Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and channels to promote a company's services, products, and brand. Social media marketing has cemented its place as an essential component of any modern digital marketing plan. Social media marketing is an important way to drive more visitors to your website, landing pages, blogs, and other online properties. A well-planned and implemented social strategy will assist you in establishing a steady flow of visitors to your target sites. The advantages of social media marketing over traditional techniques of traffic creation are numerous. Increasing your online presence, which should be dynamic and engaged, will boost your search engine marketing or search engine optimization outcomes. The more internet touch-points you have, the more possibilities there are for clients to interact with your company.

Social media marketing is worldwide, and you can find your target audience from anywhere in the globe by sorting through billions of people. You can reach a wider and more diverse audience online thanks to the numerous social media platforms. Every platform works a little differently, with some being broader and others giving a more specialised approach, but finding the appropriate platform that matches your business and audience is a benefit of social media marketing.

You will obtain the desired outcomes and benefits of social media marketing by managing your brand image through social networks, creating the image of your business that you want, and connecting with your target audience. With social media marketing, you can increase and manage the conversation about your business while also engaging directly with the requirements of your target audience in real-time. By listening to your audience and making yourself available and visible, you can create a more approachable brand that people want to connect with.

Growth Hacking Benefits

What is social media growth hacking?

As social platforms have increased in popularity, the importance of having a solid social media marketing plan has proven to be critical for creating a successful online business. Social media marketing encompasses both free and paid ways of advertising, and it can provide businesses with innovative techniques to generating online momentum for their services.

Social media can help you engage your consumers, educate them, and demonstrate your company's personality and core value. It's important to produce high-quality material across several social media networks, especially if you want to use growth hacking techniques. It is not required, but it enhances visibility and confidence. Put yourself in the position of the customer: if you can't locate the company on big social networks, you're probably not going to do business with them, right?

Most social media platforms have already done extensive research. They are aware of what each of their followers want. As a result, they have established marketing tactics for businesses to use while promoting online through these social networking platforms. Social networking platforms, such as LinkedIn, have systems in place to sort users based on a variety of criteria. Some of these factors are age, gender, location, and so on.

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It is beneficial to utilize social media (particularly Facebook and Twitter) as a platform for customer support. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to react, and when people ask questions on social media, they want a rapid response. It's also a fantastic method for clients to know they can contact their provider whenever they need help. On your website, you should constantly strive to provide unrivaled customer service.

Because there are so many businesses competing everywhere, it's always a good idea to keep tabs on or follow them to obtain some information or insights into their performance. Many of the world's most successful companies utilize digital marketing to expand their operations. It will show you how they engage with their consumers. How do customers feel about their brands? What do consumers appreciate most about them, and what do they dislike the most? This will assist you in making appropriate plans for yours.

Who can benefit the most from growth hacking on social channels?

Growth hacking isn't only for startups, companies, marketers, or anybody else. It is beneficial to everyone who wants to achieve success in seeing growth in their business. The techniques you employ to promote growth are designed to be adaptable to any scenario. Any objective is attainable and hackable. The key is to understand the goals and steps required to achieve progress in each experiment you do.

When you're just getting started, adopting growth hacking as a mentality from the start allows you to combine your product development and marketing efforts to create more marketable goods that people enjoy.

  • Literally anyone can take advantage of social media to develop their business, whether it is heavy social media users, or bloggers or vloggers or influencers.
  • Entrepreneurs and (online) business owners can easily utilize social media growth hacks to generate more sales and revenues and attract potential customers.
  • For marketers and marketing/advertising agencies, PR agencies, raising brand’s presence and brand awareness is the least most social media growth hacks can do for them. 

Top social media growth hacks from experts

Growth hacking strategies function best when they are based on high-quality content. Whatever social media media you use, make it a point to educate your audience with material that inspires, engages, and always provides value. Understand that a company cannot thrive on social media if it is not visible, i.e. simple to discover. And the most effective approach to become remembered is to help people with high-quality content. Consider guidelines, manuals, reviews, lectures, case studies, or any other type of visual or written material that might help your potential consumers solve an issue. Begin (and keep going) with a service attitude.

These days, there are far too many growth hacking tactics surfacing on social media. You've probably grown bored of all those flashy new tactics and win-in-every-situation advice. 

You'll be a few steps ahead of your bewildered competition if you base your growth techniques on good content. Remember that social media users have no tolerance for worthless information. And the thrilling, business-growing tale begins with satisfied customers. If you are new to growth hacks and are puzzled by the vast world of growth hacks, we recommend going through an easy guide on growth hacking strategies by looking at our article on Overview and Top 26 Growth Hacking Strategies You Can Get Started to Boost Conversions in 2021.

1. The viral YouTube video sensation

Growing a brand on YouTube is one of the most effective growth hacking techniques for young companies. YouTube is one of the most popular methods for content consumption. A long-term approach to develop your brand online can provide a significantly greater ROI than purchasing ad space on television or billboards. Every day, over one billion hours of video are seen on YouTube, ranging from online lessons to programs, podcasts, and aspiring performers and influencers looking to be seen and heard. YouTube is the world's second-largest search engine, and SEO is critical to your success and exposure there, as it is with any search engine.

There are start-ups with limited media channels and funds to invest in social networks. They are often made up of a group of enthusiastic hustlers eager to make an impact. In most cases, their content marketing budget is only a few thousand dollars. They are, however, ruthless and prefer to take action in order to take social media marketing by storm. And social media is unconcerned with a company's marketing budget. As a result, even tiny businesses can go viral on social media, exposing their brand to hundreds of thousands of people and taking social media marketing by storm.

GoPro, a camera business, is one of the greatest instances of a well-known startup leveraging YouTube to promote its brand. GoPro effectively used YouTube to promote its product experience by sharing videos captured with the device. After showcasing its high-definition video experience and gaining a fanbase, it doubled down on brand promotion by encouraging people to submit their videos while tagging GoPro. GoPro would then broadcast the finest fan-made videos on its own channel, offering recognition and visibility to its following. This resulted in enormous connection development and brand loyalty among GoPro's fans.

Red Bull is another fantastic example of YouTube growth hacking. Red Bull, as an energy drink, has a brand that revolves on an active, high-adrenaline lifestyle. They actively advertise this lifestyle by releasing videos of dangerous stunts and physical accomplishments, living up to the principles of a high energy brand.

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2. Impress gatekeepers with your products

In the field of journalism, the phrase 'gatekeeping' refers to the flow of information to its audience.


When it comes to social media platforms, your skill and hard work to produce a new product are only half of the equation. You must also advertise your excellent product so that it reaches its intended audience. Influencer marketing is one of the most popular, innovative, honest, and intimate kinds of social media marketing.

The ABSOLUT Company collaborated with influencer agency Collectively to develop a series of influencer activations focused on people and the environment. At the 2020 Influencer Marketing Awards, this influencer campaign received the Gold Award for Best Food and Drink Campaign. The campaign's major goal was to boost impressions and social interaction. The campaign lasted almost eight months. The company created a series of immersive events that were broadcast on social media, including Instagram and Twitter. Collaborators engaged their fans and followers in one-of-a-kind brand experiences that highlighted ABSOLUT's dedication to people and the environment. A four-day immersion in ABSOLUT's dedication to sustainability at its Swedish production site was among the events. They also organized a photograph with famous artist and activist David Lachapelle to recreate the historic march at Stonewall. As the result,  the campaign achieved 68.4 million total potential impressions, 7.714 million views, and 739.4 thousand comments, likes, and shares, for a total of 8.6 million total combined interactions.

In Canada, Sony created an influencer marketing campaign for PlayStation VR, its virtual reality headset. The business opted to collaborate with mid-tier, micro-, and nano-influencers in Canadian tech and gaming on Instagram and YouTube. @karlconrad, @stalman, @justin.tse, @canoopsy, and @the.girly.geek were some of the influencers. The campaign's goal was to highlight players' positive gaming experiences with Sony's products. The influencers posted photos of themselves having a good time using the Sony PlayStation VR headgear. The majority of influencers shared two posts for the campaign, both of which included photos, with one including a brief looping video. There were a total of nine postings. Overall, the relatively low-level influencers' Instagram posts garnered 12,728 likes and 230 comments, for a 3.64 percent average engagement rate. The average interaction rate on YouTube was 3.19 percent, with 28,322 views, 2,324 likes, and 368 comments.

3. Gamification with social media share buttons

Gamification methods can assist boost outcomes and participation in your social media campaign. This can increase the number of people who see your social promotion from hundreds to thousands.

Users must log in with a valid email address or social media credentials on most gamification systems. From that moment forward, your organization can collect data on that user and see what they do on your website. Another advantage of allowing consumers to log in and interact on your website is that you can utilize them as a sounding board. Crowdsourcing has been used by companies such as Allstate and GE to assist them find answers to challenging business problems. If a company utilizes consumer input from games and applies it to a business problem it is attempting to address, gamification can be a route to crowdsourcing.

Gamification is a unique and effective approach to introduce people to a new product that you are introducing. You can let consumers test out your product in the form of a game meant to educate them how to use it, similar to how you would give a free trial of your product. According to Jennifer Wise, an analyst at Forrester Research, games should provide players with a sense of accomplishment. "It provides the achievement that is linked to a motivation," she explains. 

Rather than merely benefiting themselves and addressing business challenges, some companies are giving back to their industry's communities by utilizing games for the greater good. For example, Opower, a Software-as-a-Service firm that works with utility companies, has been encouraging individuals to measure and share their energy use and compete to be the most energy efficient by using Facebook.

T-Mobile is one of the major telecommunications firms in both Europe and the United States. Customer management got more difficult as their products and services became more sophisticated. It was obvious that they needed to improve their customer service in order to keep their customers satisfied. In order to tackle this issue, they founded T-Community in 2011. This was a social business platform designed to assist customer service employees in learning and collaborating with one another. To promote engagement, gamified features were introduced to the site. As a result, members received points and badges for participating in particular activities.

These included things like going over training materials, answering questions, and liking content. They can compare their performance and ranks with other coworkers thanks to a scoreboard. T-Mobile awarded 187,000 accomplishment badges on the platform in just six weeks. They also saw a 1,000% increase in learner involvement. In fact, over 15,000 frontline workers completed the objectives in the first two weeks. Participants' increased engagement was reflected in their customer satisfaction scores. Furthermore, since the introduction of gamification, resolution rates have improved month after month.

Adobe is well-known for providing 30-day free software trials. Adobe has launched a new onboarding tool called LevelUp for Photoshop, which teaches individuals the fundamentals of the software by assigning them tasks for which they can earn points and badges upon completion.

4. Tease with interactive and engaging content

Nowadays, interactive content reigns supreme, with 93 percent of marketers ranking it as extremely efficient at engaging prospective customers:

interactive content

Online customers today want to engage with companies. Before making a purchase, they want to actively engage with products and services. Consumers want to view product photos, watch videos, and experiment with other forms of interactive material to get a sense of what it's like to buy a product or service.

Not only can interactivity increase conversions by 40-50 percent, but consumers also love to share amazing, unique interactive content pieces by as much as 28 percent. Even the most basic forms of interactive content can evoke a reaction, making it more interesting than a written article – even if it is well-written. It will be better to encourage people to submit their information if you provide interesting material that piques their interest and delivers a personalized experience. The experience will be appreciated by users, and you will receive valuable information for lead nurturing. As you learn more about your audience as you collect data through interactive content, making it simpler to develop material they will enjoy. This strategy to highly focused content marketing can quickly create trust and authority, allowing you to grow a larger audience of individuals who will return time and again.

Live Nation has you covered if you enjoy live music. Simply purchase concert tickets from their list, and the app will display an interactive seat map, save your tickets digitally, and keep you up to date on performance info (such as whether it has been postponed due to public health concerns like COVID-19 or whether the venue has new rules). It also alerts you to forthcoming events that you might be interested in depending on the tickets you've previously purchased.

The days of wandering through record stores are long gone. Everything is now saved on the cloud. Spotify allows users to make playlists and then recommends new songs based on the genres you listen to and even the actions you perform while listening to them. Create a Running Playlist, and you'll see that your suggested offers include names like All Out Running and Workout Beats. You may mix audio and spoken material if you like to listen to radio stations. It's as if it knows what you want before you do.

Netflix, like Starbucks and Spotify, builds viewing queues based on the films and series you love watching. However, in addition to the conventional method of recommending material, it also allows viewers to choose characters and build tales. As a consequence, each time you watch the video, a new story thread emerges. This was initially popular among youngsters, but it was later broadened to older audiences with Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and You vs. Wild.

Top 10 best growth hacking agencies in the world

Fantom isn't a one-stop shop, but they excel in what they do best: paid media across all platforms. They're not your cookie-cutter growth agency; it's difficult to be cookie-cutter when all products are different and in different stages; instead, Fantom takes a rather unique approach that feels almost like an extension of your team, keeping you in the loop along the way (if you want), or if you'd like for them to run and do their own thing, they can do that as well, they're flexible. 

Fantom Agency was able to get an in-depth understanding of the client's requirements even at the start of the project. As a result, they quickly increased the company's lead generation. Overall, they do good job, have outstanding communication skills, and a high degree of knowledge.

Voxturr is one of the most rapidly expanding Growth Hacking firms. Growth marketing, B2B marketing, content marketing, paid advertising, and media buying are all areas where the team and advisory board have extensive experience. Marketplace Marketing, Product Launches, E-Commerce Marketing, B2B Lead Generation, App Download Campaigns, Marketing Automation, and a variety of other new-age marketing services are among Voxturr's specialties.

Voxturr's customer includes anything from early-stage startups to major corporations. IBM, Dell, NTT, America's Best Value Inn,, Sodexo, and others are among their clientele.

Voxturr provides all kinds of services such as marketplace Marketing, Digital Product Launch, App Launch, App Download Campaigns, B2B Campaigns, UI/UX and Convert Rate Optimization, Marketing Automation, Investor Campaigns, Social Media Automation, SEO, Content Marketing, Advance Analytics, Email Marketing, Performance Marketing, UX for Growth, and so on.

Kurve is more than simply an agency; it's also a consulting. What gives them the authority to make such a bold claim? Whatever your needs are, they can put you in touch with a team of professionals who will work with you to find a solution. They work with both startups and corporations to help them develop by using the scientific, data-driven approach that you'd expect from a top-tier firm.

Kurve's website contains an almost overwhelming quantity of testimonials - really, really, go check for yourself.

One of the standouts comes from NextFree's co-founder, who says the company has "scientific rigor" and a "test and learn methodology" that is a perfect complement to agile businesses. Are you still not convinced? You will be when you read their amusing tutorials on how to build up the perfect chatbot or if organic social media reach is dead.

Ladder utilizes machine learning technologies built over thousands of hours of assisting businesses like yours to influence their marketing decisions. How many "ordinary" marketers can make the same claim? They also adopt a lean strategy, employing a minimum viable test to generate as much growth as possible with as little expenditure as feasible. Their previous clients include Fortune 500 companies and Y Combinator startups, such as Facebook and

Will Egerton-King, co-founder of Money Dashboard, praises Ladder for assisting his firm in utilizing their finest features to increase revenue, resulting in a high ROI.

Let's keep it basic for now. If you're a founder/marketing/growth leader at a Series A-C consumer business, you'll most likely need to establish a strong brand growth marketing foundation and apply user scaling tactics. That’s when people hire Swidia. SWIDIA is a specialist growth marketing team for consumer businesses with a strong emphasis on user scalability. They've been crucial in the early phases of Cameo, Radish Fiction, STEEZY, and many more projects. They can assist you in overcoming the development barrier through:

  • User Acquisition Team — acquire new users and customers effectively through performance marketing tailored to a post-IDFA environment.
  • Drive action with champion creatives who meet both growth and brand goals, and gain actionable creative insights to iterate and enhance future assets/creatives.
  • Growth Studio (corporate innovation) – Launch new enterprises and build businesses using the most recent growth strategy tested on the frontlines of venture-funded startups.

You'll collaborate with a team of seasoned operators and specialists who will serve as an extension of your growth marketing team. 

Despite being a relative newbie, Growth Shop has more than made up for lost time by delivering over $1 billion in growth. That's amazing even among growth marketing companies. What's their trick? A dynamic four-stage strategy that includes forensic funnel analysis, growth sprints, optimization, and scaling. Basically, they perform a lot of data analysis and testing on a continual basis. For a more complete analysis, see their website. Trouva co-founder Alex Loizou praises Growth Shop for helping his company become one of the top five fastest-growing firms in the UK – quite an accomplishment.

EmberTribe takes an unusual approach to business, preferring a minimalist structure and an emphasis on outcomes. Unlike other companies, EmberTribe's entire workforce works remotely, allowing them to spend all of their time pouring over metrics and statistics rather than coffee. Embertribe may be the ideal agency for you if you want to go right to the point.

They also have their own YouTube channel, TribeTalk, where the crew discusses anything from obnoxious advertisements to smart email marketing. It's definitely worth a look! Oh, and if you're looking for real data, their strategy helped jewelry shop Baltic Essentials quadruple their monthly income in 60 days. How's that for exponential growth?

This organization, named after Orange County, advertises itself as "iterative" and "experimental." They apply their skills to help brands, startups, staffing agencies, professional services businesses, software companies, and any other B2B or B2C enterprise develop. Orange Pegs, unlike the majority of the other firms on our list, focuses on a hybrid approach of growth hacking and inbound marketing – and they have the Hubspot gold partner accreditation to prove it. If you want to put their strategies to the test (and you should), use the Growth Plan Builder on their website's home page. It will assist you in gaining a growth marketing mentality and developing an understanding of what to expect from working with an agency. 

Orange Pegs is highly recommended by current customer Mark Arrow because they are strategic, methodical, and flexible, and they adjust their approach not only to improve discovery and user experience, but also bottom-line business outcomes.

Growth Hackers will provide you with rapid, long-term, and scalable growth. Growth Hackers do more than simply counsel or coach: they operate as your partner and implement results-driven initiatives. They will collaborate with you to achieve your company's objectives, whether they be to create leads, deliver targeted traffic to your website or app, improve sales, enhance your brand, optimize conversions, acquire or keep people. What is the final outcome? A scalable solution that boosts revenue growth.

Growth hackers have an established track record of success and the knowledge to help your company expand. With Growth Hackers, there is no fluff. They assisted businesses all around the globe in driving hundreds of millions of quality visits across websites, making $110+ million in sales, obtaining billions of downloads across applications, obtaining hundreds of millions in investment, and reducing lead generation costs by tenfold...

If you're searching for a growth marketing plan, stop reading right now since Tuff doesn't have one. Ellen Jantsch, the agency's founder, emphasizes that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to growth. Tuff's crew understands what they're doing, which is why they're not peddling "magic" or any type of "mystery secret sauce." Instead, they're banking on transparency and experimentation, and it appears to be working: Several times during TechCrunch growth marketing poll, the agency was enthusiastically recommended to them. Tuff is a small (20-person) growth marketing business that works with startups and scaleups to boost revenue and sales. While they have found success working with teams in almost every industry, from early-stage startups to major businesses, there is undoubtedly a kind that best suits them. Their basic principles are as follows: If a prospect wants to gain new consumers and expand their business using current channels, technologies, and frameworks, we're nearly always interested.

Tuff's bread & butter is developing effective, all-encompassing, growth-oriented marketing strategies. They do this through their battle-tested technique, which has proven itself in every sector and stage of a company's life. Then, they continue to be eager for research and execute flawlessly, always optimizing and refining to achieve maximum efficiency. PPC, social advertisements, technical SEO, content strategy, creative, email, and conversion rate optimization are just a few of the methods on their list (CRO).


We are constantly witnessing changes in social media algorithms. Every now and again, one of the main social media sites announces a modification in its regulations. Google's algorithm updates (which are generally referred to as animals) also follow the dynamics of user behavior. These behemoths evolve in search of the best online experience and the smoothest operation. And our marketing tactics must be adjusted properly.

When it comes to the finest social media hacks, know your audience. Make your content marketing and social media marketing strategies one-of-a-kind. Create engaging and high-quality social media advertisements and share engaging and high-quality content. Develop ties with influencers on social media platforms. Encourage people to share. Make people wait. Rinse and rinse again.

Now, let us hear about your growth hack story, or your need of growth hacks. Any comments and questions are welcomed and will be answered by our team of experts, so don’t you hesitate to reach out!  

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