With less resources, more uncertainty, and increasing competition, growth will become even more essential in the post-COVID-19 economy.

Are you feeling numb, bewildered, or perhaps apprehensive about what's going on? You're not alone, since you're asking the same question as every other entrepreneur on the globe. However, I am a firm believer that entrepreneurs can discover answers to the world's most pressing problems while also leading with elegance, dignity, and compassion.

The incredible thing is that we are living in the midst of the single most powerful prosperity-creation machine in history. From where we are today, it may not appear so, yet we survived the global financial crisis of 2008, the dot-bomb catastrophe of 2001, and the oil crash of 1991. This, however, is not the same thing. But, once again, the COVID19 problem is not the end of the world; rather, it is a game-changer, which is why it is such a huge opportunity. It may be terrible now, but it will not last forever as things will move and alter significantly.

As we're entering a completely new world, the finest entrepreneurs must turn off the noise and perceive the world for what it is—this is when huge, game-changing ideas hit. The following are top growth hacking strategies that entrepreneurs may take to skyrocket their business for the post-COVID19 economy.


What is Growth Hacking? 

Growth hacking (also known as "growth marketing") is the use of low-cost digital marketing growth strategies to help build and keep an active user base, sell products, and get awareness. Consider 'hacking' in terms of life hacks - those small shortcuts that make your life simpler – rather than malicious malware that might destroy your computer and your life.

Growth hacking is most frequently linked with start-ups and small enterprises, i.e., organizations that don't have a lot of money to spare yet want results rapidly. It is, however, a scalable idea that can be used to any online business that wants to sustain the growth and retention of an engaged user base.

For more in-depth information on growth hacking and how to master it, visit this article on What is Growth Hacking? How to growth hack? that we have written down for you. 

Top 26 Growth Hacking Strategies for 2021


We are aware that the tremendous amount of information below may puzzle you, so to keep it simple and easy for you, you may not need to scroll down through all the list of 26 growth hacking strategies. You can simply send us a request for support and recommendation, and our best customer supporter will reach out right away. 

  • Content Repurposing

Content repurposing is the process of transforming an old piece of content into a new one. You can, for example, alter the format, viewpoint, or channel. If you incorporate content repurposing into your content marketing plan, you may reduce the time it takes to create new material. As a result, search engines will continue to rank your site highly, and visitors will continue to enjoy the fresh material you provide. You'll have compelling content while saving time and money for other aspects of your digital marketing plan.

You can advertise your work through a variety of ways. For example, you might be able to include a link to a blog post in the description of your YouTube video, and vice versa. This is a clever approach to get more visitors to your startup's website. Your content's remaining lifespan begins to count down the moment it is published. Some individuals may have missed the publishing and will be less interested in checking it out in a few weeks. If you can publish the same content in several ways, you may schedule it to appear at different times. This way, you can get more out of your material and extend its life.

  • Optimize Your Online Presence 

Your company must have a strong presence in order to flourish. You'll need a nice storefront, visible advertising, and industry clout. In addition to all of this, you must have a strong internet presence. As more people conduct online business research, it is critical that your company has a strong website, active social media accounts, and correct listings in prominent business directories. Having a strong online presence may assist clients in finding your location, establish your brand, and improve your online sales.

  • Get Referrals 

Referral marketing is a method used by organizations to encourage current customers to suggest their services or goods to others in their network by providing incentives. Referral marketing is the most cost-effective marketing approach used by companies to expand their client base.
Customers believe in referrals: Perhaps the most convincing advantage of referral marketing is because customers believe in referrals. According to recent consumer polls, suggestions and reviews are more trusted than traditional marketing. People are four times more likely to buy if they are suggested by a friend.

  • Gamify Onboarding 

As the digital revolution sweeps the workforce, onboarding programs are evolving away from information overload and toward an interactive learning experience that distributes knowledge out over time. Traditional techniques of integrating new employees into a company were nearly non-existent since businesses saw little to no value in them. The goal of gamification in e-learning development is not to promote pleasure in the workplace. The fact is that gamification enables you to transform previously uninteresting but critical aspects of work into more productive experiences that workers will not only benefit from but also love.

  • Connect with Your Community

Companies that become active in their communities, whether through employee volunteerism or monetary donations, reap several advantages to their bottom lines. They are seeing an increase in the number of loyal consumers as well as happier, more engaged staff. Making a conscious effort to make a good influence on the community in which you serve may have a beneficial impact on your business. Building ties with members of the community is an excellent marketing growth strategy. Relationships with the community assist to keep your company's message relevant and cement a favorable image for your business. Because they know you are listening to their issues, members of the community create a more favourable picture of the company.

  • Get a Social Media Advantage

Social media can be a valuable tool for businesses, providing benefits such as interacting with your target audience and increasing website traffic. However, there may be drawbacks, such as the resources required and unfavorable comments. Considering these advantages and disadvantages will assist you in determining the best startup business strategy to social media for your startup.

Social media platforms are used by millions of individuals. It is an excellent chance for your company to reach a huge number of individuals who are interested in your products or services. Potential customers' attention will be drawn to compelling and relevant material, which will boost brand visibility. It allows your company to find more leads that are interested in your products or services.


  • Use Interactive Content

Interactive content is material that necessitates active participation from its audience. The individual becomes more than simply a passive observer; he or she becomes an active participant in a dynamic, two-way encounter.

Interactive content has a beneficial impact on key business KPIs for content initiatives at all stages of the marketing funnel. Because interactive content is engrossing, potential consumers who connect with a business will spend more time interacting with experiences that demand their attention and reward their involvement.

This is the data-driven age, and the information we get about internet consumers is probably the most important information for marketers. The more data you have — and the more precise and relevant it is — the better your marketing initiatives will perform. For many businesses, the issue is figuring out how to collect data in a way that customers will trust and respect. It will be simpler to persuade individuals to provide their information if you produce engaging content that captures their interest and provides a personalized experience. Users will appreciate the experience, and you will gain useful information for lead nurturing.

  • Pre-Launch Email List

While promoting a new project is usually a time-consuming and never-ending task, you can make it easier and even scalable by establishing an efficient pre-launch marketing strategy. Email provides a considerably greater return on investment than social media and paid advertising (ROI). Using strategies like segmentation, customization, and automation, you may boost your ROI by up to 3,800%.

The primary aim is to begin assembling a list of people who are interested in your product, want to test it, and may be willing to provide feedback. Furthermore, beta users will already be using the product and are therefore far more likely to become paying users after you come out of beta (because to the endowment effect - but also because you'll be using beta-user input to develop a fantastic product rather than refining & tweaking post-launch). This is a wonderful way to obtain leads that aren't ready to buy, aren't seeking for a specific solution, or aren't aware of your product (yet).

Email provides marketers with a creative outlet to demonstrate that we understand a prospect's problem, that we can provide a solution, and that we can do it in a beautiful manner. Because every email is an opportunity to relate to your prospects and establish that you're relevant, our team frequently rewrites emails and autoresponders a dozen times to get the language just right.” 

  • Launch on Product Hunt

Product Hunt is the premier destination for entrepreneurs looking to introduce their goods to a large audience of tech enthusiasts. If you're just getting started and want to achieve as much traction as possible in the shortest amount of time and money, Product Hunt can be the difference between a struggling business and one with thousands of visits and users in a week. 

Product Hunt is a site where you can promote your items to an audience that is actively seeking for new and exciting things to try. Early adopters are the ones who get new items off the ground. They are necessary for product validation, customer growth, and momentum. These early adopters are not only ready to use your product while you work out the problems, but they also like it. Even better, early adopters are more likely to share their thoughts on new items with their social networks. They’ll become your first supporters if they enjoy your goods

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  • Leverage Referral Marketing

One of the most efficient kinds of marketing is referral marketing. It is the major motivator for 20 to 50% of all purchases. Referrals   generate more than twice as many sales as paid advertising. According to Marketshare, referral marketing improves the efficiency of marketing efforts by 54%. Referred clients are frequently more beneficial to a company over time. A recommended customer's lifetime value (LTV) is 16 percent more than a non-referred customer's.

People are more likely to believe the recommendations of their friends and family than a paid advertisement. As a result, consumers gained through referral marketing are twice as likely to spend twice as much and recommend twice as many people as other customers. When making a purchase, consumers often search for social evidence. They want to know if the product is being purchased by others. They look up product reviews on Google. In fact, according to BrightLocal, 88 percent of buyers check online customer evaluations to evaluate whether or not a local business is good.

Companies may build a database of brand ambassadors and analyze their habits by implementing referral marketing programs. This enables you to remarket to them with unique promotions/offers, reward them for their involvement, or just express gratitude for their assistance. This allows for customized and extremely successful consumer marketing while also fostering long-term connections. Getting new clients for your business can be costly, but it doesn't have to be with a referral program. People who were suggested by a friend are more likely to stick with a brand than those who found it through other methods. According to Forbes, a Goethe University research found that consumers who were referred to companies were 18% more likely to stay with the company than other customers. Referral marketing is, of course, a big part of increasing brand recognition. In fact, friends and family are the leading sources of brand knowledge for 49% of Americans. The greater your reach, the more your referrers talk about your products and services. Furthermore, brand awareness gained through referral marketing is more likely to result in brand preference.


  • Make New Brand Partnerships

A brand partnership is an agreement between two or more companies or organizations to work together on a project. Companies assist one another enhance brand awareness, break into new markets, and provide value to their products/services through these collaborations.
When two or more reputable brands join forces, the consumer is assured that the brand can be trusted. If a customer trusts your partner brand and has had a favorable experience with it, the consumer is likely to have a positive experience with your brand as well.

If your business hasn't been able to reach a certain demographic until now, partnering with another brand can help you reach an audience you wouldn't otherwise be able to reach. Consumers see the product or service as having greater value now that there are two or more stakeholders participating, each offering something unique to the table.

Many businesses utilize brand alliances to improve their image or to take on and sustain a stronger sense of social responsibility, the result is generally a lot of talk. The product or service has piqued the interest of customers. It offers up fresh media exposure or gives chances for public relations.

  • Attend Community Events

We are aware of the importance of high-quality website content. Maintaining an engaging event calendar on your website increases traffic to both the calendar and the website, as well as improving SEO. Sure, all this discussion about SEO, online traffic, and social media is essential, but events are all about in-person interaction.

Hip-hop artists employ hype men to engage the audience and draw attention to the performer. Consider events as a great method to raise awareness about your group. Hosting events helps consumers connect with your company and promotes your name. Furthermore, because people usually travel in groups, your reach will expand when event participants bring their friends. And if you have a great space for holding events, organizing your own event to highlight your venue's beauty, usefulness, and general awesomeness draws people in and gets their minds going. Could this be the ideal location for their next business meeting? Could they imagine their parents dancing at this restaurant's 50th anniversary party? 

People who attend your events may enhance the community by building relationships with one another in addition to creating a connection with your organization. Attending an event and seeing other people who support the same cause, read the same blog, or cheer on a local team has a lot of power. Meeting like-minded people in person will also lead to more active participation online! 

This is an often-overlooked advantage, but holding events, especially for freshly founded groups or businesses, demonstrates that you're the genuine deal. You have the ability to organize events! It makes no difference whether the event is large or small. All that counts is that people can relate to your brand and goal. Non-profits know how to host fantastic fundraising events, but corporations may also get involved and arrange an event to generate funds for a good cause. Giving back to the community is an excellent method to promote awareness about a worthy cause while also gaining exposure for your organization! Holding a lecture or organizing a meet-up for industry thought leaders positions your company or organization as a catalyst for new ideas and cooperation. This adds value to your community and establishes your company as a valuable resource.


  • ‍Leverage Adjacent Markets

Adjacent markets may bring a significant increase in revenue for a company if executives can identify them and effectively grow into them. Adjacent markets are described as markets that are close to what your company already does. The most prevalent misconception regarding adjacent markets is that it is all about selling your existing items to new consumers. However, this is not the case; the key to entering adjacent markets is to export your talents and capabilities rather than your products and services. When executives concentrate on taking your core capabilities and developing new value with new clients, adjacent markets may be successful and produce more income for the company's core business activities.

Even though competitors operate in the same geographic areas, target the same consumers, and use the same channels, the company with a repeatable formula will generally expand quicker and profitably than its competitors.

Repeatability does not happen overnight, but when done correctly, a repeatable formula for adjacency expansion is almost impossible to imitate. Companies may improve the strength of their original business and then drive that market dominance into new adjacencies only a step or two out from the core. However, by definition, there is always an adjacency that is too far away for effective repeaters. As companies become more adept at quick adjacency development, possibilities will increase, generating more revenue for the company's core business operations.

  • Build a Social Media Community

Social media is an online communication platform that allows you to engage with consumers and exchange information in real time. This can help you reach out to your consumers more effectively, build online networks, and sell and advertise your products and services. When it comes to leveraging social media for business, it's easy to get carried away. Before you begin, it is advisable to proceed with caution and to be informed of both the advantages and disadvantages.

Social media can help you interact with your consumers and learn what others are saying about your company. Social media may also be used for advertising, promotional freebies, and mobile applications.

With more than half of the world's population using social media, sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are obvious places to reach new and highly targeted potential consumers. One of the most important advantages of social media for businesses is the opportunity to make genuine human relationships. Introduce your followers to the individuals that make up your company and demonstrate how current consumers use and profit from your products.

  • Follow Your Competitors

It is recommended that you investigate your competition brands before falling into the deep end, unless you have a very, very niche market. You may first join their social presence without following to get a sense of style and substance, but following their page allows you to monitor their day-to-day marketing approach. Sit back and observe and record their everyday activities. Keep an eye out for content specifics, as well as organization and structure. You'll be exposed to a variety of rival material over time, and you'll notice a trend in writing style and picture color/branding. Make these ideas your own by incorporating them into your brand page so that every post reflects your business's story and goal. Obviously, don't outright copy your competitor's concept; it's not acceptable and, to be honest, it's just sloppy content design. Maintain consistency in your color branding approach and never stray from it! Refer to 6 Tips For Successful Market Research


  • Create an Aggressive Content Strategy

Being aggressive is sometimes viewed negatively, yet aggressive marketing might be the one thing that transforms your typical business into something that becomes an important part of your community. Aggressive marketing is an offensive approach that employs exciting techniques to elicit a reaction from your target audience. You may get someone's attention regarding what you have to offer by using aggressive marketing techniques. People will notice your consistency and discipline if you use aggressive marketing. Several techniques may be used to accomplish aggressive marketing. When a market gets overly aggressive, the price of stocks might skyrocket, making it more expensive for a trader to enter the market by purchasing equities.

  • Do Guest Posting

The process of writing material for another company's website is known as guest blogging, sometimes known as "guest posting." Guest bloggers typically post for comparable blogs in their sector in order to: Drive traffic back to their website.

Writing blog articles for other blogs helps you to bring your brand in front of their readers, increasing brand awareness among prospective customers who are unfamiliar with your company. People will return for more if your brand delivers high-quality content. That's all there is to it. Building authority in your business is inextricably linked to increasing consumer trust. Guest blogging on other relevant sites helps you to demonstrate your expertise in your industry.
A website that does not receive traffic is a website that does not generate revenues. When your article is published on another site, it can provide you with months or years of traffic, depending on the popularity of the site and how useful your post is.


  • Work with Influencers

Influencer marketing, also known as sponsored content or collaborating with artists, is a proven method to broaden your brand's social media exposure.

Consumer selections are heavily influenced by recommendations from friends and family, as well as reviews. When you get people talking about your product or company on social media, you increase brand recognition and trust, as well as your chances of selling more. Collaboration with influencers—people who have a significant social media following and can attract that following's attention to your brand—is a vital strategy to drive social word of mouth.

  • Cash the Trends

Everyone's attention is drawn to the prospect of having a new gadget or product, and everyone is turning to you for information and demonstrations. It's the same idea with social media, except it's a race against the clock. To attract complete mass attention, you must be the first to release the product online. Following a rival allows you to keep track of both their and your progress. You release a video if a rival has just published the first photograph of the new iPhone. 

  • Use HARO for Press Opportunities

Help A Reporter Out (HARO) to the rescue! On HARO, journalists post requests for contributions, interviews, and quotations for articles they are currently working on.

By signing up for HARO, you will receive daily roundups of these requests. Responding to inquiries where you may provide relevant experience or knowledge increases your chances of being included significantly because journalists are actively looking for tales to feature.

  • Send Gifts to Your Customers

Gift-giving is significant in most business cultures. The underlying rationale for gift-giving is the same whether you are attempting to thank long-standing clients, remind someone of your business, or acknowledge a great employee. Gifts are intended to strengthen corporate ties and personal connections between clients, customers, and workers. Indeed, according to the Promotional Products Association International, gift-giving has been shown to enhance company activity and hence the return on investment. 

Everyone enjoys receiving presents. Gifting token items to your valued clients and preferred providers is an excellent approach to emphasize your company's identity and values. It demonstrates generosity and suggests that you are concerned about individual connections. Customers and sellers alike realize the importance of those two aspects in developing long-term partnerships with a company. Your tiny act of kindness has a significant impact on the impression of your brand, the chance of repeat business, and increased recommendations. Aside from being a kind thing to do, it also provides you an excuse to contact your client base without asking anything in return. It is a simple method to reconnect with friends you haven't seen in a while and, most importantly, it doesn't come off as sales-y. Finally, these donations can be marked as tax-deductible by your company. Generally, if the present is less than $25 per person, you can deduct the cost. It's a win-win situation: you build goodwill with your customers without breaking the bank.

  • Get Bloggers to Review Your Product

It takes more than a big audience to host a compelling webinar that efficiently converts leads into purchases. Of course, there are several strategies to market your webinar in order to increase the number of attendees. Using renowned bloggers to advertise your online event, on the other hand, will offer your webinar an advantage over your competition. You'll also be in a far better position to convert the webinar's curiosity into revenues.

One of the most apparent advantages of having famous bloggers in your area advertise your webinar is that it will generate interest in the event. This will increase the number of people who attend your webinar and sign up for it. Because the blogger may reach a new audience for your goods, they will be able to increase your client base. Of course, some may have heard of your product but have yet to connect with you; thus, the fact that someone they respect and regard as an expert supports your webinar will pique their curiosity. Another advantage of having a well-known blogger recommend your webinar is that it increases your credibility. More and more internet users are growing suspicious of online advertising and marketing promises. However, if a customer sees a promotion for your webinar done by a blogger they consider to be an authority, they will link your brand with authority. The fact that a well-known blogger in your sector is ready to collaborate with your marketing plan fosters confidence among both their followers and your consumers. This is also a good approach to mix up how you market your webinar.

  • Amplify Reach with Social Advertising

You wouldn't have to worry about amplification if every content piece you ever made on social media got viewed by a million people and earned a million hits. However, this is not the world we live in. Today, organic reach on social media is almost non-existent. More over half of all social media material receives no shares, and nearly none (.1 percent) is shared more than 1,000 times.

Because of the changes in social media platform algorithms, as well as the sheer volume of information produced every day, a sponsored social strategy is increasingly essential if you want people to see your content. Paid social allows you to display advertising on social platforms or promote your own social content to attract a larger audience by targeting the demographics you want to reach. Through their many advertising and marketing choices, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter all provide chances for you to reach a bigger audience, including new audiences.

  • Run a Contest

When done correctly and successfully, social media competitions have several advantages. They are a wonderful method to increase brand recognition and interact with your target audience.

When a contest is well-managed, it is a fantastic method to gain a large following. People may not be aware of a brand or a business until they hear about it via their family, friends, or social cliques – and a contest would undoubtedly assist them in doing so.

A contest is an excellent method to attract new followers to your social media accounts. It provides them a compelling incentive to participate and incentivizes their behaviors in return for a chance to win the social media contest reward you're offering. A social media contest is an excellent method to encourage people to sign up for your email newsletter. Social media contest platforms such as Binkd include a lead capture form that fans must complete in order to participate.

After raising awareness and expanding your subscriber base, the natural and essential progression of your contest's advantage is to increase your sales. Contests are a great way to convert your business leads into valuable customers – especially since the winners have already tried your product for free (if you chose the wise path of offering your product as a gift rather than a random iPad) and will most likely return to purchase more if your product satisfies them.

  • Create a Free Tool

You should always be on the lookout for free tool chances. Free tools allow you to enter an organization and grow your brand by assisting others. From a calculator to a website analyzer, you may create a wide range of tools.

Creating free open-source and developer tools aids in the development of grassroots adoption, which may later be used for customer acquisition. Marketing and sales, unlike programmers, do not need or desire to create code. Free tools enable marketers and salespeople to complete their tasks without relying on development resources.

  • Change up your landing page layout

Whether you like it or not, appearances matter, and they have a significant impact on how well your landing page performs. However, this does not imply that your landing page must be visually appealing in order to achieve high results. Although visually appealing design might be beneficial, it takes a back place to more essential considerations. The parts and components included in your landing page layout have a far greater impact on conversion rates than sheer attractiveness. If your landing page style does not compel visitors to take action, no matter how attractive the page is, your conversion rates will suffer. So, one might argue that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Landing pages, as opposed to a website's homepage, which is generally meant to offer a comprehensive picture of a business, help you create client loyalty and improve revenues by focusing on a single short-term goal. When you design landing pages for specific campaigns, targeted audiences, events, or promotions, you can provide them a clear, direct call to action and make it simple for them to buy your items or sign up for your list.

  • Build Partnerships

There is no better way to problem resolution than the adage "two heads are better than one." Whether it's internal partnerships between colleagues or departments or larger partnerships between businesses, leveraging the strengths and abilities of others from different parts of your ecosystem is one of the most strategic ways for businesses to scale their innovation and solve complex problems. In today's fast-paced market, doing it alone is not the greatest growth plan. Companies that evolved organically must seek for new methods to foster collaborative innovation that meets the needs of their consumers today – and in the future. Strategic alliances benefit everyone, including businesses, employees, and customers. Customers benefit from the capabilities and offers that each business brings to the table, and workers may extend their growth possibilities by being exposed to different views and knowledge. Furthermore, strengthening links between complementary companies promotes collaboration and longevity, and helps businesses to provide services and solutions that assist their consumers and other businesses in becoming more successful.

6 Best Growth Hacking Examples


Every growth hacker dreams of these game-changing growth hacks, in which companies achieve tremendous growth with little or no investment. Below are our list of top 6 growth hacking examples.

1. Facebook

The world's most popular social networking platform is without a question one of the greatest instances of growth hacking in today's digital ecosystem. With over 2 billion members, Facebook has now become a part of our everyday lives. This Quora question on Facebook growth hacks shows two successful strategies employed by this social media behemoth to scale.
To begin, they encouraged users to add their friends and family so that they could share material on Facebook with others in their circle. Second, Facebook sent emails to their friends and relatives encouraging them to sign up for a Facebook account. Many people were intrigued by this growth hack since they were interested about who had tagged or referenced them on Facebook. They were curious about what was being said about them on Facebook. They also wanted to know what they would get after joining up.

2. PayPal

PayPal is another company that is proven to be a great example of growth hacking. Have you ever considered how giving money away may help your business grow? Paypal, on the other hand, benefited greatly from it.

A referral scheme was used as their growth hacking technique. They started incentivizing users who brought in more users through PayPal's referral program. As a result, PayPal's company began to increase by 7% to 10% on a daily basis. The overall cost of the incentives was close to $60 million. What's more, their growth hacking technique is intriguing because social media was not as widespread or strong as it is today. Paypal developed mostly through word-of-mouth, SMS, blogs, and emails.

3. Dollar Shave Club

Video content is more popular than ever. This Dollar Shave Club growth hacking example demonstrates how powerful video marketing is and how easily you can acquire all the conversions you need with the appropriate video content. According to Business Insider, the Dollar Shave Club generated more than $20 million in revenue by employing the video growth hack. The Dollar Shave Club developed a video to advertise its services, including delivering potential prospects fresh new razor blades every month for for $1. The video went viral quickly, garnering 19 million views in a short period of time. Today, the Dollar Shave Club advertising video has received over 25 million views.

4. HubSpot Academy

Hubspot Academy is a great example of growth hacking technique. Hubspot Academy was able to boost their certificates per student ratio to 1.3 in 2016 thanks to the assistance of growth marketer Eric Peters.

HubSpot's testing had an intriguing result: the status bar aided users in discovering new certification courses. Eric and his colleagues also utilize a color code; grey indicates certifications that aren't complete or have expired, while orange shows certifications that are. The team also included a status bar to enrolled students' emails, allowing them to track their progress toward various certificates. Eric Peter and his team were able to exceed their initial objective of 1.5 certifications per user all the way to 1.3 certifications per user thanks to their clever growth hacking technique. This raised the number of certificates by 18% overall.

5. Cloudways Ecommerce Tools

Cloudways Ecommerce Tools is an excellent business growth strategy example. The goal of these technologies was to draw targeted audiences to this website and engage them. To see the outcomes of the tools, the user would need to submit their email address, which would turn them into leads. Lead generation improved dramatically as a result of the usage of these technologies, bringing in around 30% more subscribers in only three months.

6. Google+

Google+, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, is a social networking website. Its connection with SERPs, on the other hand, appears to be far more complicated than that of other social networking platforms. The way user-created material is processed may be the most significant distinction between Google+ and every other social network in terms of SEO value. Unlike most tweets and Facebook postings, public posts on Google+ are indexed for search. The significance of indexing Google+ public material extends well beyond your own postings. It implies that every time someone shares your material, you acquire link equity when their postings are indexed.

There are two major SEO advantages to adopting Google Plus. First, postings are scanned and indexed – and this occurs fast since, among other things, Google is attempting to leverage Google+ to improve real-time search. Second, Google Plus is used to enhance search results with rich snippets, such as the popular Google Authorship feature, which displays the author's image and information in search results.

In conclusion

Whew! That was it. Thank you for staying with us through this long long article. Any inquiries on growth hacking can be easily answered by our devoted customer support team, so do not hesitate to reach out to us. We promise that our first-rate growth hacking service will not let you and your business down. 

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