Secondly, this package is equipped with full features, bringing the Best User-experience and User-friendly interface. All of them support customers in doing shopping and save much their time while bringing the highest effect. When it comes to characters of Printing industry, we have to say about the performance of your printing product. It must tell exactly What you are designing for your customers. So, supportive tools for this function are very crucial. Color Swatch gives the customer a full view of your products in all directions and Product Image zoomer clearly shows all items. Also, Related product; Best seller and Frequently bought together features are supported, creating more options for customers. As the result, your online sales and traffic will significantly increase. Shop By Brand is one of the powerful tools to make online shopping on your site easier and more convenient. Customers are able to leave their comments on each product if they want with Advanced reviews. This conference resource will be very valuable for other purchasers to buy products on your site. One of the most effective marketing strategies called Bundle Product also added, allowing the shop owner to choose a group product which is sold together and have a big discount to generate a huge sale volume. Other useful features are added including Price Matrix and Order Upload in hope of creating a better and better Web-to-print solution for this Digital printing industry as now. Save time, Get more values!

Thirdly, Online Design Tool with the name Printshop HTML5 Online Designer, is one of the most crucial factor deciding whether your Printing shop is successful or not. This full solution is released for all small and medium e-printing business. This software is highly configurable, scalable and customization to meet any requirement of customers. Your store can be configured to offer a wide range of ready-to-sell products as T-shirt, Sweatshirts, cap, cups, mugs, bags, photo frames, Clothes, shoes and more. This tool offers user options to personalize products using a variety of templates.

Sales and Marketing tools

  • Product Notification: Cross-sell, up-sell, selected product and category products, same category products are displayed as notification and boost your product sells.


  • Knowledge Base: An attractive and professional knowledge base reduces support costs and time spent handling customer


  • Delivery Date: Improve your customer service by delivering the order on the customer’s chosen date and let them to choose an order delivery date on the checkout page.


  • Coupon Code Generators: Easy to setup and generator tens of thousands of coupons at the same time. With only 4 steps, you can setup your coupon code easily


  • Live Chat: Allow your staffs contact with customers online via chat to close deal quickly


  • Seo Friendly: The best SEO to help your sales higher with Yoast or All in One SEO plugin, increasing your traffic and sales volumes, certainly.


  • Social Integration: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin or other social accounts are integrated, allowing customers to access your site through their social Haccounts, boosting your site’s prime higher and faster.


  • Google Analytic Integration: Help you easily select the most effective marketing channel and have a clear plan for your business. Thus it helps you save much time and cost.

The last but not less important, Advanced Sales and Marketing features with outstanding extensions that are developed by Netbase are packaged with Premium item, giving you a complete solution of WordPress Web-to-print, highlighting a new step of your e-business. One step checkout, Daily Deal, Gift Card Certificate, Refer a Friend, Product FAQs are awesome features with regard this part. As you may know, there trendy marketing campaigns become important part of each e-business. With this package, you have opportunity to install these modules to your site and create a new level for your Printing webshop. More importantly, Netbase do not forget to add their functions of Newsletter, Call for Price and Shipping Cost for their products. Their combination brings a complete solution to your customers, catching their attention, calling them to buy your products, and leading to your Profit target.

It can be said that this full option with a huge range of necessary features is the best choice for Your WordPress Printing shop. There are many things to discover with this package.

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