Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, WordPress becomes one of the best choices for eCommerce website design. The reasons are so many, but the major reason is WordPress comes with a large number of useful plugins for creating product pages accessible on desktops and mobile apps.

Handmade WordPress theme from Cmsmart becomes the best choice for any business owners who want to build a complete marketplace handmade website. Why? See these points:

  • Easy to manage different types of content
  • A friendly community with cost-effective services
  • 3 home page layouts with over 20 unique pages created the user-specific design for product pages

Besides the special points above, the reason why the Handmade WordPress theme is widely preferred is it can satisfy the demands of perfect UX for any web store, they are:

  1. Ease of access

When developing the handmade WordPress theme, the user’s convenience is always the key, the first priority. Developer team also focuses more on taking care of features that will allow users to quickly find the product they are looking for. The aim is bringing a website the ideal searching when customers just need one or two clicks to browse a specific product or category. A quick search or quick specification is usually preferred.

  1. Quick view product

As I mentioned above, a quick view is one of the indispensable features for any web store. Handmade WordPress theme allows consumers to instantly view product specifications in modal windows. They don’t need to go to a specific product page, just hover to see the essential information

  1. Smart search bar

Ajax-powered live search allows instant search suggestions while you are typing. The handmade WordPress theme also allows live search capability that adds to the convenience while customers shop. This helps in the way when you start browsing for products and you will find relevant products are shown when you enter in keywords. And, the important thing is it can work a variety of product types.

  1. Grid view/ List view

Not all customers like to just view in the grid or in a list. So why don’t you provide them with both choices? Leave them two choices and they can choose the one that brings the best experience in searching.