In the sector of develop and design website today, user experience is something that both web developers and website owners are trying to improve. There are many ways to improve User Experience (UX) of a website; we can start by optimizing design, optimizing website performance (code, technology…) or providing the convenient features, etc…

Standing on the aspect of consumer sentiment, almost consumers feel satisfied while getting something like “designed for me”; it makes them feel that they are important and are being cared. And of course, when you make customers happy, it means that you brought a good experience for them, once they have a good impression about you and most likely they will come back your store again and again.

Providing personalised product with Online Design

There are a lot of businesses have succeeded in conquering consumers by providing the personalised products, the unique product for each people. Nike is a huge company which provides the sport fashion items like shoes, sport clothes, sport equipments, etc… They provide a tool which allows customers when buying shoes on Nike’s website can be design their shoes. Customers can choose colors, pattern, add text, etc… This is a successful strategy to attract a lot of customers who want to own their unique shoes.

Nike is a big company, but how about you?

The tool that Nike provided can be called “Online design tool”. It’s a tool that helps you to integrate the online design feature into your online store. Before, building a website with online design tool can be difficult and expensive. But now, it has become a lot easier. There are some online design tools in market; you can use them for your website. However, those are 3rd party extensions, so can not guarantee that it will not have any conflict with your site.

Grasp the needs of many businesses, especially the online printing providers or fashion store/gifts store; Cmsmart team has developed a product that allows creating a powerful store with online design tool. That is WordPress Printshop Website Templates with Online Design Packages , this is a complete solution for all businesses who want to create a website with an attractive look and included online design tool.

WordPress Printshop Responsive Theme

About design, this theme inherited the great design from Magento Printshop Theme – a very successful product for open source Magento. WordPress Printshop template offers beautiful design with 4 premium homepage layouts, 20+ unique homepage design which available to use, unlimited color settings and customizable product page… you can learn more about design of this wordpress theme at HERE . In this article, we will talk more about online design tool.

Online Design Packages

Online design feature is exclusive for WordPress printshop theme
, this is a powerful tool and very easy to use. It was built with HTML5 and JavaScript; those new technologies ensure the best performance with smooth experience while removing the oppressiveness and slowness of Flash.

This tool was fully integrated into this theme and has been tested carefully by Cmsmart team to make sure that it can work perfectly for any users. Moreover, this tool has a completely responsive design to ensure the best experience for both desktop users and mobile users. Here are some highlight features of this online design tool:

- System can calculate the price with each print type.
- Allows you to determine the exact size and color of each regional design.
- Powerful tool with many fuctions: zoom, move item, preview, flip, align…
- Add text with many options like: color, font, style or align…
- You can add art, change colors, move, resize, rotate… the clipart
- You can share your design to social network (Facebook, G+, Twitter, Pinterest…)
- Allows to save your design and re-edit later
- And more…

In addition, this product also possesses a powerful and smart administrator system which allows you to design any product with this design tool, you also can create the perfect design templates that customers can modify to create their own designs with a tons of options which available to use.

Beside the online design tool, this theme also provide order upload feature, this is a useful feature for online printing website. The online print providers can use this feature in order to help their customers can upload the images of sample product while placing an order.


This WordPress Printshop Website Templates with Online Design Packages was developed to provide a comprehensive solution and the easiest way for enterprises who want to build a website with online design tool. This is an all-in-one package and all you need to do is install this theme and then, your site is ready to use!