Building a complete website is not just need host, domain and theme, they are just the raw part for a website, you have to decorate it, make it run smoothly and customers could be satisfied with what you provide. One aspect you should never ignore is web navigation. The reason why we called Magento web to print package from Cmsmart by Complete package is that it is developed to solve all problems related to web navigation as follow:

1. Magento 2 Mega menu

When Magento 2 mega menu is integrated into Magento 2 web to print, it will give web-store owners ability to manage and display all types of information flexibly, optimizing website navigation performance. When developing mega menu feature, we require it to satisfy the requirements as below:

  • Remove the transparent background.
  • Realign the drop-down options in a vertical layout, presenting pages in a more logical and easy-to-follow stream.
  • Improve the mobile responsiveness of the menu.

2. Magento 2 Layered navigation

Layered Navigation is an efficient way to navigate through content on eCommerce websites. Basically, this functionality enables shoppers to narrow down product catalog search results and adjust them according to various criteria.

All that shoppers need to do is to configure a combination of filters on the left (less often right)-side layered navigation menu.

The system quickly filters out the desired product category, required brands, colors, and shapes. Also, using this feature, it’s possible to set a preferable price range and surface all products that are in this price tier.

3. Embrace social Sharing buttons

In Magento 2 web to print package, the social sharing buttons are placed at the top or bottom of your websites will mean as a critical promotional and advertorial. Include social sharing buttons on every appropriate website page, ensuring that visitors like, tweet, and share even the most innocuous website content.

4. Focus on Mobile-friendly design

The mobile-responsive design is no longer just a wave of future, it has drowned out the shopping habits in the past, it makes Google have to change the algorism and penalize the sites appearing without the mobile-responsive interface. That’s the reason why Magento 2 web to print package always comes with ultimate responsive navigation design. Your customers will never be confused on how to navigate. You might think it is not a big problem but we understand that this is not such an issue on the desktop however once you’re viewing a menu like this on mobile the navigation can become a little confusing and anything affects UX, we will immediately eliminate.

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