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Similar to Order uploadDelivery date plugin in WordPress Printshop is also extremely important. It greatly affects your business performance. So, has your website integrated the delivery date feature? This is one of the extremely powerful utilities for business shops. In the article, I will guide you to install this feature in the most detailed way. Invite you to follow along

We believe that the post-purchase customer experience is as important as the acquisition process. That is why we built the Order Delivery Date plugin. It helps you to improve your customer service by delivering the orders on the customer’s specified date.

Outstanding feature of Delivery date plugin in WordPres Printshop

  • Enable delivery day
  • A minimum number of hours required to prepare for delivery.
  • A number of dates available for delivery.
  • Mandatory field delivery date
  • Maximum deliveries/orders per day
  • Sort on WooCommerce Orders Page
  • Auto-populate first available Delivery date
  • Apply Minimum Delivery Time for non-working weekdays 

Tutorial video to use delivery date plugin in Wordpress printshop

How to use the Delivery date plugin in WordPress Printshop template? 

Hopefully, you have come to see the importance of A. Please equip it today to improve product quality. With the above-detailed instructions, the installation will become much easier. Don't forget to notice the difference before and after integrating the delivery date plugin. Hopefully, the article has brought the most overview for you. If you have any question, feel free to feedback here. I and colleagues are willing to support you.

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