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PrintStore benefit

Do not waste your money to find other solutions for printing. All is here in one package.

Product Online Design

A powerful web to print solution which helps your customers design or customize shirts and any prints before the order.


With responsive function, all layouts will fit and look great on different size of the device as a desktop, mobile phone, and tablet.

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution allows showing almost any kind of content with highly customization, transitions, effects and custom animations.

SiteOrigin Page Buider

Page Builder by SiteOrigin makes it easy to build responsive grid-based page content that adapts to mobile devices with pixel perfect accuracy.

Unlimited Custom Color

Easy to set up element color to suit your theme such as background header, hover over text, and so on.

Easy to custom

Customers always worry about the way to replace images to make their site better. With this theme, it is so fast and easy to change images, products, and logo.


This plugin enables you to build multi-seller for e-commerce solution. Invite your friends and partners come to your site and earn money together.

Seo friendly

This theme is built with the best SEO to help you increase sales volume. With Yoast or All in one SEO plugin, we believe your rank increase significantly.


You can easily configure products as you wish to enhance customer experience...

sales & marketing feature

It includes Standard and Advanced features. Reducing Sales and Marketing cost up to 30%.


You can manage all data with the system , easy find history as well as store customers activation. It helps customers operate clear and professional.


If you sell a lot of items but you do not know to manage it, your business will be messy. Manage products,


#1 Online design tool at this time of web to print store. It is indispensable plugin that all shop owners must integrate to increase sale volume up to 60% monthly

Compatible with WooCommerce

This plugin is an extension of WooCommerce plugin that allow your users to design products easily

Add Text

System allow you add many kind of text, change color, font, style, align, move, resize, rotate, delete and…

Get colors and size of design

Great of functions, System allows you to determine the exact size and color of each regional design.

Easy to use

Friendly user interface and clear. T-Shirt eCommerce is easy to understand and simple to use with clients.

Add Clipart

You can add art, change colors, move, resize, rotate, delete art, flip, center function and…

Help Tools

Powerful tool with lots of functions: zoom, move item design, preview, flip, align and…

Fully Responsive

T-Shirt eCommerce is auto responsive, so system can work perfectly with all devices.

Allow upload file

System allows upload file PNG, GIF, JPG with min and max file. You can get image from Facebook, Flickr and Instagram

Customer design again easily

If your design is rejected, please go to your account to design again. You can design until approving.

Various fonts

There are many fonts are included in this product. Admin also can add more fonts if they want

Free-hand drawing

Especially, you also can use many available brush to draw, you can create your own signature.

Accept or decline design

After recieving order, admin will consider and send an email notification to inform that their design is accepted or rejected.


This plugin enables you to build multi-seller or multi-vendor e-commerce solution. Invite your friends and partners come to your site and earn money together.

demo-multivendor1 demo-multivendor2
Independent Stores

It allows anyone to set up their own store within minutes, turning your website into a full-fledged marketplace.

Dashboard For Each Seller

Easily manage product inventory, including sales, discounts and promotions on dashboard

Earn From Each Sale

You can charge your sellers a percentage for each order, giving them an e-commerce solution free of any monthly

Birds Eye View With Reports

Every seller can see his/her own sales report and see a bird eye view on the sales they are making.

Coupon Management

Every seller manages their own products and discounts they offer. What's more, create discount coupons for special sales!

Individual Stores

Sellers get their own store page with their own branding.

Manage Product Reviews

Each seller manages their own product reviews independently. Delete, mark as spam or modify the product reviews on the fly.

Manage Orders

Each seller manages their own orders, mark orders as pending or processed, view the shipping and billing address and ship the product

Review Product Publishing

Maintain the quality of products and block spams or illegal products. If the publishing approval is turned on, Admin will review the product and publish.

Easy Seller Withdrawt System

Seller can make withdraw request to admin by their dashboard. Admin can set minimum withdraw limit threshenterprise, days for withdraw and manage requests.

Seller Profile Completeness

It manages sellers profile completeness par on sellers dashboard. Seller can view his/her profile completeness percent by the bar.

Manage SEO For Store Page

Each seller can manage SEO for their own store page. They can use custom SEO meta and description for their store page.

Each Seller Setup Their Store Settings

Seller can setup the store from their settings on seller dashboard.

Order Status Counter Widget On Seller Dashboard

Seller can have a quick view on the number of their orders status by order

Seller Payment Method Setup

Seller can manage their payment methods from their dashboard settings. They can also set their withdraw method from there.

Control Selling Capability

You can activate/deactivate merchants and select which merchant that can sell their products. Promote them to become 'trusted sellers' to publish without delay!

Shipping Management For Each Seller

Each seller can manage their products shipping from their shipping tab. They can set global shipping for their store and override shipping rate from products.

Social Profiles Integration For Vendors

Vendors can add their social profiles from Twitter, Facebook etc, and link their Facebook stores into their store profile helping them make cross sales.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management System

You can manage all data with system , easy find history as well as store customers activition. Automatically in sales process and take care customers that improve s bussiness strategey effectively.

Auto Marketing

It manages and set up auto marketing process, connect with the website to get customers database.

Statistic & Report

You can create reports with different diagrams as chart, pie, and others.

Document Management

It is integrated document to manage necessary data for any activation relate to customer

Time Management

It provides work schedule as our normal activation that included meeting, event to-do list.

Manage Projects

Create customer associated projects with assignable tasks, mele stone, and due date.

Sales And Support

Everything in the sales and support editions. Let customers log into a portal to submit and review tickets, share files…


Professional Service

Install theme as our demo with sample Data within 48 hours

Included in this solution