Online entrepreneurs may easily establish their own websites thanks to ecommerce website builders. Indeed, many ecommerce website builders are so simple to use that you won't even need to employ a developer. After you know how to write an eCommerce business plan. Putting your shop online is one of the finest things you can do in 2021. It will enable you to tap into a bigger market and significantly increase your revenue. 

E-commerce is a trend, a business model with a fast growth rate has a lot of benefits, which you can read more in here. It's not too difficult to create a free ecommerce website with unlimited products. Today CMSMART will bring you 12 choices. We will analyze the pros and cons, outstanding features and pricing plans of each platform to give you a better look and make the best choice. Finally, you will know to How To Design An E-Commerce Website Make Happy Customers?

The majority of prominent ecommerce site builders provide customizable packages that combine themes, plugins, and a variety of layouts. They make website building accessible to anyone who does not have programming skills. In this post, we'll look at some of the most popular ecommerce website builders on the market. 

1. Big Cartel

Big Cartel, founded nearly two decades ago in 2005 by Matt Wigham, is an indie firm that has assisted small companies, manufacturers, and artists in selling their goods online. Because the team behind this website builder is made up of artists, they understand exactly what creatives require to market their wares.

With their free ecommerce storefront, you may only sell five things and use one picture per sale. So, if your product line is small, you can employ this approach. Having said that, if you wish to sell more items, their Platinum plan costs only $9.99 per month, making it a cost-effective eCommerce website builder.

While some users have complained about the high learning curve, Big Cartel does provide a setup wizard that provides helpful tips as you build your website. Overall, it is a wonderful option for artists on a tight budget who wish to sell only a few things. BigCartel makes it simple to post photographs, pricing, descriptions, and other content. Based on the quantity of goods you wish to publish, you may select the monthly plan that best meets your needs

  • Pros:

Dashboard that is simple to use

Plans with reasonable pricing

Website templates in plenty

Flexibility in modifying the site's code

  • Cons

It is not developer-friendly.

There is no search functionality.

Stores have few payment choices.

  • Pricing

Gold is free; Platinum is $9.99.

Diamond is $19.99.

Titanium is $29.99.

  • Main Features

Templates that are responsive

Excellent research data

Solutions for email marketing and contact management

2. Buy Now Plus

While Buy Now Plus is not a standard eCommerce site, we thought it was worth mentioning. In a nutshell, it allows you to build a "Buy Now" button, which you can then add to your current website or social media platforms. So, if you already have a social media account or a website, you can simply add the button as a CTA and begin selling right away. However, before creating a free eCommerce site you will also need to register a Stripe account. View more 10 Of The Best Ecommerce Business Examples To Learn From Right Now

One negative is that they charge transaction fees, unlike some of the other free eCommerce site builders on our list. While the transaction charge is only 2% each transaction, you must additionally pay Stripe's transaction fees. In any event, it might be a viable alternative to using a full-fledged eCommerce website builder. 

3. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a well-known name in email marketing since it provides one of the top email newsletter solutions. They do, however, feature free eCommerce sites. With the aid of their website builder, you can easily create professional-looking, mobile-friendly websites without any coding knowledge.

Constant Contact distinguishes itself from many comparable products by providing a free picture collection. Users may access over 550,000 free photos thanks to their collaboration with Unsplash. It also provides a free logo creator that uses artificial intelligence to generate hundreds of logo alternatives that you can then further tweak. However, keep in mind that they charge a 1.5 percent fee on each transaction made through your online store and that you cannot link your own domain with their  free eCommerce software. 

4. Ecwid

If you don't know how to design an eCommerce website, please read more in here or using Ecwid, as the name implies, works a little differently than most other eCommerce website builders. It provides an eCommerce website builder as well as a plug-in that can be added to existing stores. This implies you don't have to start from scratch if you already have a website. Instead, you can easily integrate Ecwid into almost any platform, including social media outlets.

Ecwid has already assisted 200,000 businesses in over 170 countries in their ten years of operation. You may sell up to ten goods with its Free ecommerce plan (which is slightly more than what BigCartel offers). Furthermore, its free eCommerce software has no transaction fees or irritating advertising. Overall, it is simple to comprehend and operate, making it an excellent alternative if you want to add eCommerce to your current site but have a minimal budget.

5. Freewebstore

With freewebstore, you may receive a fully hosted eCommerce website as well as a selection of domain names for free. Unlike many of the other website builders on our list, freewebstore's  free eCommerce software does not have a limit on the amount of goods you may sell. Instead, they have set a limit of $30,000 in yearly revenue. So, depending on your business, this may be a better option for you. SSL, 24/7 support, a Facebook storefront, stock management, and product notes are also included with their free eCommerce storefront.

In the 14 years that freewebstore has been in operation, more than 750,000 online store owners have utilized it. They have over 1,000 ratings on Trustpilot and a TrustScore of 4.6, which is quite excellent.

6. Mozello

You are excused if you haven't heard of Mozello until today. While they are not one of the more well-known eCommerce website builders, they do provide one feature that many do not — the option to develop multilingual websites.

You may add up to five goods to your online store with their free eCommerce site (which includes one product option and five product variants). However, there are a few disadvantages to their free eCommerce software. For starters, it exclusively accepts online payments via PayPal or transfers to a bank account. The free eCommerce software also excludes a few additional nice-to-have features such as discount coupons, a personalized domain name, and customisable emails. Overall, if you operate a small business that only offers physical things and no digital products and want to attract clients who speak many languages, Mozello could just wow you.

7. MyOnlineStore

It's simple to start a basic online store with MyOnlineStore's  free eCommerce software. While you cannot add your own domain name or email address, it does offer an SSL certificate, minimal support, and the ability to sell up to ten goods.

MyOnlineStore, based in the Netherlands, is still relatively new to the scene, with just roughly 40,000 online businesses trusting it at the time of writing. While there isn't much information available about them now, keep a watch on this fledgling startup.

8. Square Online

Square Online's Free ecommerce site includes all of the tools you'll need to get started selling online. While their free eCommerce software allows you to sell an infinite number of items, they do impose transaction fees of 2.9 percent + 30 cents every transaction. SSL security, inventory management, and SEO tools are among the additional services available. It also allows you to generate coupon coupons, order-status SMS notifications, and contact forms, which may be quite useful.

If you have a large Instagram following, this is a wonderful alternative because it includes Instagram integration in their free eCommerce software as well. This manner, your Instagram followers can easily shop for your items and will be connected to your website for checkout. The firm is well-known for their point-of-sale systems, but they are also extending out, and the Square Online Store is an excellent alternative for anyone looking for a hassle-free solution.

  • Pros

Pricing strategy that is reasonable

Dashboard that is simple to use

Integrated marketing feature

  • Cons

Customization options are limited.

Square payment restrictions to prevent extra expenses

It is not developer-friendly.

  • Pricing: Free

  • Main Features

Product additions are limitless.

Instagram Square POS Integration

9. Strikingly

Strikingly, like several of the other eCommerce website builders on our list, takes a unique approach to pricing. While they do have a free eCommerce site, it only allows you to have one product per site but allows you to establish an infinite number of free sites with the free features. So, if you don't mind a one-page layout that promotes a single product, you should have a look at them. 

10. WebStarts

WebStarts is a new builder on the block that needs to be checked out if you're looking for a free website builder with a drag-and-drop editor for a genuine WYSIWYG experience. One significant disadvantage is that their free eCommerce store does not feature social integration. If this is a deal breaker for you, their Pro Plus plan is available for less than $15 per month.

11. Weebly

Weebly's straightforward drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to comprehend and utilize. Furthermore, it provides a variety of layouts, making it one of the most popular website builders with a free eCommerce software. Weebly, unlike many other builders, is particularly liberal with their free eCommerce store, since they do not limit how many goods customers may list with this plan. Another perk is that SSL is included in their free package.

Having said that, Weebly's subscription plans are still reasonably priced. Their most basic paid plan is only $5 per month when paid yearly, while their most extensive Pro plan costs only $12 per month when paid annually.

If you'd prefer to work with a larger eCommerce website builder, Weebly's offering is unbeatable. They have been in business since 2007 and were purchased by Square in 2018. Weebly is trusted by millions of companies and powers more than 50 million websites worldwide.

Weebly makes it simple for beginners to take their business to the next level. It also allows you to add additional features to your website like language translation, subscriptions, and so on.

  • Advantages: 

Improves web page speed.

Design adaptability

App focusing on a simple editor

  • Cons: 

Blogging tools have limitations.

Pay extra costs for technical assistance.

There is some multi-language support available, although it is limited.

  • Pricing: Starter is free, Pro is $8, and Business is $25.

  • Main Features

Square now owns it, so you have access to all of their extensions.

Complete remedy

Emails sent on autopilot

Outstanding contact management

12. WooCommerce (+ WordPress)

Another alternative is to utilize WordPress and then install the WooCommerce plug-in. The plug-in is free to use and includes the standard eCommerce functionalities. You will, however, have to pay for hosting. Read more about 10 best eCommerce hosting platform.

While it has tremendous capabilities, WooCommerce is difficult to use, especially if you are new to website building. It might also become costly as you begin purchasing items such as extra themes.

WooCommerce allows you to create one-of-a-kind stores that are tailored to your specific requirements. It also allows you to customize your reports via the admin panel. Furthermore, even if you visit WooCommerce from a mobile device, the dashboard will appear the same.

  • Pros

WordPress connection is seamless, and there are no transaction costs.

Very simple to set up

One-click upsells after a purchase

  • Cons

You will need technical abilities to use this platform, which can be a little awkward.

The performance of your website is significantly reliant on an efficient hosting provider, such as Cloudways WooCommerce Managed Cloud Hosting.

  • Pricing: Free

  • Main Features

There are several plugin and extension integrations.

Extensive support options for the finest WordPress ecommerce plugin

View more some Wordpress Multivendor Solution: WORDPRESS MULTI VENDOR MARKETPLACE THEME


We hope this post has assisted you in becoming acquainted with the many free and premium website builder plugins. You can now make a more informed decision regarding which CMS or website builder is most suited to your requirements. If you don't want to create everything yourself, you can obtain website templates.

Remember that the top ecommerce website builders provide excellent assistance to novices who want to establish their own ecommerce websites without employing a developer. As the world moves toward a mobile-first future, now is the time to employ website builders to create websites quickly. If you have any questions on how to use a website builder to establish a website for your online business, please leave them in the comments area below. Check out that post if you want to look at any standalone content management systems for WordPress page builders.

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