With the advent of technology, the world of eCommerce is changing dramatically resulting in the changing in customer behaviors. Gone are the days when customers used to purchase whatever is available. Today is the era of personalization. In a survey of more than 3000 customers in the US and UK conducted by a digital marketing agency AgilOne, it reports that more than 70% of respondents said that they expect personalized experiences. Personalization is not a new concept, it’s on the next level now. Many printing businesses are now investing in software that allows their customer to customize their products and services. So, what is the name of that software? It is called Product Design Tool. Before going to the List of the Best Product design tool for online storefront, let’s check out the benefits and must-have features of a product design tool.

Benefits of having a product design tool for online storefront

A product design tool offers a variety of benefits, including the following:

  • Increase in the profits
  • Gains customer loyalty
  • Build more sales
  • Strong online presence
  • Cost-effective
  • Good conversion rates
  • Better engagement level
  • Boost sales of E-commerce
  • Makes the process easy for the sales team
  • Get more insight into the customers
  • Must-have features of a product design tool 

 Several product design tools have product builder feature,it can help you offer personalized product. Read more information at Woocommerce Product Customize

Must have features of product online design tool

A product design tool comes with many advanced features that help you and your customers customize products to suit their needs. So, let’s see the must-have features to look for in a great product design tool.

  • It has a user-friendly interface and is compatible with all browsers and devices
  • It has essential features that allow you and your customers to customize design such as adding text, images, clipart, QR codes, typographies, changing colors, and deleting and storing files in the cloud.
  • It has 3D preview feature that gives you the most overview of detailed products. As a result, it’ll increase customer experience.
  • It has hundreds of fonts and templates for your users to choose from
  • It provides Drag and Drop to arrange layers and change the layers of items.
  • It lets users import and export designs easily
  • It generates print-ready output files
  • It has a printing product price matrix
  • It’s compatible with the latest Woocommerce, WordPress or
  • It has Save and Sharing options
  • It supports multiple languages and currencies

Best Product Design Tools for Online Storefront

NB Designer - best product design tools

NB Designer - best product design tools

Are you looking for a professional product design tool for your web-to-print online storefront? We would like to recommend one of the best options in the marketplace currently is NB Designer, which is a solution designed to offer customers unlimited ability to personalize printing products to suit their needs. By integrating it with your existing website, your customers are able to add, edit, and change fonts, images, colors, dimensions, orientations, rotations, and so on. Besides, customers never worry about finding perfect images and icons as it’s all included in the NB Designer. Customers can get unlimited access to millions of images, templates, and icons that they can use to create whatever they want. Moreover, it’s easy to use without scripting and design skills needs.

Free from the constraints of complicated product design tools and create unique and impressive designs with NB Designer. Everything you need to impress your audience is right here. Don’t hesitate to experience the DEMO here.

Detailed guidelines on how to use NBdesigner. And you can find more videos on CMSmart Youtube channels

Who uses NB Designer?

  • Printing Solution Suppliers
  • Print Agency
  • In-Plants
  • Marketing Organizations
  • Designers And Trade Printers
  • Sign Printers


  • Suitable for all kinds of products that can be customized with 3D preview
  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly
  • Use many available brushes to draw to create your own signature
  • Powerful layers
  • Import or Export files directly from your source
  • Compatible with the latest Woocommerce, WordPress, PHP
  • Offer ready for print files in high-resolution
  • Has Printing Product Price Matrix
  • Customers can understand and design easily with multiple languages feature
  • Offer free version
  • The price is affordable


  • STARTUP: $179.69 ($39.99 every 6 months)
  • PREMIUM: $179.69 ($59 every month)
  • DEVELOPER: $399.79 ($99 every 12 months)
  • ENTERPRISE: $399.79 ($99 every month)

LiveArt Product Designer - online product customization software


LiveArt Product Designer is one of the best product design tools that is highly recommended for all kinds of printing businesses, from apparel, jewelry, face masks, stickers, mugs, stationery, and many others.  Besides the fact that it offers perfect functionality for desktop users, it also provides a great experience for mobile users. Designed an SDK, this tool can be integrated with an existing website and any eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Woocommerce, WordPress, PrestashopShopify, and so on.

Who uses this product online design tool?

This product online design tool is created for web-to-print companies, professional apparel, sign, and stationery printers; large printing companies; printing startups and ventures; one-man printing companies and marketers; apparel software vendors.


  • All products are supported
  • Easy to customize based on your needs
  • Support multi-sided, multi-colored products.
  • Have a Shopping cart & order management panel
  • Live designed product preview to give users a detailed product overview
  • Production-ready vector or raster output
  • Support Premade templates
  • Custom pricing rules


  • The messaging portal is not user-friendly. It can be overwhelming with too many features.


  • COMPONENT: $749/year
  • SHOP: $1,249/ year
  • PREMIUM: $2,499/ year

Fancy Product Designer - Best online product customization software


Fancy Product Designer Tool is an HTML5 plugin that can be integrated into your existing website and other eCommerce platforms like Woocommerce, Shopify, or any site using jQuery. Thanks to its powerful and useful features, it allows customers to customize printing products as they want before making a purchase

This powerful online product design tool can be applied to almost any type of printing product, from t-shirts, shoes, caps, phone cases, buttons, and mouse mats to calendars.

The Pros of online product customization software

  • Simple installation
  • Rated as the simplest and easiest to use software for beginners
  • Responsive to all devices and browsers
  • Allow uploading user's template
  • Layered design feature
  • Allows multiple zone uploads – front, back, sleeve, and others
  • Support Woocommerce, Shopify, WordPress, Jquery
  • Has own Admin panel
  • One license/single payment

The Cons of online product customization software

  • Update infrequently
  • There are not many pre-installed fonts, but you can add your own, the process is time-consuming
  • Does not support multiple languages
  • Does not provide a free or trial version, but can experience a demo
  • The customer support system is not highly appreciated


  • Basic: $69
  • Pro Export: €199

Zakeke - Best product customization software for my website


Zakeke designer is a SaaS tool with visual product customization that let customers customize their products with text, images, or clipart to suit their needs. Not only that, but it also allows them to build their own products by choosing components, changing elements, and customizing colors and materials. Unlike the product design tools above, Zakeke offers an immersive and impressive shopping experience for customers thanks to Augmented Reality. Customers are able to see and interact with the customized products right in their homes.

The Pros of product design tool

  • Allow customers to personalize any types of products such as clothing, promotional gifts, jewelry, paper products, and so on.
  • Work smoothly with any devices and browsers
  • Easy to upload your own images as well as from social networks
  • Realtime 3D View
  • Product Configurator
  • Full control of pricing
  • Simple to get print-ready files and go print
  • Integrate easily with other service providers like Zapier, Printful, OrderDesk, etc.
  • Customer support is always ready to help
  • Simple to setup

The Cons of product design tool

  • Expensive than similar plugin
  • Charge fee on used elements
  • Charge a 1.9% transaction fee on sold products
  • The free version does not meet the customer’s requirements
  • Stored data on Zakeke's server (both beneficial and harmful, on the one hand, it will reduce the load on data storage, but if the server dies, your designs will be lost)
  • Cooperation with other modules is a bit difficult and it needs to be adjusted on the customer's website


The price varies based on the eCommerce platform you use, starting from $ 4.89 to $279.99

Lumise - Top Product Design Tool


Are you looking for more product designer tools for your web-to-print online storefront? Lumise is also a good option. Using this tool helps you enhance customer experience thanks to it smooth and great UX/UI. Like other product design tool above, Lumise can be used to design, sell and print a wide range of custom products and is integrated with WordPress, WooCommerce, PHP, and Shopify. Let’s check the pros and cons of using Lumise.

The Pros of Product Design Tool

  • Support any type of product
  • Fully compatible with mobile devices or tablets
  • Design file ready to print
  • Has its own drawing tool to allow customers to create unique designs
  • Has a free gallery of cliparts and prebuild templates
  • Allow users to upload images from social media and online stocks
  • Provides high-quality output in PDF, JPG, or SVG formats
  • One-time fee forever
  • Update frequently
  • Multiple addons
  • Support multiple languages

The Cons of Product Design Tool

  • Kind of difficult to use
  • Does not provide a trial version
  • Image uploading is not smooth
  • Can’t add clipart from frontend
  • The customer support is a bit low

Who uses Lumise?

This is a complete solution that is created to serve business owners who sell decorated apparel, signage, and personalized promotional products.


  • Regular License: $93/ Lifetime
  • Extended License: $470.50/Lifetime

In Conclusion

Product design is a must-have tool in printing websites. Integrate it with your website so your customer can personalize products easily. Hopefully, you can find the best one that suits your needs. 

NB Designer is a solution that gives customers the freedom to personalize printing products to suit their needs. Your customers never worry about finding perfect images and icons as it’s all included in the NB Designer. They can get unlimited access to millions of images, templates, and icons that they can use to create whatever they want. Moreover, it’s easy to use without scripting and design skills needs. Everything you need to impress your audience is right here. Don’t hesitate to experience the DEMO here.

Contact us to get a consultant, our support team is always ready to support you.

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Best web to print software - Reviews, Pricing, and Demos

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