E-commerce is still growing. Statista says worldwide e-commerce sales will grow from 4.2 trillion in 2020 to 6.5 trillion in 2023. View more about Main Reasons Why You Should Invest In EcommerceThe global pandemic and the growth of remote work continue to drive and promote e-commerce growth. This is a huge opportunity for e-commerce companies that are ready for this change. Here’s a list of the top 15 Ecommerce Agencies and the detail to choose the best e-commerce providers.


Finding a suitable eCommerce agency is not easy

In the context that the world is constantly developing today and the emergence of the internet is changing the sales method of businesses, instead of focusing on selling at the store, businesses are gradually switching to online sales.

Owning an online store is definitely indispensable and plays an important role in the growth of a business. However, finding a suitable e-commerce developer or agency can be difficult, so I list the Top E-Commerce Agencies (comparison and review 2021).

1. Top 15 Ecommerce Website Development Company

1. Awebstar

 Awebstar  ecommerce website developmentcompany

Awebstar is famous for providing the best eCommerce Web Designing and Development solutions

Awebstar is famous for providing the best eCommerce Web Designing and Development solutions. It was founded on Jul 21, 2007, and is based in Singapore. The headquarters regions of Awebstar are; Asia-Pacific (APAC), Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Southeast Asia, etc.

Services offered by its proficient team include PPC, SEO, software solutions, and more. Awebstar's proficient team is creative, highly productive, competent and helpful with extensive expertise in the areas of web design and development, Internet marketing, logo design, SMO, SEO, Google Adwords and Youtube Marketing.

The core services provided by Awebstar are; Responsive Website Design, SEO Services, Digital Marketing, Logo Design Services, YouTube SEO, Mobile App Development, Social Media Marketing, Ecommerce Web Design Services, etc

The developers here have years of experience in collaborating with a wide range of clients and designing a wide variety of websites ranging from corporate websites, e-commerce sites, to personal portfolio websites.

2. Netbase

 netbase - ecommerce website development company

Netbase is trusted as one of the best eCommerce website builder

Netbase JSC exists to give solutions to meet your demands. From that point of connection, we create a variety of platforms.

Netbase JSC is one of the top software outsourcing companies. Netbase focuses on total e-Commerce solutions and consulting for all e-commerce businesses to sell products and services on the Internet.

Netbase has served over 25.000+ customers and hundreds of different projects with wide ranges of development and customization. You can count on us 100% to take care of your business development.

3. Magneto IT Solutions

Magneto was founded in 2009 and is leading the competition. Proficient developers are experts at turning your ideas into reality. Magneto IT Solutions provides eCommerce website design and development solutions and payment gateway solutions. All these make it one of the best companies in India, Middle East and USA.

Their enthusiastic and skilled team is experienced in creating new and effective methods that can take your online solutions to the next level and make them more successful. To date, Magneto's IT solutions have powered more than 250 eCommerce stores in different business regions and countries (such as UAE, USA, UK, Australia and Canada) depending on the customer's store implementation.

The company has been active in web development in more than 20 countries/regions around the world. It has over 650 completed projects and 70% repeat business, with an extraordinary record of success.

4. Ezetech

Ezetech is a one-stop-shop that helps non-technical business owners reduce time to market/product adaptation. It is the implementation partner responsible for the technology, so the creators of eCommerce startups can shift their focus to strategy development, business and marketing.

Their range of services includes initial planning and product scope, software architecture, agreements, digital policy, MVP development, support, and further product development. The experts there have deep expertise in a variety of technologies including React, Node, Swift, React Native, Objective-C. They focus on the customer's business case and create the most practical eCommerce solutions to solve the problems they face most directly.

5. Netcore Agency

As a company constantly striving for perfection, Netcore Agency has established itself as a leader in providing fully customizable and scalable solutions for eCommerce clients.

From planning to design and development, everything is done with consideration to ensure customer success or further boost their sales as they are providing several tools Useful add-ons for inventory management, analytics, SEO, content customization, marketing tools, and routine support.

6. Brainvire Infotech

 Brainvire Infotech - ecommerce website development company

Brainvire Infotech was Rated 4.8/5.0 By 500+ Clients For IOS And Android Development Services On Various Platforms

Clutch said that Brainvire celebrates this year’s “adulthood” and has won the title of one of the world’s top e-commerce developers. As part of the Magento group and considering this tool for eCommerce development, the company can create innovative, automated and agile web and mobile retail businesses.

From inventory, product catalog, payment and shipping methods, payments, support for different stores, marketing tools, traffic functions, too many more functions can be done in an E-Commerce website or an E-Commerce application.

And, as an added benefit, their geographical location is easily accessible -Brainvire has offices in the UK, USA, United Arab Emirates, Europe, Canada, Dubai, Australia, Singapore, France and other places.

7. Meticulosity

Among the top eCommerce developers, Meticulosity definitely stands out. The company calls itself a “shopping company” and pays attention to every aspect of website design, development, and optimization.

Meticulosity has developed over 50 extensions for eCommerce websites, from payment and shipping gateways to social media integrations and SEO tools. Building on Magento also gives them the option to build fully custom products that can record steady growth.

Like, their customer Trophies2Go has checked the difference after online store updation, 17,5% increase in revenue, a 73% increase in conversion rate, 8% increase in average order value, 63% increase in average time on site, 9% increase in transactions, etc.

8. Magebit

Magebit is an authorized end-to-end E-Commerce reseller of Riga, established in 2013. Currently, the company is an expert on Magento and Magento 2 platforms. Besides, the company's experts have more than 22 Magento certificates.

The company has a rich product portfolio and customers come from more than 23 countries. The countries include the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada and Australia. Also, Magebit is exhibiting in Riga, London and New York City. Magebit offers:

  • Strategy
  • Development and Support
  • Design
  • Performance Improvement
  • Digital Marketing

The team includes more than 41 professional managers, leaders, and other professionals. Magebit has Amazon and Google as service and analytics partners.

9. BTown Web

For medium businesses, BTown Web has become a powerful domestic market to help promote online stores (E-Commerce companies).

BTown Web works on Shopify and WooCommerce and specializes in eCommerce website design, website development, digital strategy, login page design, mobile design, PPC management and marketplace development.

BTown Web has also established an eCommerce Growth Team, whose main mission is to spread knowledge about content marketing, SEO tools, pay to advertise, and other features that help improve sales products online.

10. Divante

Meet one of the biggest companies in Europe and one of the best eCommerce developers in the world-Divante. It is headquartered in Poland and has provided various E-Commerce solutions to more than 100 customers worldwide for the past ten years.

Each of the more than 300 initiated projects has an important set of functions that can drive online sales and improve the customer base. For more clarification, see the results below:

Odlo, one of Europe's largest fashion companies, recorded a 47% increase in transactions, a 46% increase in revenue, and a 78% increase in sales of the online store of electronics distributor TIM, which reached 100 million euros.

11. Iflexion

 iflexion - ecommerce website development company

Iflexion is an eCommerce website maker with Full-cycle services that cover every aspect of software engineering.

From 1999 on, Iflexion has been helping companies in various industries optimize their business with customized software solutions. Iflexion has an experienced team of more than 850 IT professionals who can provide services to customers around the world, regardless of their geographic location, operating region and organizational details.

Iflexion meets the IT requirements of companies of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises. We have accumulated technical knowledge with ongoing practical experience in planning, managing and executing complex enterprise application development, integration and maintenance projects.

Keeping up with technological advancements, Iflexion uses best-selling technologies (such as blockchain, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality) into the customer's business environment to make digital operations possible. Their digitalization is smooth and error-free.

12. Evince Development

Evince Development was accredited in 2017; this company is named Clutch by top Magento and eCommerce developers. This success has become even more remarkable since it entered the IT market. Combining 320 years of experience, Evince Development provides more scalable and customizable eCommerce products, solutions and services such as web and mobile apps, SEO optimization, customer data reporting goods, order management, etc.

13. Neuralab

Small yet powerful eCommerce company to move to Clutch leaders matrix of leading eCommerce developers. The New York based developers focus 100% on developing eCommerce platforms. By working with them, you can discover that expressive design and influential architecture are the main reasons for their work. Undeniably, the Neurolab portfolio has customers, such as Procter, IEEE, HBO, Philips, Procter and Gamble, John Wiley & Sons, Montefiore, OTRUSA, TEDx, etc.

14. Absolute Web Services

A number of Absolute Web Services customers have reported that it has been a privilege to work with this eCommerce development company. As a leader, it builds the best-customized products with an up-to-date and scalable design that can definitely improve pages and convert sales.

Experienced and certified partners of Google, Shopify, Magento, and Google are providing eCommerce solutions like customer segmentation, platform migration, omnichannel strategy, API/integration, saving cloud storage, DevOps, performance optimization, etc Absolute Web Services also provides content production services, such as photography and video production to successfully accomplish marketing goals.

15. Unified Infotech

 Unified Infotech - ecommerce agency

Unified Infotech has been in business for more than a decade and has a team of almost 100 global digital professionals

Unified Infotech is a tech-savvy company that was founded in 2010 and is a trusted mobile, web and e-commerce app development company with several successful projects delivered. They have created remarkable eCommerce applications that include the right value for the business, building brand visibility, increasing store engagement and increasing ROI. The diverse services provided by Unified Infotech are:

  • Prestashop development
  • WooCommerce development
  • Magento development
  • WordPress development
  • OpenCart development

Unified Infotech has been in business for more than a decade and has a team of almost 100 global digital professionals, has presented 1500 projects and has impeccable customer support.

2. How To Choose The Right Ecommerce Agency

Know Your Goals And Desired Outcomes

One of the biggest challenges in any business is that everything needs to be done at once. You need to find new customers, keep existing ones happy, manage finances, streamline processes, and motivate your employees — all at the same time.

When it comes to setting big, overarching company goals for the year, you have to know what your top priorities are. A SWOT analysis is a great way to clarify what needs to be addressed first. It analyzes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your business.

Let's take the example of a beauty salon. You sit down to do a SWOT analysis and identify the following:


SWOT is the key important to find your approximate eCommerce agency

Now we can see how to use this SWOT analysis to set priorities. Don’t choose too many goals or you risk spreading yourself too thin.

Based on the SWOT analysis, pick three priorities to create goals for:

  1. Increase revenue from existing clients by selling them new products
  2. Increase client base and revenue by creating targeted marketing for workers in new office buildings
  3. Use Instagram to market your business and build upon your great reputation

And after setting your goals, you should review these goals with your team

 review these goals

 You should review these goals with your team to get your eCommerce agency

Every successful business owner knows that the people who work for you are your most valuable asset. This has never been more true when you are defining your business goals.

Your team is there every day, working on your products or talking to customers. They are the ones who can tell you what's working and what's not, what's holding your business back, and where you should focus your efforts and set business goals for the coming year.

So, once you've completed your SWOT analysis and selected what you consider your top goals for your business, sit down with your employees and get their feedback. They may agree, or they may have useful insights you haven't thought of.

To get your desired customers clearly, use a unique and unique communication approach: Instead of using traditional cold calling and other communication methods to reach customers your potential, use innovative and interactive portals like live chat. Integrating live chat support on your business website will help you identify and connect with your potential customers in a more convenient way; you can learn about the demographics and psychology of the people who visit your website. Marketing your products and tailoring your customer service to their preferences will be much easier with the help of a live chat service.

3. 4 Characteristics That Make A Great Ecommerce Agency

While choosing the right eCommerce agency isn’t rocket science, it does require the right information and a bit of discipline. If you know what you’re looking for, it’s easier to screen for it.

1. Experience And Knowledge Of Your Business

 4 Characteristics That Make A Great Ecommerce Agency

 It is really important that you choose an eCommerce agency whose subject matter experts know your business well.

Your industry has its own ethnography - its own culture, unique jargon, and issues. Your agent must have the industry experience you need to work with your customers, your business, and the industry successfully.

If your product line is broad or you have a wide range of products that you offer, you can work with agents with broad or general skills. If you are an expert or your industry is highly technical, it is really important that you choose an agent whose subject matter experts know your business well.

If your agency has this know-how, they will have what they need to effectively promote your business. They will know which images work best; Their writers will understand the tone and tone of voice they should use in their content. They will have a pretty good idea of ​​the promotions your customers will respond to.

2. They Put Customers First

 customer acquisition

Your eCommerce agency should make your customers a priority

Your agency should make your customers a priority. Obviously, they mean they work to get to know your customers as well as you do. This isn't just about understanding what your customers want and need. It's an understanding of how you work with your customers.

This is important because your agency needs to be able to say no if they see something that could negatively affect the customer.

This is necessary because it means you can trust your agency to always do what's best for your customers and your business. This also means that your agency will focus on managing your budget well, so they can produce results for you.

For example, if your agency knows your breakeven costs and they understand your profit margins, they will avoid creating ads with offers that cause financial losses. If your margins are tight, they should avoid customer discounts, choosing to focus on ancillary incentives (e.g. low price guarantees, bonuses and warranties) to attract more customers.

3. They Prioritize Revenue And Returns

Everything your agency does leads to revenue. Their job should be to generate consistent leads, sales, and revenue for your business. Your agent should help you find ways to cut costs, especially in high-cost areas like shipping or returns.

They should be able to show you a process they can follow to increase return on marketing investment and reduce advertising costs. This may sound like pretty obvious advice, but you'd be surprised how many agents ignore this. Some agents like to be vague about things like sales and profits so they can easily charge their monthly fees.

4. Focus On The Right Metrics And KPIs


You should focus on the right KPIs to get the right eCommerce specialist

There are so many eCommerce metrics you can track, your agency should be able to identify the core metrics you need to grow your eCommerce business. If you decide that you need more data, you can always add more metrics as needed.

Core metrics your agency needs to focus on:

Website traffic rates: You'll want to identify the traffic sources that make you money, the sources that cost you money, and the sources that lead to increased conversions over time. If the traffic you receive generates interest from qualified customers, your source is good. If your agency continues to use CRO procedures, you will be able to increase your traffic at a lower cost over time.

Email opt-ins: Email marketing remains one of the most valuable marketing channels you can use, generating an ROI of $42 for every $1 spent. Building an email list means you're converting paid or earned media into owned media. Your agency should focus on building email as a marketing channel, using it to stabilize your cash flow and revenue.

Sales conversion rates: The average eCommerce conversion rate is 2 to 4.9 percent in the United States. Your agency, with consistent testing, should be able to increase your conversion rate year over year. Your agency should also track both micro and macro conversion rates.

Average order values: This keeps track of how much a customer spends every time an order is placed on your website. Your agency should be able to give you specific steps you can take to increase your average order value (and customer lifetime value) over time. They will help you create upsell, down-sell, and cross-sell opportunities. You should always have a list of tactics that you can use to increase your average order value.

Return rates: Profits cost e-commerce companies more than $550 billion. While traditional return rates average around 8 to 10 percent, eCommerce returns more than double at 20 percent or more. Your agent should be able to help you reduce your rate of return. This is difficult to do like 41% of customers purchase products with the intention of returning some or all of their items.

Ecommerce churn rate: Churn measures customer attrition; this is a problem for eCommerce. How do you measure the churn rate if your customers never cancel? Your agent will be able to use metrics like repeat purchase rate or time between orders to calculate your churn rate and give you a plan to reduce future disruptions.

The e-commerce agency you choose should be able to give you clear answers to each of these. It should be clear that they have these characteristics and the ability to produce the results you need.

4. How To Work With An Ecommerce Agency

How To Work With An Ecommerce Agency

Ecommerce website development company

A digital e-commerce agency is an external team that works with your business to solve complex problems and help you achieve your goals. Agents often achieve this through the strategic use of creative services, technology and marketing. Here's why you should work with an agent and here's how you should choose one. With e-commerce, the goals and desired outcomes are quite simple. You need to sell products to make money. Your agency's approach should be towards direct response marketing.

You send customers a relevant message designed to get them to do something - learn, sign up, follow, or purchase. This is where a digital e-commerce agency comes in handy. It is expected that the e-commerce industry will grow at least 6 times. For e-commerce businesses, this is good news.

However, you need an agency working for you to ensure that you can take advantage of this boom. Find out the type and quality of work the agent has delivered to clients in the past, as well as the results they have achieved.

For example, one eCommerce agency might be good at redesigning an eCommerce store and another might be good at digital marketing. As with marketing, an eCommerce company can choose to hire a freelance web designer or a website design agency to simply build their website and then take it from there, or they may choose to partner with a website and e-commerce branding agency in the long term.

However, even these best platforms have their limits and there is no comparison in terms of skills and knowledge that a full-service eCommerce design agency and a website design agency can do. E-commerce web can create great experiences and aesthetics across devices. Hiring an eCommerce agency to act more as a digital marketing agency guide is a great way to see what works and get your team members up to speed with how to perform better as online store marketing companies.

With a long-term relationship with an eCommerce design agency, the front-end and back-end developers in that agency will be able to grow with your company, creating a stunning website. with a user-friendly interface from the start and then evolve the branding to meet the changing needs of your audience and business goals. This is good news for e-commerce companies; That's great news for reseller e-commerce companies willing to capitalize on this growth.

There are so many eCommerce metrics you can track, your agency should be able to identify the core metrics you need to grow your eCommerce business. Whether you're looking for help with SEO strategies, web design, or lead generation, a qualified Digital Ecommerce agency will demonstrate a clear understanding of where the Trader stands. e-commerce.

In Conclusion

Looking for an eCommerce agency? Pick the best E-Commerce developer from the list of top eCommerce agencies above. With fierce competition in the eCommerce web development market, it is a tough task for potential eCommerce store customers to search for the best performers in the eCommerce industry. I hope the tutorial takes a hand to help you solve that problem. If you have any demand or questions about e-commerce, create a ticket to get free consultancy.

Thanks for reading!