Store Locator Extension For Magento 2

Store Locator Extension For Magento 2 is a great tool for your store. It is integrated with Google Maps, which is the reason why customers can find your offline store more easily. It displays all the store locations, displays the information of each store including photos, opening and closing times, stores description, and allows your customers to find nearby stores. Most by distance, zip code, status, etc. With Store Locator Extension For Magento 2 customers get to their destination quickly and buy products easier than ever. Don't let you wait any longer, we will introduce the Store Locator Extension For Magento 2 right now.

Some outstanding benefits of Store Locator Extension For Magento 2 

  1. Shop owner:
    • Create unlimited store locations.
    • Easily to add/edit/delete store detailed information such as an address, images, contact info, etc.
    • Set store's open times & days off flexible.
  2. Customers:
    • View all store lists and store locations on Google map.
    • Get instant directions from a location to any store.
    • Easily determine the nearest store.
    • Google maps suggest an address.
    • Search stores by area (a store name, country, city, and zip code) and by distance.
    • Opening hours, days off & working days.
    • Store contact information: Address, phone, fax, email, website URL, etc.

Easy steps to use Store Locator Extension For Magento 2 

  • Step 1: Go to Store Locator Page through the link in the header and footer. You will view all store list here.
  • Step 2: Find Store location that is nearest them: You can search store by area (store name, country, city, and zip code) or by distance (fill in your location and select distance).
  • Step 3: Store Location Information: Click on Store The location you want to view detailed information: location image, store description, store link,  email, phone number, and fax number.
  • Step 4: Define distance from any location to store location: In this store located in the list store, you click on the Direction button to determine the distance from your location to the store location.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of Store Locator Extension:

Front-end Introduction video of Magento 2 Store locator extension from Cmsmart Netbase on Vimeo.

Store Locator Extension For Magento 2 one of great Magento 2 extensions from Cmsmart. It offers your customers many choices when searching for their favorite location. Customers will be excited about this and then it will help increase the shopping experience of their customers, increasing sales for your store. We hope you find a guide helpful. If you want to have more experience in our products, please access the link: DEMO. Do not hesitate with us when you have problems . My colleagues and I are always willing to support you. Don't forget to use coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% DISCOUNT for this item. Thank you for reading. 

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