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In the last article on How to install Price Matrix Extension for magento 2, we’ve known about the importance of this extension is for online businesses. Price Matrix Extension for magento 2 showed the final price on the product detail page, lead to a clear and exact information for your customer, saving them tons of time while purchasing the product. 

Highlight feature of Price Matrix Extension for Magento 2:

  • Create the price matrix table for each product: The price matrix table of each product will be created by combining options price of product attributes in the backend.
  • Display the price matrix table on the product detail page: The price matrix table will be displayed on the product detail page. Your customer can view the price in the fastest way and makes the purchase decision quickly.
  • One click to get the final price: You don’t need to waste your time on each attribute of the product to get the final price. Just click on the price of the pricing table and then click on “Add to Cart” button to go to the checkout step.
  • Display in vertical/horizontal position for created attributes: Admin can show attributes in the pricing table with the vertical or horizontal position.
  • Unique calculation for "Quantity" attribute: With the "Quantity" attribute, we create the individual price rule, the price will be calculated corresponding quantity ranges.
  • Fully Responsive: With responsive function, the user can view the price matrix table on the different screen size as the desktop, tablet, and mobile. This is very convenient for your customer shopping anywhere.
  • Enter the price simply: When you enter the price in the price matrix table, you only enter the prices that are greater than or equal to the base price of the product.
  • Easy to edit the price matrix table: You can edit the price matrix table as add/remove the attribute, add/remove attribute value, change position (horizontal/vertical) of the attribute, change price in the price matrix table.
  • Preview Price Matrix in the backend: After finishing configuration, the user can preview matrix table before showing it in the front end.
  • Customize Color: It is easy for you to customize colors of the price matrix table as Background Title Option, Color Text Title, and Text Select Item Color to suit for your website.
  • Easy installation & using: With some simple steps to install and configure, you can set up easily this extension.

How to mark the different markup at price points for each product? How to rationalize super-high margins? Of course, you can spend all day with a calculator to do it OR you can use Price matrix and do it with minimum effort! In this article, we will go into more detail and learn how to create the matrix table with 3 attributes (2 Horizontal and 1 Vertical)?

Here are 3 simple steps to create the matrix table with 3 attributes (1 horizontal and 2 vertical attribute):

Step1: Select product: Go to admin panel -> Catalog -> Product -> At the product list, select the product you want to configure and click Edit.

Step2: Add attribute: At Crown Summit Backpack, scroll down to Create Price matrix -> Click Add matrix attribute -> Fill the attribute title, position (horizontal or vertical) and status for this attribute (Remember that you have to add at least 2 attribute) -> Click Save.

Step 3: Create Matrix table: Back to Crown Summit Backpack, scroll down to Create Price matrix -> Click Create Matrix Table -> Enter price for the matrix table (Remember that Price Config in Matrix must be greater or equal to Product base price) -> click Save Config -> Go back to Crown Summit Backpack, click Save.

Quick overview of how it creates the matrix table with 3 attributes (1 horizontal and 2 vertical):

How to creat the matrix table with 3 attributes(1 horizontal attribute and 2 vertical attributes)? from Cmsmart Netbase on Vimeo.

Above is the tutorial on how to create the matrix table with 3 attributes (1 horizontal and 2 vertical) . We hope it will provide helpful information for you. For a closer look into this product, please visit our LIVE DEMO. If you have any question for this product, leave us a comment or contact to the information below. Don't for get to use coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% OFF for this great item. Thank you for reading!