Always innovating is the criteria we set out after each release. In this version, we bring you features that can help you have a more complete and different experience. Your work speed can be improved & more choices will be offered to your customers. This means you can increase work efficiency quickly, & bring back more customer satisfaction at the same time. 

Have you experienced previous versions of Wordpress Online Design yet? Do you like it? Do you satisfy with it?

Version 2.8.0 is released for your experience & satisfaction with many useful & attractive updates. 

7 new features are offered and updated in version 2.8.0:

1. Add - 3D preview

2. Add - Sticker cutline, pattern preview

3. Add - Convert outline text

4. Add - Advanced upload

5. Add - Freepik Photos, Story set Elements

6. Add - Import sample products

7. Tweak - Eyedropper color picker

8. Compatibility - Wordpress 5.6, WooCommerce 5.0.0

Now let's discover the details for each updated feature:

1. 3D preview 

The 3D preview feature is a pretty interesting feature, which allows you to view the product design in 3D so that you can have a multi-dimensional view of the product design.

You can watch the video below for your reference:

2. Sticker cutline, pattern preview

The sticker cutline feature helps to turn the designs you want into cute and beautiful templates. The preview for new sticker designs can be seen by customers. 

You can refer to the image below:

3. Convert outline text 

Text will be converted into strokes and PDF will be flattened. You will no longer receive “fonts missing” warning when opening PDF in any vector or designing program.

4. Advanced upload

When you upload your photos, you can choose a photo frame.

There are many different photo frames making your photo more beautiful.

You can refer to the video below:

5. Freepik Photos, Storyset Elements

In this section, we've added photo options like Freepik Photos (including a sharp photo in high resolution) and Storyset Elements (including vector images) to give you more choices. Your design products will be more diversified and suitable for a wide range of customers.

You can refer to the image below:

6. Import sample products

Sample Import feature allows you to create the same product as an existing product chosen with just one click. Import sample Products Feature helps you to create products quickly while ensuring the same quality as the original product.

With this feature, you can create a product and reuse it over and over again.

You can refer to the video below:

7. Eyedropper color picker

This is a fairly popular design feature that allows you to copy the color code in a certain location as your product color code. The color code can be synchronized simply and quickly thanks to this feature.

You can refer to the video below:

Besides, Reduced Sample Load Time and Compatibility - Wordpress 5.6, WooCommerce 5.0.0 are added in this 2.8.0 update. Now let's turn on your computer to enjoy & experience each new feature.

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