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Today was a beautiful day and it was great to design online at CMSmart in version 4.6.0 today. Print eye-catching images on products are extremely important. Are you looking for a powerful and efficient online printing solution? Come to CMsmart, we are proud to create a Premium Online Product Designer Extension for Magento solution. This solution is a perfect choice in Print on demand. Trust me!

As you know, the company is more growing, highly competitive, meaning that the requirements of customers are increasing, require businesses to constantly change and update trends. The solution that is created should be constantly updated, updated to improve what is not good in the old version or add the features that the customer wants the solution to have. With this solution, we are also constantly updating. Most recently, we updated to version 4.6.0 for the solution. Let's explore the great update feature in this latest version!

What's in the version 4.6.0 update?

In version 4.6.0, we focus on features that make design faster, easier, and simpler to operate with higher results. We also focus on optimized processing speeds image management as well as design previews. With the updates in version 4.6.0, we believe everybody is a professional designer

Let's explore in details what the 4.6.0 update includes: 

1. Predesign feature 

Predesign is a feature that allows you to do design in advance, you can test your design and preview it before publishing.

To experience, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click "ONLINEDESIGN", 

Step 2: Click "Products"

Step 3: Click "Create Predesign" Now you can create your design

2. Folding map design 

With this feature you can design folding products. Support for designing products such as books, stories, et cetera.

To enable this feature, follow the video below:

Step 1: Click "ONLINEDESIGN"

Step 2: Click "Products"

Step 3: Click "Manage Design"

Step 4: Click "Design Setting" and select "Folding Map"

3. Live preview: Slide/Folding map 

This feature helps you preview your designs before publishing. When you are using the Folding Map feature, you can preview it as a Folding Map.

To experience this feature, follow the video below:

4. Fabric Filter Image 

You can use filters to give special effects to your photos. You can turn your photo into a vibrant oil painting, black and white. You can also apply a variety of effects such as blur, outlines, light effects, motion blur, lens flare , noise and more with filters. To apply a filter to an image, select a filter and you can choose any filter under item filters.

To experience this feature, follow the video below:

5. Updated drag & drop element 

Now you can easily manipulate your blueprints by dragging and dropping elements. Which will save you time in the design process.

To experience this feature, follow the video below:

6. Updated configurable product design 

 You can set options for your blueprints through this feature

To experience, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click "CATALOG"

Step 2: Click "Products"

Step 3: Click "Icon ( ∇ ) next to Add Products" and select "Configurable Product"

Step 4: Click " Create Configurations"

7. Fixed serveral bugs

In this updated version we also bring you "Save Shapes" updates that include a wide variety of geometric patterns. Furthermore improve and eliminate bugs on "Save for later" you can save your designs for repeated use, you will surely find it interesting. Now turn on your computer and experience.

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If you have any questions about our products, please contact us HERE. We are willing to answers all of your questions. 

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