Perhaps everyone is no stranger to e-commerce. Which has really exploded during the covid pandemic. The change in customers’ buying habits has turned it into a lucrative market. However, under fierce competition, many business owners have been looking for solutions to help businesses survive, including the headless commerce model.

According to the Getshogun report, 61% of retailers say they have launched headless commerce or plan to do. So, what is so special about headless commerce that many business owners are interested in? Although appearing in 2013, but until now, headless still makes people crazy about it. What benefits will headless commerce bring to businesses and users? Let's explore this with us in this article.

What is Headless Commerce?


If talking about the structure of an ordinary e-commerce website, perhaps everyone is no stranger to the front end and the back end as a unified block. However, with headless, this structure is a lit of bit different.

Headless commerce is an e-commerce model in which the front end (interaction with customers) and back end (support functions) are separated. Unlike traditional models, the two parts can function independently and are connected through APIs. Also, the backend and front ends are not necessarily built on the same platform, they can be built on different platforms.

The headless model is considered a great solution for businesses to improve website performance as well as provide a flexible and consistent comprehensive experience for customers.

Benefits of headless commerce 

Known as the breakthrough solution for e-commerce. Headless commerce is a model that brings many benefits to business owners. Let's explore the benefits that this model brings.


Omnichannel experience 

Your revenue will be surprised thanks to the multi-channel solution of the headless structure. Customers tend to spend more when shopping multi-channel. Furthermore, you can also build customer loyalty by reaching out to customers through multiple channels, optimizing each customer touchpoint, and providing a seamless, seamless experience.

With the headless commerce model, API Connect allows you to integrate with more sales channels more easily, including e-commerce platforms, e-commerce apps, social networks, or new channels in the future.

Complete front-end customization

Realizing the importance of customizing the interface, many store owners have the need to switch to the model because they want control over the interface design.

You are free to design the interface to create the user experience you desire. Customization rights are provided from the start and there is no fixed template for design.

Not only that, compared to the traditional model, the Headless front end is completely separate, so the administrator can fully control and customize the front end on all interfaces without fear of affecting the back end.

Personalized customer experience

Headless model allows you to manage the entire omnichannel customer experience. That way you can build a complete customer journey and implement personalized marketing activities accordingly.

Personalizing customer experience will be optimally supported by headless commerce by allowing merchants to personalize messages, customer-oriented promotions, etc.

Long-term cost savings

Although the cost of setting up as well as building a headless ecommerce seems to be higher than a regular ecommerce. However, when using communication e-commerce systems, you will face the cost problem of improving and upgrading old systems.

Meanwhile, despite the high setup costs, headless model allows you to save costs in updating and upgrading technology. In addition, you will also spend less money on marketing and sales. This model allows you to provide an optimal experience thereby increasing the conversion rate.

In addition, technical support costs will be cut in half when you only need to change the front end without changing the back end.

Faster website load speed

In essence, the front end and back end are no longer a unified whole, In the old model, When front end and back end are still one block, with a bunch of bulky data stored in the backend will cause the website to load. much slower. However, when these two components are separated, the front end will only get information from the backend when needed. Thanks to this, the amount of information that needs to be downloaded will be significantly reduced, so the loading speed of the website will be faster.

Not only on the website, but even on mobile devices your customers will feel the difference. Besides, see a big change in your revenue thanks to this increase in speed. 

Headless Frontend For Commerce



The headless front end is also known as the presentation layer or Customer experience layer. It is the place to display the content that is retrieved from the backend via the API. Headless Frontend also plays a major role in user-to-user interaction.

The headless front-end is likened to modern technology in optimizing the user experience as well as overcoming the weaknesses of the old model. It gives business owners the freedom to design and build unique customer experiences without being framed by any stereotypes.

The headless front end also allows the content to be displayed correctly quickly and smoothly.

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Importance of headless commerce frontend

Display content, and interact with users

Through API connection, the information stored on the Backend will be displayed accurately and attractively on the front end. It is responsible for displaying content in the most attractive way to attract users.

Improve user experience

Headless model is considered a breakthrough solution for improving user experience. The headless front end organizes and displays content quickly and smoothly, allowing you to reduce the loading time of your website. Plus, an omnichannel solution allows you to engage and optimize your customer touchpoints, thereby providing a seamless and consistent omnichannel experience.

Overcoming the disadvantages of the traditional e-commerce model

The front end interface reduces the burden caused by the primitive model. Old technology makes it difficult for developers to upgrade, while headless commerce allows frontend editing quickly and without affecting the backend.

Best Headless Commerce Platform


Shopify Plus


Shopify is one of the world's leading e-commerce platforms with over 1.7 million users. Shopify allows users to build e-commerce websites at affordable rates.

In which the Shopify plus version allows users to provide a multi-channel experience thanks to a headless solution. It is built on Ruby on Rails technology that allows for flexible store creation across devices. As a result, store owners can provide a seamless experience for their customers.

Some advantages of Shopify plus: the backend is considered to be quite efficient: high-speed performance, omnichannel selling, automated business processes, and scalability,... Allows turning any screen into a digital facade.

However, Shopify also has some disadvantages that sellers need to be aware of. Firstly, it is difficult to manage multiple stores. Compared to other platforms, Shopify plus is said to not have many features in supporting multi-store management. The second is about payment, Shopify plus lacks control in payment, which can cause data theft problems and reduce the reputation of businesses.

Adobe Commerce (Magento Enterprise)


Magento is known for being an open source that allows developers to build e-commerce websites. Not only the traditional model, Magento also allows developers to build e-commerce websites based on a Headless structure. Magento is considered the most customizable headless commerce platform, allowing you to build customer experiences dynamically.

In addition, it also includes a cloud-hosted omnichannel solution that can help provide a comprehensive omnichannel experience to customers.

Magento is considered one of the leading platforms in headless. However, you still have to be careful when you intend to build a headless website on Magento because it requires in-depth technical knowledge.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is an e-commerce solution based on the SaaS model with high scalability. Created to eliminate expensive storage and infrastructure systems

This trading platform with high security allows you to build

As the name suggests this is a commercial cloud storage solution that allows you to remove the barrier of expensive hosting costs.

Besides, Salesforce Commerce Cloud also supports AI technology in optimizing the customer experience and supporting customer care. In addition, AI technology also suggests solutions for store optimization.


Considered the leading solution for headless structure, however, CommerceTools does not have enterprise-level packages. It is designed for both B2B and B2C with powerful commerce features such as shipment management, product management,

API-preferred approach, optimized API engine to allow you to connect your backend with different user interfaces as well as 3rd party applications to provide maximum omnichannel experience. However, focusing only on the API makes the Commerce tool face the problem that other features are not optimized and cared for.

BigCommerce Enterprise


Just like Shopify, Bigcommerce is also known as the leading e-commerce platform. This platform incorporates leading commercial features that allow businesses to manage and operate their business with ease.

With a Headless model, Bigcommerce is committed to providing an absolute customer experience thanks to leading headless solutions such as frontend frameworks, CMS, DXP, ORM,... Especially it allows you to manage multiple stores daily on one dashboard.

Delivering omnichannel experiences is now easy with Bigcommerce by using integrations and APIs for WordPress, eBay, Google, Stripe, Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal, Mailchimp, Amazon, etc. There’s also a popular BigCommerce WordPress plugin, making it more compatible with the world’s most popular CMS.

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Above, we have analyzed very clearly headless commerce as well as headless frontend. It has helped you to understand this model well. With its many benefits, many businesses have been planning to build e-commerce websites based on the headless model. If you're confused because you don't know how to start, contact us. You will get great solutions and dedicated support because we have more than 10 years of experience in offering design website services.



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