Websites don't always offer enough information, branding to stand out from your competition. This is the time your business needs a blog. Here are 7 benefits of blogging for your online business. Let’s see:

Keep your audience updated about your business

Let’s see one of the benefits of a blog is to keep your audience in your business. While you write content on a website, it might be more practical and formal. But come with a blog, it is more flexible to connect with customers, to share your update or show who you are in different ways. 

Consider your blog as another direct communication channel. It is a space for your business needs to talk in-depth about your products and services, and share your industry knowledge that makes your brand stand out from the competition.

Great for building long tail and driving traffic

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One of the reasons every business needs a blog is to increase their branding. In a simple word, the more blog content created, the more opportunities your company appears on Google and drives organic traffic to your website. 

Blogs are a perfect platform to strengthen your SEO strategy. You can boot your high ranking by creating fresh and great articles that incorporate keywords, images and videos.

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Can help improve internal linking

Internal linking on your blog post are completely controlled. This means that you can insert other blog posts or important website pages. It can navigate your visitor to the most important pages and increase traffic for other blog posts. 

Inserting internal linking can also improve your SEO. The more relevant links you share, the more you have a high ranking which can lead to more traffic and potential leads. 

Get feedback from your customers

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Your business website usually gives customers the information but it always in one way. Don’t have space for your customers to ask questions, comment on the content or start a conversation. 

It’s one of the benefits of blogging. It creates space talk to talk between your company and customers. With this interactive platform. You can encourage feedback and discussion in the comment sections. 

Your business needs in-depth conversations, it is a great way to build trust in your brand. Plus, it allows you to examine your business from your audience’s point of view and make changes to improve your services.

Helps you build your email database

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Business needs a solid marketing strategy. But it is difficult to get emails from your customers. The blog will help this. It ensures your business stays top of mind and your audience wants to keep updated. 

If your blog content is informative, relevant, and engaging, people trust to resign their emails. This makes it easier for them to read about promotions, business updates, or new products on your blog.

Teach and explain more about products

One of the benefits of blogging is explanations and teaching about your products. It is a space where you could write customers' case studies, explore specific benefits, and guides on your most technical services. If your company produces content like this, it will be an authority in the industry. 

It’s much easier to get social exposure with blog articles

Your business needs branding. Blogging is a great way to get discovered via social media. Every time you write a blog post, people easily share it on Facebook, Linked In, and other social media channels. This helps expose your company.

On the other hand, blog content is great content on social media. Instead of trying to write new content, you just simply promote and link recent and relevant blog posts. It not only help your social media but also bring in new visitors. It’s a win-win.

View the video on how to Install Blog Extention.


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Having a blog not only provides a strong tool for your marketing. It is great to share ideas, build a community, and engaged people.


Lena Ho

Shop Owner