Do you own a website built on the Magento eCommerce platform? Are you totally satisfied with it? In most of the cases, providing full strong features needed for a website is never enough, you still need to spend time and effort to optimize them, investigate to offer the best UX and UI. From building a website to making everyone loves it is a long journey and through this post, I will provide you 6 most time-tested tips on how to turn you unknown Magento website into a really hot website:

  1. Earn traffic through content

Recently, content is always the king and to get organic traffic through the search engine and to stay relevant to the traffic you need to publish contents on a regular basis. How can you create interesting content? Let’s see:

  • Only create and post relevant and unique contents. You should forget all the content that already has been discussed several times on the web. Besides publishing relevant content, you should provide more new points about issues or some different opinions about it.
  • Providing useful information rather than just keyword cramming. You had better provide contents that explain things in depth and opens up new grounds of discussion. Of course, you still need to add keyword but never too much.
  • Use some elements like graphics, different fonts, infographics to make content more interesting.
  • Use quality and performing links. Say no to broken links that confuse or misguide users.
  1. Utilize Reviews and testimonial

Reviews are also a kind of content that is generated by customers and they are more trustworthy than any introduction you post in your product detail page. Why? Because reviews on products, brands, and merchants show real experience of former customers with your products and services, they would be more subjective. Magento platform provides product reviews feature that can be utilized by asking the users to post reviews and rate products whenever they buy something.

  1. Taking advantages of social media

In the era when the Internet dominates our world, social media, obviously, becomes a fertile plan for marketers and plays an important role in expanding customer segmentation. You can connect your customers and stay in touch with them through social media with some following tips:

  • Add a Share button in all product pages and with contents.
  • Focus on not more than 4 social platforms. Facebook and Twitter might be the most popular but depend on a different target, you can choose other channels such as Pinterest for women-centric and visual contents, Linkedin for purely visual contents Instagram is ideal.
  • Add videos, images, and typographies to drive engagement.
  1. Utilize Loyalty Features

In long-term development of a business, it seems that the consistent growth rate is more important than getting an occasional surge of traffic. And you can only achieve if you can establish brand loyalty based on trustworthy and customer satisfaction. Magento platform provides several features can enhancing customer loyalty such as a reward point system or a referral program. You can give customers some money or points for the next purchases. It will encourage many customers to return to the store inquiring about the accumulated points. That is so good!