When digital technology as well as social networks become popular, it is time for the era of visuals to take the throne. According to research on the type of content on social networks, most users prefer and interact more with content with images or videos. When people realize the power of photos on social networks or other online tools. That's also when online graphic design tools are most sought after. Thanks to that, Canva - graphic design tools developed quickly and became more and more powerful.

A do it yourself (DIY) a graphic design tool is an online tool that allows a person with limited design resources to create professional level graphics on demand.  These tools often provide templates, stock photos, and other elements to help you create beautiful imagery for little to no cost.


Other graphic design websites like Canva

Canva is surely hands down the best in the market. But there are also alternatives to Canva. Following are some design websites that are similar to Canva. You may want to research them also a bit to make your website stand out.

1. DooGraphics


DooGraphics is the easiest online graphics designing platform, a drag-and-drop editor which doesn’t require any design skills. 

Founder Dadashaheb Bhagat, who has 10+ years of experience in the digital animation industry, his first startup Ninthmotion started in 2015, which deals with website designing and digital marketing campaigns and also provides motion graphics and photography. Later in 2020, after months of research, he decided to develop Indian software like Canva for graphic designing, and that is DooGraphics.


DooGraphics provides the quick and easiest way to create visual content. They provide templates where any individual can simply select and make changes to the text and images for their needs and download. 

How does it work

  • Visit the official website of DooGraphics. 
  • Create an account and Login into the platform.
  • Select a template that you need.
  • Start designing – add text, fonts, backgrounds, etc.
  • After everything is done, download it or directly share it on social media platforms.

NBdesigner - a powerful graphic design tool

Actually, DooGraphics is one of CMSMART's partners. NBdesigner - WooCommerce Product Designer Plugin is a key factor contributing to the success of Doographic.  Like Canva, our Online Designer also is a powerful graphic design tool that has full features to create colorful pictures and templates, even better it also has a product builder feature, which is good news for businesses that want to provide personalized products for customers.

No words can describe the greatness that NBDesigner brings. Instead, you can directly experience it for free by downloading the free trial version, clicking to "GET NOW" button,

Download online design lite version


Besides, we also provide detailed installation instructions for you to install it yourself. If you have any questions or problems with the installation, contact us for free support.

2. Stencil


Stencil focuses on marketing rather than making graphic design easy for everyone. In marketing too, it focuses more on social media images. It will allow you to create social media images as fast as possible. Even though Stencil has a free plan, you may need a paid plan to really boost your social media tools.

3. Snappa


It is a complete design tool like Canva. Snappa will make it easy for an average person to design. You can quickly create images on the available dimensions or pre-built templates. You can also schedule the images to post on social media.

4. Crello


Crello is also a good alternative to Canva. The app appears to be flexible and has a good set of templates. A great feature is that Crello enables you to create animated content or Instagram video stories.

5. Fotor


Fotor works similarly to Canva. If you find Canva user-friendly, you will be comfortable using Fotor too. You can create your page from scratch or select a pre-made template.

Top useful resources when getting to know Canva


How to Use Canva in 7 Simple Steps (with Video Tutorial!)

What Is Your Next Step?

Undoubtedly, Canva is a great design website used by many professionals and learners. With the increasing craze of photography, the demand for high-end photo editing tools is growing exponentially. Every single day, millions of Facebook and Instagram photos are shared. Many of them are created with the help of DIY graphic design tools like Canva. A DIY visual design tool has become a favorite among users. If you plan to develop one, then a graphical design tool like Canva is your best bet.

Now you can build a full-featured website like Canva with just 1 click. Our online design plugin can turn your normal website into a powerful graphic design tool. Don’t worry if you don’t know more about technology because our support customer team is always ready to help you. 


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