor ( classic layout )

+ Fix - Can not change font size on Firefox

+ Fix - Compatibility with Dokan Multivendor, Polylang

+ Tweak - Modern layout on iOs

+ Tweak - Load global templates

Version 2.0.0 Updated: 2018, Aug 10

+ Add - New design editor layout ( big update )

+ Add - Photo libraries: Pixaby, Unsplash

+ Add - Typography library

+ Add - Clipart libraries: Icons, Shapes

+ Tweak - gallery/templates page

+ Tweak - Admin manage fonts page

+ Compatibility with WordPress 4.9.x, WooCommerce 3.4.x

+ Compatibility with Dokan Multivendor

Version 1.8.1 Updated: 2018, May 03

+ Fix - Preview design inaccurate

+ Fix - Mobile interface

+ Fix - DPI of .png images

Version 1.8.0 Updated: 2017, Dec 04

+ Add - Get photos from Dropbox, Google Drive

+ Add - Assign user as designer

+ Add - Share design

+ Add - Designer templates page

+ Add - Save design for later

+ Add - Export design to SVG

+ Add - Export design to JPG high resolution, CMYK mode and ICC profile ( required: php Imagick API )

+ Add - re-order with order has design

+ Add - Get design from wishlist, cart and design store

+ Add - Upload design without custom design

+ Tweak - gallery/templates page

+ Fix - Translate frontend editor

+ Fix - Add to cart variable product

+ Fix - Upload design files

+ Compatibility with WordPress 4.9.1, WooCommerce 3.2.5

+ Update list google font ( +800 fonts )

Version 1.7.0 Updated: 2017, Aug 07

+ Add - Feature: allow upload design file

+ Add - Feature: allow user use Instagram photo

+ Add - Feature: get a quote product

+ Add - Feature: extra price for design product

+ Add - Feature: allow user define dimension, number of sides/pages

+ Add - Feature: bleed, margin for card/paper...

+ Fix - Switch dimension unit

+ Fix - Exclude overlay in final design

+ Compatibility with WordPress 4.8.1, WooCommerce 3.1.1

Version 1.6.2 Updated: 2017, Apr 10

+ Fix - Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.x

Version 1.6.1 Updated: 2017, Mar 28

+ Fix - PDF margin

+ Fix - Css RTL

+ Tweak - Manager templates page

+ Tweak - Improve speed load and save design

Version 1.6.0 Updated: 2017, Mar 06

+ Output PDF

+ Configuration show, hide tools design in frontend

+ Predefined color, limit color palette

+ Improve setting product design (Go to: NBDesigner → Tools → Update product design setting data → Update)

Version 1.5.0 Updated: 2017, Feb 03

+ Improved work follow

+ Add frontend functions:

  + Hotkeys

  + Undo/redo (Ctrl + Z / Ctrl + Y)

  + Strict mode for admin template (Lock movement,lock edit content, click to upload)

  + Snap grid

  + Align group layers

+ Fixed bug: multiple designs with same product

+ Fixed bug: upload SVG on Wordpress 4.7.1 and 4.7.2

+ Test compatibility with WP 4.7.2

Version 1.4.0 Updated: 2016, Dec 29

+ Support rtl languge

+ Compatibility with WordPress 4.7

+ Shortcode gallery design template ex: [nbdesigner_gallery row=5 per_row=3 pagination=1]

+ Widget NBDesigner suguest product design (suguest related product with customer design)

+ Custom CSS

Version 1.3.0 Updated: 2016, Dec 12

+ Add feature capture image from webcam

+ Add feature update url/path cliparts, fonts when migrate domain

+ Add feature check theme compatibility with plugin

+ Add feature setup design for variations of variable product

+ Fix bug active domain

Version 1.2.0 Updated: 2016, Nov 24

+ Add feature admin template, manage admin templates

+ Add feature export/import design, load admin design template

+ Fix bug render design after resize window

+ Fix bug duplicate item

+ Fix bug load font

+ Fix bug change color SVG path

+ Remove function drag to sort layer in touch device

Version 1.1.0 Updated: 2016, Nov 07

+ Add feature setup multi-language

+ Add feature switch frontend language without re-load page

+ Add feature edit category clipart, font

+ Improve interface

+ Add feature choose DPI for print resolution

+ Fix bug crop image

+ Fix bug detail order design

Version 1.0.0 Updated: 2016, Oct 19

+ Released on 19/10/2016

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